Robson Arms

Season 2 Episode 4

Pest Control

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Feb 27, 2007 on CTV
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Pest Control
Hal's life seems to be on a downward spiral with his employment insurance running out, no job, no prospects, and worst of all, his friendship with Nick seems to be waning. Nick's life, however, is looking up; he's got a new friend, Wayne, who's helping him spruce up his resume, and might get him a job overseas. Hal needs some help and turns to both Alicia and his dad for some advice. Meanwhile, Yuri meets the new building manager.moreless

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      • Nick: And why'd you turn off the lamps?
        Hal: I needed an extra plug.
        Nick: For what?
        Hal: My hair dryer.
        Nick: You've got a hair dryer?

      • Wayne: So, uh, I'm not keeping you guys up at night, am I?
        Nick: No. ...Why?
        Wayne: My ex-girlfriend gave me a sitar for my birthday, right, and I'm giving myself lessons, kind of rocking out late at night.
        Nick: What's a sitar?
        Wayne: It's a Hindustani string instrument.
        Nick: Oh, cool.
        Wayne: Yeah, I picked it up a little bit when I was in Sri Lanka.

      • Nick: I mean, just because I'm a couple credits short doesn't mean I don't have a Masters Degree. Entre nous, I don't think it's a big deal if I put it on my resume. I mean, it's not like anybody's going to check.
        Hal: 'Entre nous'?
        Nick: What?
        Hal: Who taught you that, your new man-friend?
        Nick: No.
        Hal: Yeah, he did. 'Entre nous'!
        Nick: People say that!

      • (discussing Nick's problem)
        Alicia: Maybe he's just going through a crisis. Does he have a big birthday coming up?
        Hal: Yeah, next month! The big 3-0.
        Alicia: Well, he's probably just worried about his future, and making you the escape goat.

      • Hal: Dope smoking fiend? I can quit any time I want.
        Alicia: I'll see it when I believe it!

      • Elvis: Your right breast appears to be alive.
        Yuri: Ah, that's Furry, my hamster. (opens pocket) Hey, Furry, come say hello.
        Elvis: Oh, he's cute! Hey, little guy. You can't let him roam around like this.
        Yuri: He's not roaming, he's pocketing.

      • Hal (to Nick): Let me tell you something... White guys who go to teach English in Asia do so because they can't get laid at home!

      • (up-dating Hal's resume; Hal's listed one job)
        Wayne: What else?
        Hal: Uh... that's it.
        Wayne: Aw, c'mon. How'd you make money all this time?
        Hal: Sold weed. Grew it. Sold it.
        Wayne: Okay, uh... (typing) So, uh, '96 to present, self-employed botanist, managed your own business... accountant!
        Hal: Accountant?
        Wayne: Well, you counted the money you made selling weed, right?
        Hal: Yeah.
        Wayne: Accountant!

      • (discussing Wayne being a creep)
        Alicia: I cut that guy's hair once, and at first, he seemed cool; he was talking about music and travelling. And then he kept coming to my apartment, and knocking on the door all the time. He just gives me this feeling.
        Hal: Like he's going to drug you and rape you.
        Alicia: Yeah.
        Hal: Yeah, I know. I get that vibe too.

      • (explaining which animals he wants to work with)
        Hal: City wildlife, raccoons, squirrels, and rats, skunks.
        Ramon: But these are the worst kind o animals; these are the animals everybody hates.
        Hal: I know! So they could use some extra love, right?

      • (about Furry)
        Yuri: He keeps me company while I work, which makes me work harder. It's a win-win situation.
        Elvis: It's a will-will situation: I asked you to cage him and you will do it, or you will be fired.

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