Robson Arms

Season 2 Episode 6

Mr. Lonely

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Mar 10, 2007 on CTV
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Mr. Lonely
The death of a neighbour brings Fred to the startling realization that he needs to get a move-on with his life, instead of sitting around playing video games against his Brain In a Jar. He tries to revive his defunct love-life by joining Hasty Date, and when he meets the new tenant in the building, he makes tremendous efforts to start a friendship with her. His attempts at socialization are a little too much for her, as she's just ended a 25-year marriage; however, there's another tenant who's feeling alone, and looking for friendship... if only Fred would focus on the right person.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Alicia's apartment number, as seen on the letter that Fred mistakenly gets in his mailbox, is 211. In season 1, however, Alicia lived in apartment 206. Also, in the first season, Fred lived in apartment 118, not in 208.

      • (about Carlisle Wainwright)
        Yuri: Wife left him... last year, I think.

        Elaine Wainwright left Carlisle in the first season episode A Material Breach.

      • Fred tells Carol that he knows how to fix the clock on her VCR so that it won't flash 12:00 constantly; he does set the clock; however, it's clearly morning in the scene, and the time on the clock after Fred sets it shows 10:32 PM.

      • The music used in this episode was:
        Alone Again (Naturally) (1972) by Gilbert O'Sullivan.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • (looking into Apt. 108, where Carlisle Wainwright is lying dead on the floor)
        Fred: How did he, uh...?
        Yuri: Choked to death. On a pickle. A week ago.
        Fred: He's been... for a week?
        Bobbi: How sad to die so completely alone. (pause) Is that a two-bedroom? (Yuri and Fred look at her) You know, 'cause of the baby and everything.

      • (at Hasty Date)
        Hannah: So, how old do you think I am?
        Fred: I... I don't know.
        Hannah: Oh, come on, guess.
        Fred: I... don't...
        Hannah: Come on, take a guess!
        Fred: I... I...
        Hannah Guess!
        Fred: 35?
        Hannah (looking totally non-plussed): ...28. Butt-wad.

      • Carol: Listen, thank you so much for your help, uh...
        Fred: Uh, Fred. (they shake hands)
        Carol: Carol. Carol Goldstein. Forty-five, free, and horny as hell, despite being pre-menopausal. Or maybe because of it, I don't know which! (she laughs; Fred looks uncomfortable)

      • Fred: Would it be okay if I brought a date? Because I should have a date by then.
        Carol: So long as she's not inflatable!

      • (Fred listens to his phone messages)
        Stephanie: Hi, Fred! It's Steph, from Hasty Date. I don't know how to tell you this... none of the girls checked you off. (Fred begins to choke on a pepperoni stick) I'm baffled, really. This has never happened before, and I do offer 100% success, so I'll tell you what... I'll give you your next session half-price! Better luck next time, Fred. Buh-bye!

      • Carol: Oh, hey, Fred! Will I see you and your date tonight?
        Fred: I have no date. ...I mean, I had a date, but uh, oh... (he sighs) she was in an accident.
        Toni: An accident?
        Fred: Yeah. She's in kind of in a coma.
        Carol: Oh, god, how dreadful!
        Fred: Well, it's not really a coma; more like a deep sleep.
        Carol: Well, I totally understand if you can't make it.
        Fred: Oh, no, I'll be there! (Carol and Toni look shocked) She would want me to... carry on.

      • Fred: Morning! I just wanted to say thanks again for last night. I had a great time.
        Carol: Well, you're welcome.
        Fred: Also, I couldn't help noticing that the clock on your VCR was blinking.
        Carol: Oh, well, I, uh, I don't know how to work all the doo-hickies.
        Fred: I do! I brought Timbits. (he holds up two boxes of them)

      • (Carol is turning down Fred's offer to come up to his apartment later)
        Carol: I can't, my daughter's coming for dinner.
        Fred: Oh. You have a daughter?
        Carol (nodding): Mm-hmm.
        Fred: You left her too?
        Carol: Good-bye, Fred.
        Fred: Oh.

      • Carol: Fred, ... how can I put this so you'll understand? Get lost! And leave me the hell alone!

      • Carol: Look, I'm sure you're a great guy, Fred, and I'm sure there are all sorts of fabulous and interesting people who would be happy to be your friend.
        Fred: No, there aren't. Believe me, I've made a big effort lately and there's no one.
        Carol: That's impossible!
        Fred: You'd think.

      • Carol: I stayed with my husband for 25 years 'cause I didn't want to be alone. 25 years of waking up with a man I couldn't talk to. 25 years of petty disagreements... he wanted red wine, I wanted white; I like to travel, he was a homebody; he wanted three kids, I wanted none. 25 years of his incessant snoring, his smell, his constant barbs about my laugh, and his utterly uninspired love-making. Fred, I am delighted, over-joyed, ecstatic to be alone.

    • NOTES (4)

      • This episode was nominated for two Gemini Awards in 2007: Haig Sutherland in the category of "Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series" and Linda Kash in the category of "Best Performance by an Actress in a Guest Role Dramatic Series".

      • Haig Sutherland won a 2007 Leo Award for "Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series" for this episode.

      • Jason Dedrick and Tom Saunders were credited as "The Troubadours".

      • This episode carried no viewer warning when shown on television; however, on the CTV broadband site, it carried the warning "This program deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised."

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • (at Hasty Date)
        Pamela: I love teddy bears. Teddy bears and cats. If you made me choose which one I like better, it'd be like Sophie's Choice.

        Sophie's Choice is a 1979 novel by William Styron, made into a 1982 movie; Sophie had a very difficult life, and had to make various choices, including whether to be of assistance to the Nazis while imprisoned in Auschwitz, and whether to continue her life or commit suicide. She eventually chose a suicide pact with her lover. The term "Sophie's choice" is usually used to describe such a decision: two choices, both of which are horrible.

      • Fred: Did you know that John Colicos was the very first Klingon on Star Trek?
        Alicia (in Klingon): His star burns forever.
        Fred (in Klingon): Yes.

        John Colicos played Commander Kor in the season 1 episode of Star Trek, Errand Of Mercy. Although it is the first time Klingons are seen, and Colicos is the first Klingon to speak in the episode, he is not the first Klingon on screen; that was Victor Lundin.