Robson Arms

Season 1 Episode 11

The Recipe

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Jul 22, 2005 on CTV

Episode Recap

The episode opens with a pan-in shot on the building, stopping first at the DuBois sisters' apartment, where we see them playing checkers, and cheating, then moves on to Hal and Nick's apartment, where the two of them are drinking beer and talking about women. Nick asks Hal if he's thinking about Alicia, and asks if he's going to have to give him the 'fish in the sea' speech again, and tells Hal that he messed up. Hal says that he's wondering about a girl who wouldn't have sex with him, while Nick is "obsessing about someone you had sex with once, months ago." [Reference to episode 6, "Sweet City Woman, where Nick had sex with Elaine Wainwright.] The phone rings, Nick answers and has a brief conversation.

Sault, who was the person who called, is sitting in her apartment, listening while Nick describes how natural the "product" is. They light up a joint, and Sault asks Nick if he's seeing anybody? She tells him that she's looking for someone on a strictly "need to **** basis."

Nick and Sault are in bed together, having sex, but things don't seem to be going well - they can't seem to get comfortable, but they seemingly manage to make it through the act.

Hal sees Alicia while walking down the hall. He tries to talk to her and tell her that he's sorry [reference to episode 10, "Educating Alicia", where Hal tried to have sex with her], but she won't have anything to do with him and refuses to accept his apology. For once, her mangling of idioms is almost appropriate, as she tells him that he's "a wolf in cheap clothing."

Nick and Sault are in her bedroom, relaxing after consummating their arrangement. Sault tells him that she has to go to the office, and after a few seconds, Nick takes the hint and says that he'll leave. They shake hands as he leaves her apartment.

Sault is leaving her apartment and bumps into Geoff and Stanley in the hallway. They exchange small talk, but the atmosphere is obviously strained. Stanley makes some pointed remarks about her lack of social life -- he tells her that he and Geoff are entertaining this evening, and points out that that means inviting friends over to your apartment. He goes off, and Geoff stays to talk to Sault. He asks her why she pretended to have cancer [reference to episode 7, "Hairpiece of The Mind."], and she tells him that she thought it would help their friendship if they had something in common. Geoff asks her, "do you know how pathetic that sounds?"

Sault knocks on Geoff and Stanley's door and invites them to dinner on Saturday night, telling them that she's having some friends over, and would like them to come over. Geoff says he'll check with Stanley, then agrees to come to dinner.

Hal and Nick are cooking in their apartment, and Hal tells Nick that Alicia told him that he's superficial. Nick tells him that he needs to check his inner monologue more often in order to find out more about himself, because "who knows if you're an asshole better than yourself?"

Hal is in the Tan's store, and bumps into a girl that he recognizes. He can't remember her name, and while she talks to him, he gets in touch with his inner monologue while he checks out her boobs, thinks about other things and tries to remember her name. He has no idea what this girl is saying to him. He finally remembers that her name is Kim, just in time to hear her ask him to come over on Saturday night. He says, "Sure thing Kim!" Unfortunately, that's the wrong name, and she angrily tells him that her name is Sandra, and storms out of the store, while Hal is asking her what time they should get together on Saturday.

Sault and Nick are in the hallway, and Sault tells him that she's having a dinner for Geoff and Stanley on Saturday and invites him to come too. He seems unsure, so she tells him, "we can have sex after......if you help with the dishes." Nick agrees, and just before they part, Sault tells Nick that she doesn't have cancer, and that he shouldn't bring that up at dinner. Nick is a little confused by these cryptic comments, but agrees not to bring it up.

Nick enters his apartment to find Hal sitting on the sofa with a beer and his "little blue book" of old girlfriends. Hal says that he's been monitoring his inner monologue, and it suggested further study. Hal says he thought he'd call up some of the old girlfriends and....."ask them if you're an asshole?" Nick interjects. Hal asks Nick if he wants to get a case of beer and call up some of the women in his little blue book, but Nick says, "I got plans." Hal points out that "I got plans" is code for (a) you've got a date; or (b) you're getting laid. Nick nods at the second one, and Hal asks if it's the girl down the hall. Nick nods again, and the two high-five.

At Sault's dinner, the conversation is a little strained, so Nick asks Geoff how the product was, and if it helped with his nausea. The conversation seems to be turning to cancer, which is exactly what Sault doesn't want, so she changes the subject and comments on the food. They're eating a spinach dish that Stanley made, and Sault compliments him on it and asks for the recipe. Stanley refuses to give it to her, telling her, "I don't share my recipes."

