Robson Arms

Season 2 Episode 5

Something Straight Between Us

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Mar 03, 2007 on CTV
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Episode Summary

Something Straight Between Us
Geoff is intrigued when a new 'man-pretty' neighbour arrives, even though both the new neighbour and Geoff are in relationships. Geoff is then shocked when he finds out that the partner,'Chris,' is 'Christine', and the new neighbour is straight. Geoff is determined to prove to both Andrew and the world that Andrew is gay, but his attempts are rebuffed, putting the end to their friendship, while also putting a strain on Geoff and Stanley's relationship. Yuri goes out of his way to prove his manliness, but manages to get everything wrong.moreless

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Jason Lomax

Jason Lomax

Transvestite Babe

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Daniel Dalton

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Thomas Dalton

Baby Briggs

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • While Yuri is in the convenience store looking at porn magazines, a radio program can be heard in the background; the station is CFMI, Classic Rock 101, a Vancouver station. The afternoon "Dean & Hatch Show" is on, where the game being played is 'Band or Bogus?'

    • While in the convenience store, Yuri looks at the cover of a gay porn magazine. The magazine in question is Mandate, March 2005 issue. Beside it is the March 2006 issue of FHM, a straight porn magazine; at the beginning of the episode, Yuri is looking at the July 2006 issue of FHM.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (seeing someone bent over in the back of a moving van)
      Yuri: Can I give you a hand?
      Andrew (turning around): Oh, yeah! (Yuri jumps back) What?
      Yuri: You scared me a little bit.
      Andrew: Excuse me?
      Yuri: I... uh...
      Andrew: ...wanted to give me a hand.
      Yuri: No.
      Andrew: You just asked me.

    • Stanley: Oh my god, look at this espresso machine!
      Andrew: Yeah, I'd offer you guys a cup, but Chris is the only one who knows how to hook it all up.
      Geoff: Chris?
      Andrew: Yeah, my partner.

    • Geoff: Yeah, it'll be nice having another gay couple in the building.
      Stanley: Oh, I don't know... whenever too many of us get together in the same place, everything gets fabulous and rents go up.

    • Andrew: I'm just going out of my mind, trying to unpack all this stuff.
      (he begins rummaging around in a box, his back to Geoff)
      Geoff: When are you expecting him back?
      Andrew (turning): What's that?
      Geoff: When's Chris getting back?

    • Geoff: I don't know what I was expecting. What the hell does a stage manager look like?
      Stanley: Glasses wouldn't be out of place.

    • (in the store, Andrew walks in)
      Sault: Hello, breakfast!
      Geoff: Oh, my god.
      Sault: Hands off, I saw him first.
      Geoff: It's him.
      Sault: Who him? I thought you said he was gay?
      Geoff: He is.
      Sault: No, he's not. My gaydar's infallible.
      Geoff: Oh, please don't say that.
      Sault: Are you offended?
      Geoff: No, just embarrassed.
      Sault: Well, I knew you were gay the first minute I saw you.
      Geoff: Yeah, so would a blind man.

    • Chris: Do you know what the schools are like nearby?
      Geoff: Schools? They're awful. You try to get anywhere at 8 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon, it's just traffic.
      Stanley: Chris wants to know if they're good schools.
      Geoff (confused): You do?
      Stanley: For babies, darling.

    • Stanley: What the hell were you thinking? You can't drag someone out of the closet!
      Geoff: I know.
      Stanley: Especially if you don't even know if they're in one!

    • Geoff: I don't think a person should waste their life living a lie.
      Andrew: Oh. Oh, that's rich. That's rich, coming from you.
      Geoff: Well, I accept myself for who I am.
      Andrew: Oh, what is that, exactly? Some kept guy who goes around seducing strange men from time to time?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Stanley: Love your haircut, Andrew.
      Andrew: Thanks.
      Stanley: Very Tom Cruise. And the way you dress...
      Geoff: Don't... don't pay any attention to him.
      Stanley: Like a young Kevin Spacey.
      Chris: Oh, I agree with Stanley. I think Drew has a true movie star quality to him.
      Stanley: He does... like Rock Hudson.
      (later on, to Chris and Andrew...)
      Stanley: And what was the production you were working on? Cat On A Hot Tin Roof?

      Cat On A Hot Tin Roof is a play by Tennessee Williams, and won a Tony Award in 1955. It deals with the major theme of telling lies, with one specific plot line being that Brick has homo-erotic feelings for his recently deceased male friend, Skipper. These feelings were repressed, and are never openly spoken of in the play.

      Tom Cruise is widely rumoured to be a closet homosexual, as is Kevin Spacey; neither man has publically confirmed this, and Tom Cruise is married (three times) and has a child.

      Rock Hudson was a popular movie and tv star who stayed in the closet his entire life. It was only after his death that it was confirmed that he was gay.