Robson Arms

Season 1 Episode 11

The Recipe

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Jul 22, 2005 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • Before Sandra starts talking to Hal she is about to pay for her chocolate bar. After they talk and she storms out, she is still holding the chocolate bar meaning she didn't pay for it.

  • Quotes

    • Hal: I can't stand thinking there's somebody out there who doesn't like me.
      Nick: You messed up. It's not going to help you if you keep dwelling on it.
      Hal: Oh, you're going to talk to me about dwelling?
      Nick: That's totally different.
      Hal: Exactly, 'kay, I'm pondering why a particular woman didn't sleep with me a couple of weeks ago, and you're still agonizing over some girl you slept with once, months ago. Now, that makes me philosophical, and you... neurotic.

    • Sault: So, are you seeing anybody?
      Nick: Me? No, no. I mean, I was... for sort of... it was...
      Sault: Nick. I'm a very practical person, very direct. And since I've moved here, I've had trouble meeting people. And... I've really got to find somebody on a need-to-fuck basis.
      (Nick laughs nervously)

    • Alicia: Hal, face it, you're a wolf in cheap clothing.

    • Stanley (to Sault): Geoff and I are going to be entertaining this evening. You know, when you have friends over. Oh, wait, no... you wouldn't.

    • Hal: Dude, [Alicia]'s suggesting that my relationships with women might be superficial.
      Nick: Might be?
      Hal: Man, I've had tons of relationships with women, you know that. Surely, by the law of averages, some of them weren't superficial.
      Nick: Did you hear what you just said?
      Hal: Yeah, it's starting to hit my ears now.

    • Sault: I need a favour. I'm having a dinner tonight for Geoff... Geoff and Stan, and I need...
      Nick: ...A sous-chef?
      Sault: ...a date. Not a real date; a fake date.
      Nick: Yeah, I don't know, uh...
      Sault: We can have sex afterwards... if you help with the dishes.
      Nick: Seven o'clock then?

    • Hal: I figured I'd call up some of my old girlfriends and...
      Nick: ...Ask them if you're an asshole?
      Hal: In a round-about way, yeah.
      Nick: How about: on a scale of 1 to 5, how big of an asshole would you rate Hal? 1 being a small asshole, and 5 being a great big asshole.
      Hal: Man! But, see, that way, I'm an asshole no matter what.
      Nick: Exactly.

    • Hal: You're getting laid? By who?
      Nick: You think I'm going to tell you? Sault!

    • (about Stanley's spinach dish)
      Sault: Are you kidding, it's delicious! You've got to give me the recipe.
      Stanley: No.
      Sault: No, I'm serious, it's that good.
      Stanley: Yes, but... no.
      Sault: I beg your pardon?
      Geoff: Oh, jesus, here we go.
      Stanley: I don't share my recipes.

    • Hal: Nick, this woman is Halley's Comet, right. The 'just for sex' girl comes along once, maybe twice, in your life, if you're lucky! And what? You want something more? You want love?
      Nick: No! No, I'm not expecting love. I mean, I don't... she's got problems!

    • (Sault and Nick arrive at Geoff's apartment with a pie)
      Sault: Geoff, why don't you tell Nick how you got into your line of work; he's interested in becoming a massage therapist. I'll just go into the kitchen, I'll cut us up a couple of slices. (she leaves)
      Geoff: I thought you were an MBA?
      Nick: Yeah, well, you know, I'm keeping my options open.
      Geoff: She's in the kitchen right now looking for that recipe.
      Nick: Yeah, I'm sorry, I'll go get her.

    • (about him and Sault)
      Nick: We were oil and vinegar.
      Hal: Dude, that's salad dressing.
      Nick: Whatever. We couldn't mix.

  • Notes

    • Jason Dedrick and Tom Saunders were credited as "The Mottomakers".

    • This episode carried the CTV advisory: This program may contain coarse language and subject matter which is not suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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