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  • Best Canadian show possibly ever.

    This show is well done from start to finish. Its got emotion, comedy & sly twists & turns that keep you wanting more. I am glad CTV came to their senses & ordered a second season finally. I just hope they dont screw it up & add new cast members or delete old ones.
  • Just Awful

    Being a fan of Corner Gas, I had great hopes for Robson Arms but it really is horrible. I don't know how these actors who have proven themselves capable in other productions can be this poor here. I guess bad writing, stupid plots and annoying charaters will do it.
  • I don't know why exactly but I just hated this show. The cast is great but everything else I dislike.

    I managed to catch a few of the episodes of Robson Arms and I hated each one more than the previous. It's mainly due to the story and just the overall feel of the show. Especially the adult related themes they deal with.
    The cast is top notch for Canadian standards but still, that's not enough to make me watch this show again.
  • Robson arms is a pretty good show. its no corner gas but is still good. Its a show were all the famous canadian actors (Lacey, and Hank from corner gas) are in. No pacific storyline just show different people doing different things. It should come back fo

    Robson arms is a show that features a bunch of different people working out there problems in the same appartment complex. every episode features different people finding things out and just trying to get their life in order. Its first season is over now and in the finale the appartment block gets damaged making alot of confusion around the place. it ran for 13 episodes and hopfully it will come back next year for a second season and have more episodes in it. there is no information that it is coming back or it isnt, will just have to find out. this fall on ctv.
  • Worth checking out. It might fit your tastes perfectly or you'll reject it completely.

    I personally enjoy the show. It has a unique and interesting format of not following the same characters every episode but always returning to them. The show attracts some of the very best Canadian performing talent of all generations. It has interesting stories and portrays multicultural Vancouver wonderfully. The writing is intelligent and funny, and the actors do their very best work.
    Yet this show is not for everybody. It has no similarities with anything US produces so if you're a fan of current sitcoms you'll be disappointed. No laugh-track, no slapstick, and quite a bit of sex. The situations that episodes deal with are universal, they especially fit modern city life, still they can be viewed as having largely Canadian feel.
    Check it out and judge for yourself.
  • Lois Lane is married to the Cigarette-Smoking Man, and Anne of Green Gables is hot for one of The Kids In The Hall. CanCon Rules!

    I've only seen a few episodes of this show, but found it amusing, and better than the other choices for the time slot it's in....then again, I don't have cable, so I don't have many choices! But the episodes I've seen (A Certain Vintage; Sweet City Woman; Hairpiece of Mind; A Material Breach) were pretty funny, and very, very Canadian. It's pretty much your average night-time soap/drama/comedy show.

    But still enjoyable, for all that. I agree with ACL - it's interesting, and you should give it a try. Maybe you'll like it; maybe you won't. Either way, it probably won't be the best thing you've ever seen, nor will it be the worst.
  • A mildly interesting new comedy, but if you stand it up against other Canadian shows or sitcoms, it really would stand out.

    Robson Arms boasts Canadian acting like never before. It is definately a plus for the show, but the plotlines are suppose to attract a just-adult audiences with its stories of sex, drugs, and profanity.

    Yet, Robson Arms includes humour that anyone could find funny, so it makes you wonder as to which age category they really are trying to appeal to.

    I would recommend Robson Arms, just to watch it at least once. This is definately a show that some will find hilarious, and some will find a pile of garbage. It will really depend on how much talk of "sex maniacs" or "your mom needs a poke", how many curses in five-minutes, or how much drug content you can stand.