Robson Arms

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Friday 10:30 PM May 05, 2008 on CTV
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Episode Summary

In order to change the way that her life is going, Sault tries to change her way of thinking.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Sault is moving her fridge out, her door is open and her apartment number can be seen to be #218; across the hall is #213. However, based on Nick & Hal's apartment (#202), which is directly across the hall from #201, the apartment across from Sault's should be #217.

    • The newspaper ad that Geoff shows Sault reads, "A Life Changing Event! by David Moses: Absolute Positivity. How To Have Your Celestial Cake and Eat It... Exclusive Seminar, Call 604-836-7268 for info".

      David Moses is the writer of this episode; the phone number given belongs to Neil Westlake, a crew member (art department illustrator) for the show.

    • The Request for Proposals ad for 'Yay Vancouver!' that is beside the Positivity Seminar ad gives the contact person as Neil Westlake, addresss: 6850-3585 Graveley Street, Vancouver, B.C., V5K 5J5, phone: 778-371-7331, fax: 604-836-7268, email:

      The fax number given is the same number that is used in the Positivity Seminar ad. 3585 Graveley Street is an office building that houses the City Manager's Office for the city of Vancouver as well as the headquarters for the 2010 Olympics Committee (VANOC).

    • The three books that Trixie lends Sault are "Secret Secrets" by Tracey Loverock, "I Can (And I Will)" by Karolina Safar, and "Wishes For Myself" by Neil Westlake.

      The three 'authors' are crew members for the show: Tracey Loverock is the Art Director, Karolina Safar is the Assistant Props, and Neil Westlake is the Art Department Illustrator.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Sault is complaining about all the things going wrong in her life)
      Geoff: Yeah, well...
      Sault: 'Yeah, well' what?
      Geoff: ...No, I don't think so. I don't feel like getting mocked right now.
      Sault: You're my friend, why would I mock you?
      Geoff: You know what, I just don't think all this negative energy...
      Sault: Put a lid on it, VanGroovy!

    • Nick: There's this job...
      Sault: Where?
      Nick: Uh, this insurance company.
      Sault: Oh, no thank you.
      Nick: No, not for you, for me.
      Sault: Oh, no, you don't want that.
      Nick: Yes, I do.
      Sault: No, trust me, you don't.
      Nick: Sault, I got ten years of student loans to pay off, I need this job. There's this package with these essay questions...
      Sault: No way!
      Nick: I'll pay you a hundred bucks!
      Sault: Up front.
      Nick: When we're done.
      Sault: Fifty-fifty.
      Nick: Zero-one hundred.
      Sault: Ten bucks for some smokes.

    • Geoff: Hey, Sault, hey, come with me to this thing.
      Sault: What thing?
      Geoff: (pointing to an ad in the paper) It's a seminar about the power of being absolutely positive.
      Sault: Oh, um... hmmm... uh, no.
      Geoff: This will be good for you.
      Sault: You mean Stanley won't go with you.
      Geoff: But I'll bet he'll let us take the Beemer.

    • Nick: It's a little dark.
      Sault: Dark?
      Nick: (reading the essay) "The effect of global warming, terrorism, and destruction of the natural world make this a great time to be in the insurance business."

    • Trixie: (to Sault) If you're going to keep that positive walk, you're going to have to ditch that negative talk!

    • Geoff: You gotta be careful, there's a balance sheet; for every give there's a take, for every positive, there's a negative to match. Now that's karma.
      Sault: Karma's for wieners who couldn't make it happen the first time around.

    • Mayor Sam Sullivan: Hey, everybody... Are we really going to shoot this today?
      Sault: You bet, it's gonna be great. Yay, Vancouver!
      Mayor Sam Sullivan: I hear it's going to be really nice tomorrow.
      Sault: (reaching her breaking point) It is a beautiful day!
      (thunder crashes and the rain pours down)

    • Sault: Congratulations, Nick.
      Nick: Thanks.
      Sault: I'm really happy for you.
      Nick: Thank you.
      Sault: But that job's not for you. You're going to wind up behind a desk, gain fifty pounds, and wonder where your life went. I just think you ought to know; you deserve to be happy.
      Nick: Welcome back, Sault.

    • Sault: I'm great... I had it all backwards! The power of positive... blahblahblahblahblah... that's the kind of thing that gets a girl in trouble.
      Geoff: Oh-oh.
      Sault: Oh, yeah, no, there's a ton of negative energy just floating around out there, doing nothing, and I'm going to tap into it. Why blame yourself because you can't get a job, or find a man, or your life's a mess? 'Cause, truth is, there aren't a lot of good jobs, there aren't a lot of good men, and life's just messy.

  • NOTES (1)