Robson Arms - Season 1

CTV (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Aftershock
    Episode 13
    An earthquake hits and Yuri, who fears the end of his job, finds himself trapped with an irate Bobby, who's learned the truth about his wife and Yuri. (with permission)
  • The Misses Dubois Turn Out the Lights
    Rivals since birth, Pauline and Bea face a new dilemma - Bea's dying. Pauline, upset that her sister is always first at everything, plans her own death. But in a final head-to, they manage to unearth a solution they can both live with, or rather - not live with.
  • The Recipe
    The Recipe
    Episode 11
    Sault hooks up with Nick on a strictly "for sex" basis. At the same time, Sault's desperate to mend her friendship with Geoff and invites him and Stanley to dinner. But when Stanley refuses to share a recipe, Nick's roped into helping her find it and tensions boil.
  • Educating Alicia
    Educating Alicia
    Episode 10
    Alicia just can't seem to get anything right; from her mangled idioms to her less than stellar performance in hairstyling school, her life is just going downhill. When Yuri comes knocking, asking for the two months' back rent she owes, she's at a loss for what to do. Then she meets Hal, and things start to change; she's finally got a friend, and even finds a job to help with the rent problems -- cleaning Carlisle Wainwright's apartment. This turns out to be beneficial for both of them, but Hal is disgusted by what he sees going on. He tries to take his relationship with Alicia to the next level, but that's just not a place Alicia is willing to go.moreless
  • The Lonely Passion of Mr Tan
    Bao's twentieth anniversary is approaching him, but he faces a ugly wake up call when the symphony position he's wanted for the longest time falls through. Only through his wife's support, can he find the way to reach his fantasies. Bao also helps his wife fulfill one of her dreams as well.moreless
  • A Material Breach
    A Material Breach
    Episode 8
    Carlisle is left alone to look after Lulu while Elaine goes off to find herself; when she leaves a note that she's not coming back, Carlisle finds it hard to let go. He even goes so far as to hire Tom to sue Elaine, but this is one case that Tom doesn't want to take on. Tom's having some problems letting go himself, with memories of his wife clouding his future with Janice, who is still pursuing him. Tom convinces Carlisle to move on, and realizes that it's time for him to do the same.moreless
  • Hairpiece of Mind
    Hairpiece of Mind
    Episode 7
    New to Vancouver, Sault is having a hard time adjusting to the coffee language and the smoking by-laws. She tries to make friends with Geoff and Stanley, but manages to say all the wrong things. A night-time burglary could expose her alopecia, a secret she keeps closely guarded. Geoff comes to her rescue, assuming she has cancer; this is an assumption that Sault allows to continue just a little too long. When Geoff finds out the truth, he's disgusted by her lies; Sault comes to the realization that it's not the town that needs to change, it's her.moreless
  • Sweet City Woman
    Sweet City Woman
    Episode 6
    Nick's life is seemingly at a standstill; nothing is moving... not his love life, not the windows in the apartment, and especially not his bowels. But when he meets Elaine, things change. They start a relationship that changes everything for both of them. Nick becomes a little more involved than Elaine, who removes herself from the picture, in a way that neither Nick nor Carlisle expected.

  • A Certain Vintage
    A Certain Vintage
    Episode 5
    Geoff is crazy in love with Stanley, but while Geoff works hard to keep fit, Stanley... well, Stanley's a connoisseur of scotch and bacon. But the tables turn when Geoff discovers a tumour in his left testicle and suddenly has to face his own mortality.
  • ICQ
    Episode 4
    Fred’s ‘cybergirlfriend’ Kelly announces she's moving to Vancouver and wants to stay at his place for a few days. They find out quickly that while they had a good relationship on webcam, being together in person is a whole other thing.
  • The Eyes of Grandma Tan
    Ricky selfishly chooses a karaoke competition over his responsibility babysitting Grandma. After Grandma is nearly injured in a preventable accident Ricky tries to make amends by helping her treat her glaucoma. He takes her to the resident potheads and discovers that Grandma’s full of surprises.
  • The Tell-Tale Latex
    Upon returning from a trip to Regina, Bobbi finds evidence that has her doubting the fidelity of her new husband Bobby. While alone in the big city Bobbi’s suspicion grows to the point where after one drunken evening she makes a choice that could cost her her marriage.
  • Dancing the Horizontal Mambo
    When the building super tells 10 year old Henry that his mother needs is "a good poke", Henry sets out to find potential 'pokers' in the building, narrowing it down to shy widower Tom. His plan goes badly, but it forces his mom Janice to reassess her behaviour and current depressed lot in life.moreless