Robson Arms

Season 3 Episode 9

No Sex In The City

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Jun 02, 2008 on CTV
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No Sex In The City
Sault's positive thinking seems to have garnered her some positive results, and she finds herself back on top with a popular magazine column for single girls in the city. Life is good, until her sister, Alex, shows up.

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    Alisen Down

    Alisen Down

    Sault Ste. Marie

    David Richmond-Peck

    David Richmond-Peck

    Geoff McAlister

    Kevin McNulty

    Kevin McNulty

    Stanley Wasserman

    Dave Foley

    Dave Foley

    Chuck Hoskins

    Gabrielle Rose

    Gabrielle Rose

    Toni Mastroianni-Tan

    Linda Kash

    Linda Kash

    Carol Goldstein

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • The list of laundry rules posted in the laundry room reads:
        1. Empty lint tray after each use.
        2. Remove clothes from machines immediately.
        3. Do not overload washer and dryer.
        4. Turn off the lights and lock the door after use.
        5. Do not sit on washers or dryers.
        6. Report any machine failures.
        7. Do not leave valuables attended.

      • Alex: You sabotaged your speech writing job for the Premier.
        Sault: It was a typo!

        In season 1, episode 7, Hairpiece of Mind, Sault tells Geoff and Stanley that she worked for both the Premier and the Minister of Arts when she was in Toronto; but it was the Minister of Arts who gave the speech with the typo in it.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Hal: Sault, Sault, Sault... looking good!
        Sault: Get lost!
        Hal: You know, you keep giving me the grief and I keep giving you love... (reading her mail over her shoulder) "We regret to inform you..." Oh, yeah, that's your book; Nick was telling me about that.
        Sault: (looking at his uniform) Pest control, huh?
        Hal: Yeah.
        Sault: Ever been hired to get rid of yourself?

      • (Sault's phone is ringing, Geoff looks at call display)
        Geoff: Ste. Marie, Claire
        Sault: Oh, no, that's my mother.
        Geoff: You don't want to tell her the good news?
        Sault: No! She'll be all happy for me, and she'll want to call my sister Alex, and she'll be all like 'Hey, way to go!' and... it's worse than it sounds.

      • Sault: Pole dancing!
        Gennifer: No, it's vertical bar conditioning.
        Sault: Isn't that just a fancy way of saying 'pole dancing'?
        Gennifer: It's a powerful, liberating work-out.
        Sault: For strippers!

      • (reading Sault's article)
        Charlotte: 'I shouldn't have been surprised that when I released my inner slut, we both wound up on our backs.' Hmmm...

      • Geoff: Alex is your sister?
        Sault: Oldest and bossiest and most annoyingest.
        Geoff: Ohhh... is she awful?
        Sault: Yeah! She's a pediatrician who saves sick kids every day while raising three beautiful ones of her own. Plus, she's married to this great guy whose good looks are matched only by hers, so, yeah, she's pretty gross.
        Geoff: I've got a brother like that.

      • Alex: (putting down a breakfast tray for Sault) Nine-grain cereal and mmm! fresh berries.
        Sault: I don't eat breakfast.
        Alex: (pulling Sault's nose) And try not to pick your nose when you work!
        Sault: That was 20 years ago! And I was scratching!
        Alex: Scratching on the inside!

      • Sault: [Alex]'s making me crazy! She's all 'eat healthy stuff, stop smoking, get some exercise!'
        Geoff: Ohhh, bitch!
        Stanley: Geoff! Don't talk about Sault like that... even if it's true.
        Geoff: I was referring to her sister.
        Stanley: Good God, there are more of you?

      • Sault: I want to say again how sorry I am that I was late with the assignment...
        Charlotte: (reading) Shh!
        Sault: It won't happen a...
        Charlotte: (still reading) Shh! Oh, this is great. Your sister actually slept with the bear?
        Sault: (pause) I'm thinking I should use a pseudonym.
        Charlotte: Yeah, maybe.

      • (Stanley is reading a magazine and laughing)
        Stanley: You should read her, Sault. She's a lot like you, except smart and funny.
        Sault: What's her name?
        Stanley: Uh, Annabelle Bonaduce.
        (Sault kisses him)

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Sault: It's a monthly column, about, um... whatever... being single, rants about city-living. I get an expense account, kind of like the anti-Carrie Bradshaw.
        Geoff: No sex in the city.
        Sault: Don't rub it in.

        Carrie Bradshaw was the main character in Sex And The City; her character wrote a column for single women.