Robson Arms

Season 1 Episode 2

The Tell-Tale Latex

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Jun 17, 2005 on CTV
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The Tell-Tale Latex
Upon returning from a trip to Regina, Bobbi finds evidence that has her doubting the fidelity of her new husband Bobby. While alone in the big city Bobbi’s suspicion grows to the point where after one drunken evening she makes a choice that could cost her her marriage.moreless

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      • Bobbi: Oh, oh, Bobby, these feel like silk sheets. (she opens her eyes) Oh, these ~are~ silk sheets!
        Bobby: Only the finest in all of Duluth.

      • (in the laundry room)
        Fred: Have you seen a...
        Bobbi: What?
        Fred: ...a sock? A white one?
        Bobbi: One white sock?
        Fred: Yeah.
        Bobbi: Are you married? You have a girlfriend? You're single.
        Fred: No, I... I... I kind of have a girlfriend.
        Bobbi: Let me tell you something about women. They HATE white socks. You can never fully trust a man who owns white socks!
        (she throws a white sock in his face and storms out)

      • Bobby: Where are the sheets?
        Bobbi: In the wash.
        Bobby: Oh, how come?
        Bobbi: Because I'm washing them.
        Bobby: Sure, but why?
        Bobbi: I don't know! You tell me!
        Bobby: Well, I don't know, Bobbi, you're the one who's washing them.
        Bobbi: Exactly!

      • (a drunk Bobbi has just told the Man chatting her up that she's married)
        Man: And what's [Bobby] do?
        Bobbi: Sells goblets and shit; I don't know. He's on a business trip now.
        Man: Well, you must be very lonely.
        Bobbi: Let me see your socks.
        (the Man shows his white socks)
        Bobbi: Well, that figures!

      • (Bobbi is in the store, after a night out drinking)
        Grandma Tan (in Cantonese): This one reeks like booze.
        Ricky (to Bobbi): She really likes your sunglasses.
        Bobbi: Oh, I got these in Regina.
        Grandma Tan (in Cantonese): And her shirt is inside out.

      • (Bobbi ducks back into the store to avoid Yuri)
        Ricky: Creep, huh?
        Bobbi: Really? I mean, really!
        Ricky: I know this guy in 209, and he saw Yuri in the hallway with some 'company.'
        Bobbi: So?
        Ricky: You know, like, a hooker, a 'ho. Then they went into an apartment down the hallway.
        Bobbi: But... Yuri doesn't even live on the second floor.
        Ricky: Exactly. He's got master keys to every apartment. You do the math.

      • Yuri: Bobbi? Come on, Bobbi, open up. I know you're in there.
        Bobbi: How do you know that?
        Yuri: Well, I didn't, but I know now.

      • Bobby: Making up is so much better than fighting.
        Bobbi: Yeah.
        (they kiss)
        Bobby: I'll be right back. I just have to go take a dump.

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