Robson Arms

CTV (ended 2008)




  • Season 3 Episode 13: Hero

  • The cheque that Bobbi received from Bobby is dated 14/11/2008 and is drawn on SBBC (Secure Bank Inc. of B.C.), and shows Bobby Briggs' address as:
    2223 7th Avenue East, Vancouver, B.C., V5N 1S8.

    In Prince of Nigeria (season 3, episode 7), Ramon Garcia gives Hal a cheque for $20,000; Ramon's address on the cheque is the same one as used for Bobby Briggs here.

  • Alicia: How about Mirror, Mirror?
    (more discussion)
    Fred: How about City On The Edge Of Forever?

    While Fred and Alicia are discussing which episode of Star Trek to watch, Fred picks up a box set of one season of the show. The container he picks up is red, which was the colour of the box for season 3 of the original series. However, neither episode mentioned is from season 3; the episodes they mention are Mirror, Mirror, which was in season 2 (episode 4), and City on the Edge of Forever, which was in season 1 (episode 28).

  • Fred: (to Yuri) Anyway, didn't you try to evict a single mother a while ago?

    Yuri had to serve Bobbi Briggs with an eviction notice in Gila Monster (season 3, episode 1).

  • When Fred goes to see Chuck, you can see that the apartment number on the door across the hall from Chuck & Trixie's is #108; this means that Chuck and Trixie should be in either apartment #107 or #109. However, in Gila Monster (season 3, episode 1), Trixie told Hal that she and Chuck lived in #105. Also, in Wrong And Wronger (season 3, episode 8), we can see that Carol Goldstein lives in apartment 108, which is at the end of the short hallway where the mailboxes are; there is nothing across the hall from her doorway.

  • The music used in this episode was:
    Things Have Changed (2000) by Bob Dylan.

  • Season 3 Episode 12: My Brother's Keeper

  • In the final scene, Bobbi looks out the peep hole in her apartment door to see Yuri walking away down the corridor; however, Bobbi lives in #203, and when looking out the peep hole, she should be looking across the hall at apartment #204 (Tabitha's apartment), not down the length of the corridor.

  • Yuri: What about the job at the lab?
    Val: That was three jobs ago.

    In Gila Monster (season 3, episode 1), Val worked in a medical lab and assisted Yuri by getting some DNA tested quickly.

  • The magazine that Val picks up while working in the Tan's store is UMM (Urban Male Magazine), with Tanya Kim on the cover. This was the Fall 2007 issue.

  • The music used in this episode was:
    Lust For Love (1983) by Images In Vogue.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: Baby? What Baby?

  • The music used in this episode was:
    One Way or Another (1978) by Blondie,
    Looking For Someone (2008) by Sarah Slean.

  • Season 3 Episode 10: Trixie's Honour

  • The cheque that Chuck gets from his 'Mexican publisher' is payable to Charles Viorel Ghiocel a la Orden.

    Viorel Ghiocel holds the position of Sound Mixer on the crew for Robson Arms.

  • Season 3 Episode 9: No Sex In The City

  • The list of laundry rules posted in the laundry room reads:
    1. Empty lint tray after each use.
    2. Remove clothes from machines immediately.
    3. Do not overload washer and dryer.
    4. Turn off the lights and lock the door after use.
    5. Do not sit on washers or dryers.
    6. Report any machine failures.
    7. Do not leave valuables attended.

  • Alex: You sabotaged your speech writing job for the Premier.
    Sault: It was a typo!

    In season 1, episode 7, Hairpiece of Mind, Sault tells Geoff and Stanley that she worked for both the Premier and the Minister of Arts when she was in Toronto; but it was the Minister of Arts who gave the speech with the typo in it.

  • Season 3 Episode 8: Wrong And Wronger

  • The phone number that Carol dials when calling her date for the evening is 9-932-0765.

  • When Stanley gets out of his car with his groceries, you can see that his licence plate number is RQL 629. This is the same licence plate number that was on the cab that Georgia got into at the end of Daughter of Frankenstein (season 2, episode 7).

  • Stanley: Look, the condo thing is a non-starter. Geoff checked with City Hall and we would need two-thirds of the tenants to agree. That's 16 out of 24 units.

    Stanley says that there are 24 units in the building. We know that the building is two floors, and that Sault lives in apartment 218 (her door can be seen in the episode Positivity) - this means that there should be (at least) 36 units in the building, 18 per floor.

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Prince of Nigeria

  • The music used in this episode was "Carried Away" by Hayden (2001).

  • Hal saves a raccoon by pulling it out of a mail box; however, mail boxes in Canada are made such that you can not stick your arm in them. The drop chute has a shelf to prevent people from doing this.

  • The cheque Ramon gives Hal is dated 15/08/2007, and is drawn on Mancity - Mancouver City Savings Credit Union.

  • Season 3 Episode 6: I Pagliacci

  • The opera tickets that Stanley shows Geoff are for I Pagliacci, there is no date on them, however; the tickets simply read "Saturday at 7:30" and both tickets show the same seat number: (section) OrchLC, (row) 22, (seat) 32. The Vancouver Opera put on this opera from Nov. 10th - 17th, 2007; both the 10th and the 17th were Saturdays.

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