Robson Arms - Season 2

CTV (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Ordinary Assholes
    Ordinary Assholes
    Episode 1
    In the aftermath of the earthquake, life at Robson Arms continues. Yuri's 'to do' list is long, but getting shorter with the help of some duct tape; until Caldo Vasco comes home from the hospital and demands that a wheelchair ramp be installed. Vasco's taking full advantage of his new non-ambulatory state, but Yuri finds out his dirty little secret, and uses it to put them on a more even footing. Their mutual antagonism builds to the breaking point, and they find that there's no one left to defend them, but themselves.moreless
  • Saultology
    Episode 2
    Life is not going the way Sault had planned; she still doesn't quite fit in at work, and her social life... well, let's just say that compared to her social life, work is looking good. She decides to go back to the one thing she had that made her somewhat happy -- her 'for sex only' fling with Nick. But this time, she wants more than just the sex; she wants it to be a real relationship. Nick forces Sault to see that it's not just her love-life that needs shaking up, and at the end of it all, Sault has set her life on a new path.moreless
  • I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman
    Bobbi's pregnancy has her thinking about two things: food and baby things, leaving Bobby feeling left out. He begins spending more time at work, where Sasha is paying him some much-needed attention. Their flirtations enter the danger zone, leaving Bobby feeling guilty, but not guilty enough to admit what's really going on.moreless
  • Pest Control
    Pest Control
    Episode 4
    Hal's life seems to be on a downward spiral with his employment insurance running out, no job, no prospects, and worst of all, his friendship with Nick seems to be waning. Nick's life, however, is looking up; he's got a new friend, Wayne, who's helping him spruce up his resume, and might get him a job overseas. Hal needs some help and turns to both Alicia and his dad for some advice. Meanwhile, Yuri meets the new building manager.moreless
  • Something Straight Between Us
    Geoff is intrigued when a new 'man-pretty' neighbour arrives, even though both the new neighbour and Geoff are in relationships. Geoff is then shocked when he finds out that the partner,'Chris,' is 'Christine', and the new neighbour is straight. Geoff is determined to prove to both Andrew and the world that Andrew is gay, but his attempts are rebuffed, putting the end to their friendship, while also putting a strain on Geoff and Stanley's relationship. Yuri goes out of his way to prove his manliness, but manages to get everything wrong.moreless
  • Mr. Lonely
    Mr. Lonely
    Episode 6
    The death of a neighbour brings Fred to the startling realization that he needs to get a move-on with his life, instead of sitting around playing video games against his Brain In a Jar. He tries to revive his defunct love-life by joining Hasty Date, and when he meets the new tenant in the building, he makes tremendous efforts to start a friendship with her. His attempts at socialization are a little too much for her, as she's just ended a 25-year marriage; however, there's another tenant who's feeling alone, and looking for friendship... if only Fred would focus on the right person.moreless
  • The Daughter of Frankenstein
    Carol's single life style comes to an end when her daughter, Georgia, shows up. Still smarting from her mother's leaving to 'find herself', Georgia engages in some outrageous behaviour; Carol responds by being even more understanding, but there's only so much that one person can understand.
  • Misery, Inc.
    Misery, Inc.
    Episode 8
    Sault is looking for a job, and takes some temp work to help make ends meet; she meets Perry, her perfect soulmate... or maybe just her perfect sarcasm-mate. Perry tries to get Sault to stay on at his company full time, and things turn nasty when she wants him to leave with her instead.moreless
  • Wayne's World
    Wayne's World
    Episode 9
    Wayne is served with divorce papers, and makes a last-ditch effort to save his marriage, pulling out all the stops to win back his almost-ex. She, however, isn't impressed by his lies, and only wants the truth, along with the signed divorce papers. Wayne realizes that only the truth can save him, but the truth that he has to face is that Dawn is better off without him. Yuri, meanwhile, has to try to fix the building's ancient boiler before the rising temperature in the building causes everyone's tempers to explode.moreless
  • Mussolini And Me
    Mussolini And Me
    Episode 10
    Yuri's older brother Valentino shows up, closely followed by the police, who are looking for him. Yuri hides his brother from the long arm of the law, but their sibling rivalry reignites, causing problems for the both of them. Georgia is the main problem, as Yuri tries to keep his randy older brother from making a fool of himself with her. She offers to paint a portrait of the two of them, and the resulting picture shows them both things that they'd never seen before.moreless
  • All About Kitty
    All About Kitty
    Episode 11
    Toni's feeling unloved and unappreciated, but finds a new friend in Bao's Kowloon cousin, Kitty, who seems to be a godsend, helping Toni with the store while Bao's away. The two women bond, but Kitty begins to take over a few too many of Toni's duties, leaving Toni feeling like she's being pushed out of the way. Kitty manages to arrange a deal that will allow the Tans to stay in the store, but wants them to sponsor her immigration in return. Yuri is also feeling the heat of competition when Elvis hires a local handyman to do the repairs that Yuri's been ignoring.moreless
  • Lizard Of Doubt
    Lizard Of Doubt
    Episode 12
    Andrew's ready to take the next step in his relationship with Chris: he wants kids, but Chris isn't so sure that's where she wants to go. She becomes even less sure when Andrew reveals that Geoff made a move on him, and starts to wonder if Geoff knows something that she doesn't.moreless
  • Texas Birthmark
    Texas Birthmark
    Episode 13
    Bobbi finds that raising a baby is tough, especially when Bobby is taking so many business trips. With nothing in her life seeming to be going right, and fearing for her baby's health, Bobbi ends up at the doctor's office, and is shocked when the doctor is more concerned about her than about baby Robbie. Back at home, a medicated Bobbi tells all to a refrigerator repairman, and after hearing his story, she makes a life-changing decision.moreless