Sault and Nick are in her bedroom; Nick is giving her a backrub while she complains bitterly about Stanley's refusal to share his recipe.

In Hal and Nick's apartment, Nick is bemoaning the fact that he wants more than just sex from Sault. Hal tells Nick that he always falls too far, too fast; and that he, Hal, doesn't understand why Nick can't just accept this woman on "a need to **** basis.". He tells Nick, "this woman is Haley's Comet - a woman like that comes along once, twice in a lifetime, and you want more!" Nick responds, "I'm not expecting love; this woman has problems!" But he also tells Hal that he wants to do something more for Sault -- maybe help her find the recipe that she wants.

Outside, the next morning, Nick is entering the building, and bumps into Geoff leaving. Geoff, talking about the dinner the night before, says, "Tell me we won't do that again anytime soon." Nick agrees that it wasn't great, and asks why Stanley doesn't like Sault. Geoff explains a bit about the problems that they've had, then asks Nick, "Did she tell you?" Nick says yes, Sault had told him that she'd never had cancer. Geoff says "yeah, and that's ****ed up, even for Sault." Nick, confused again, asks, "that she doesn't have cancer???" Another conversation at cross-purposes that Nick just doesn't understand.

Nick shows up at Sault's door with a bag of groceries, the recipe for the spinach dish, and an apple pie.

Hal is in his apartment, calling old girlfriends. We get a quick montage of a few of the phone calls -- Hal calling a girlfriend from when he was in grade 11 who clearly doesn't remember him; Hal spelling his name for another old girlfriend; Hal saying who he is and being hung up on immediately.

Nick and Sault are in her kitchen, cooking the spinach dish. She's telling him about her mom, and how she could just throw things together, never needing a recipe, and it would come out tasting great. She says that she has two sisters, both married with kids, and they can do the same thing. But Sault can't cook at all. She wonders what's wrong with her. The buzzer on the oven goes off, and she takes out the spinach dish. She tastes it, and makes a face. Nick asks what's wrong, and after spitting it out in the sink, she tells him that, "this isn't it. They gave you a fake recipe!" Nick admits that Geoff and Stanley didn't give him a fake recipe because he didn't get the recipe from them. He tells her that he got it from his mom. Sault says, "I make one mistake and I'm gonna spend the rest of my life wanting what they have!" It's unclear if she means just the recipe or the relationship.

Nick and Sault take the apple pie to Geoff and Stanley's place. Sault says that she'll just take it into the kitchen while Nick and Geoff talk. They chat a bit, but it's obvious that Sault is taking too long in the kitchen. Geoff says to Nick, "She's in the kitchen looking for the recipe, isn't she?" Sault comes out of the kitchen, and Geoff tells her that she's not going to find it in there. Sault asks him why Stanley is such an ***hole, and Geoff tells her that Stanley is still upset about her pretending to have cancer. Nick, by this time, has taken a seat and is flipping through a magazine, completely ignoring Sault and Geoff's conversation. Geoff asks Sault if she's told Nick the truth, and when she admits that she hasn't, he tells her that she hasn't changed at all, she's still avoiding the truth.

Nick and Sault are back in her apartment, and Nick holds up a piece of paper -- the recipe! Sault thinks this is another fake, but he tells her it's the real thing, and that he'd found it tucked into the magazine at Geoff and Stanley's place. Sault tells him, "you are going to get so fat tonight!" and they kiss. Nick seems to be uncomfortable, and is pulling away from her, but she asks him to wait just a minute, that she wants to talk to him, and she heads off to the bathroom. She's talking to him the whole time that she's in the bathroom, taking off her wig, telling him that there's something that she needs to tell him, and something that she needs for him to see. But when she comes out of the bathroom with the wig off, Nick is gone.

Nick goes back to his place, where Hal is on the sofa. Hal offers him a chocolate bar. Nick asks if Hal has found out anything about his true nature? Hal says yeah, and gives Nick a notepad. Nick, looking at the notepad, says, "I only see doodles of racing cars." "Yeah, I lost track," Hal answers. Hal then asks what's going on with Nick and Sault, if it's over? Nick says, "yeah, we were like oil and vinegar." Hal points out that that's salad dressing, and Nick says, "whatever....we just couldn't mix."

As the episode closes, we see Sault in her apartment, alone, eating the spinach dish, smoking and crying.

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