Robson Arms

Season 3 Episode 7

Prince of Nigeria

Aired Friday 10:30 PM May 19, 2008 on CTV
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Prince of Nigeria
Both Hal and Nick have turned their lives around and have good jobs that they like. But things change when Hal's dad, Ramon, shows up.

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      • Ramon: Remember when he used to dress up like Wonder Woman? (Hal groans) He had the little tiara and everything.
        Nick: Oh, and the plane!
        Ramon: She used to get real finnicky if anyone ever touched her invisible plane. (he and Nick laugh) Where the hell did you get a Wonder Woman costume anyway?
        Hal: I made it.

      • Dennis: I had to round up a litter of baby rabbits in Chinatown all by myself.
        (Hal nods, then notices the empty cages)
        Hal: Where are they?
        (Dennis makes a needle in the neck gesture)
        Hal: Aw, you didn't!
        Dennis: Don't worry, they all died like men.
        Hal: Come on, man, I could have easily found homes for those guys.
        Dennis: Hal, this is my van, my equipment, my business. When you get your own van, you can take all the little baby rabbits out to dinner in little baby rabbit tuxedos.

      • Callahan: So's your new digs. Sorry it took so long to get you in here, but it took a while for the coroner's service to give us the all clear.
        Nick: Coroner's service?
        Callahan: Yeah. This is Larry Wagstaff's old office. He died last week.
        Nick: In here?
        Callahan: Two weeks until retirement, and he keels over right where you're sitting. (Nick jumps up) Relax! It's sterile; the body removal guys wiped everything down. (Nick nods uncomfortably) Oh, the door is a bit tricky... it'll lock you in from the outside. But if you need to leave, just give Condi a buzz and hopefully she'll be able to get you out. Welcome to your new life! (he leaves, closing the door behind him)
        Nick: (barely able to speak) What's her extension?

      • Nick: Hey! I just bought an around-the-world plane ticket!
        Ramon: What?
        Nick: Yeah, I'm leaving... today! They gave me a free beach ball, you want it? (throws it to Hal)
        Ramon: What about your job?
        Nick: I don't know... I just got up and went out the fire escape.
        Ramon: Jezuz Murphy. What's the matter with you, boy?

      • Hal: Why don't you just slow down and think about this for a couple of days?
        Nick: If I don't go right now, it might never happen. I mean, I have to leave tonight before... no offence, before I turn into your father.

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