Robson Arms

Season 2 Episode 10

Mussolini And Me

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Mar 31, 2007 on CTV
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Mussolini And Me
Yuri's older brother Valentino shows up, closely followed by the police, who are looking for him. Yuri hides his brother from the long arm of the law, but their sibling rivalry reignites, causing problems for the both of them. Georgia is the main problem, as Yuri tries to keep his randy older brother from making a fool of himself with her. She offers to paint a portrait of the two of them, and the resulting picture shows them both things that they'd never seen before.moreless

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    Bill Mondy

    Bill Mondy


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    Perry Finnbogason

    Perry Finnbogason


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    Oskar Fernlund

    Oskar Fernlund


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    Michael Roberds

    Michael Roberds

    Brent the Shopping Cart Guy

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • There's a new realty sign in front of the building; this one is a Re/Max sign, with the realtor listed as 'Spice Lucks', who is actually a realtor in the Vancouver area.

      • Henry, the first boy who buys fireworks from Val, is Henry Armstrong, Janice Keneally's son from season 1. His phone number, according to what Val has written on his hand is 604-839-5534. We found out in Oridinary Assholes that Henry and his mother had moved out of the building, and found a new apartment which they were sharing with Tom Goldblum.

      • The items that Brent the Shopping Cart Guy is selling are mostly the things that Wayne threw out in Wayne's World, such as the signed baseball, the dreamcatcher, the Chinese diploma, the UNICEF Christmas card, the maracas, the dancing trophy, and the flute music cd. He also has for sale the pink lamp that he found in the dumpster in the episode The Daughter of Frankenstein, as well as the stuffed beaver that Bobby's sister sent for the baby in I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman, and Bobbi threw out.

      • The whiskey bottle that Val refills with water bears the label with the name 'YULE LUVIT'.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • (about Georgia's drawing)
        Yuri: You got a lot of talent, you know that?
        Georgia: I can't quite capture the eyes, though; there's a certain urgency or sensuality... it's elusive.
        Yuri: Yeah, he looks horny, like he wants to get laid, but scrub your counters.
        Georgia: Yeah, you're kinda right.

      • (Yuri explains his modelling experience)
        Yuri: Catalogue stuff, back in Italy.
        Georgia: How old were you?
        Yuri: Seventeen, eighteen... months old. I mean, it was no big deal, my mother got me into it.
        Georgia: Eighteen months old.
        Yuri: Yeah, I did a few spreads and then I got out. I mean, who cares, right? The whole industry's b.s. So you wanna paint my portrait or what?
        Georgia: Absolutely.

      • (Georgia returns Yuri's lighter)
        Georgia: He left this in my bathtub.
        Val: Oh, I'll bet he did. What's your name; I'll tell him you stopped by.
        Georgia: Georgia.
        Val: Georgia... after the city, or the peach?
        Georgia: After my grandmother who died of colon cancer.

      • Yuri: [Val]'s going to be on my couch for a month. I can feel it. No matter where I am, if he's around, I feel like I'm the guy with the shovel behind the elephant parade.
        Georgia: But you love him, right?
        Yuri: I don't know. I don't even know the guy any more.

      • Val: So, how do you know Yuri anyway?
        Georgia: Oh, I don't.
        Val: So, you two aren't, uh... (makes hand motion and noise indicating sex)
        Georgia: No! (starts laughing) No.
        Val: Oh, really. Well, that's not surprising, really.
        Georgia: Why is that?
        Val: It's just that Yuri has a hard time being honest with himself. You know, in terms of his, uh, life choices. You get me?
        Georgia: Not really.
        Val: Can you keep a secret? See, when we were kids, I caught him with a magazine. Thing is, it was a boy magazine. Now, I got no problem with that at all. I mean, I'm a real open-minded type of guy. But if he could just admit that he loves men, I think he might be a lot happier, you know what I mean?

      • (offering a stuffed beaver)
        Val: Per lei.
        Georgia: Do I look like I'm 12?
        Val: At least 18.

      • (looking into Val's bag)
        Georgia: What's with all the fireworks?
        Val: You feel that too, huh?

      • (talking about Georgia)
        Yuri: What the hell are you doing? Do you know how old she is?
        Val: Shh-shh-shh. No, I don't want to know.

      • Georgia: You know what? I want to do you both.
        Yuri and Val: Huh?
        Georgia: I want to paint the both of you together.
        Val: Right on!
        Yuri: I don't think that's a very good idea.

      • Georgia: Tell me about growing up in Italy.
        Yuri: Oh, like what?
        Georgia: I don't know... a story about when you were kids?
        Val: At night, Yuri used to piss in the oven.
        Yuri: That's not true!
        Val: Yeah, it is. I had to clean it up sometimes.

      • (seeing Val passed out on the floor)
        Constable Birnam: How long has he been like this?
        Yuri: Not too long. What did he do, anyway? What's the charge?
        Constable Birnam: Oh, no charge. I'm Don, I'm his sponsor. I heard he was off the wagon; I've been trying to track him down for over a week now.
        Yuri: Well, why didn't you say?
        Constable Birnam: It's called Alcoholics Anonymous.

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