Roc - Season 2

FOX (ended 1994)


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  • To Love and Die on Emerson Street (2)
    After arresting him for the shooting of a local drug dealer named Andre, Detective Rush tries to force a confession out of Roc. Insisting his innocence until he is released, Roc learns that Andre's gang may be out for revenge. Roc goes to a local night club to warn his goddaughter of the danger. He learns that it was his garbage truck partner Calvin who shot Andre to save the neighborhood from his influence. Though he doesn't approve of Calvin's actions, Roc takes up a collection for Calvin's legal defense. (Part 2 of 2)moreless
  • To Love and Die on Emerson Street (1)
    When "The Downtown Divas" return from a European singing tour, one of the "Divas" asks Roc to help prevent a local drug dealer from murdering her brother. Moments after Roc confronts the drug dealer, an unseen gunman shoots the dealer. (Part 1 of 2)
  • Time to Move On
    Time to Move On
    Episode 23
    The Emerson family is shocked to learn that Andrew is dating a young woman who looks exactly like his deceased wife. The brothers accuse their father of risking his health by going to dance clubs and wild parties with the young woman. Andrew eventually realizes that he doesn't have any common interests with her nor the energy of her lifestyle. He goes back to his girlfriend Matty who forgives him.moreless
  • The Love Bug Bites Back
    Roc and Eleanor invite their homeless friend, Linda, to the house for dinner and she immediately develops a mutual attraction with their neighbor, "Crazy" George. Roc and Eleanor help George and Linda to overcome their shyness and arrange for them to meet again. They are pleased they could help two lonely people meet each other.moreless
  • You Don't Send Me No Flowers
    After an evening with the girls, Eleanor realizes that her marriage doesn't have much romantic fun. After a failed attempt by Roc of a night of romance, Joey reminds Eleanor how Roc shows his affection with all of the helpful things he does for her around the house. The couple agree to be more aware of each other's feelings and stroll outside for their moonlit walk.moreless
  • Ebony and Ivory
    Ebony and Ivory
    Episode 20
    The Emerson family worries that Joey is being unfaithful to his girlfriend when they discover that he's dating a white woman and a black woman at the same time. His father thinks that Joey should respect his own race and only date black woman. Joey admits he's using the women's friendship to soothe his loneliness for his girlfriend Kim.moreless
  • Joey in Love
    Joey in Love
    Episode 19
    Joey is in love with an attractive singer in a local musical group, but selfishly insists that she quit the group when they're contracted for a six-month European tour. Roc explains to Joey that if he and Kim truly love each other, a temporary separation will only make their commitment stronger. In a rare unselfish act, Joey insists that Kim not disappoint her friends and supporters by quitting the group.moreless
  • The Parent Thing
    The Parent Thing
    Episode 18
    As Roc is giving boxing lessons to his friend's son, the boy confesses that his father is forcing him to be a boxer when he actually wants to be a ventriloquist. Roc advises his friend that a good father shouldn't force his child to satisfy his own unfulfilled dreams.
  • Million Dollar Brother
    Roc is offered a deal by a rich, white businessman to become partners in a waste management company. Roc later learns, however, that he is about to go into business with a racist who only wants to use Roc for PR purposes. Roc is forced to choose between money and pride.moreless
  • Up in the Attic
    Up in the Attic
    Episode 16
    When the Emerson brothers get a bit drunk, Joey confesses that years ago when young Roc was blamed for wrecking his father's car, it was he that accidentally released the brake causing the car to roll down the hill. For his entire life, Roc has felt guilty over this disastrous accident. He believes that Andrew never truly forgave him for it. Roc realizes that Joey's mischief damaged his relationship with his father, and Roc demands that Joey tell Andrew the truth.moreless
  • The Second Time Around
    On the day that the Emersons are to renew their wedding vows, Eleanor gets upset when she learns that Roc is coaching her brother David on how to be more sexually aggressive. Meanwhile, Joey brings two dates to the wedding and attempts to let neither know that the other exists.
  • Dear Landlord
    Dear Landlord
    Episode 14
    When the Emerson's landlord wants to sell all of his rental properties, Roc and Eleanor invest their life savings to become the new landlords. Roc allows Joey to move back in with them if he'll work as Roc's new superintendent. Roc and Joey promise to forget their past disagreements.
  • Joey's First Fan
    Joey's First Fan
    Episode 13
    Joey proudly encourages his musical protege, Devon Brown, until he learns that the young man is involved with Andre Thompson, the local drug dealer. Joey learns that Devon is earning tuition money by delivering drugs for Andre. Pleading with his prized student to stay away from Andre, Joey learns that Devon is addicted to the drugs as well.moreless
  • The Poker Game
    The Poker Game
    Episode 12
    When Roc loses seven hundred dollars in a poker game, he stubbornly refuses Joey's offer to pay the debt for him. Reluctantly, Roc takes Joey's money and Eleanor announces that instead of a loan, they'll accept it as a repayment for all the years that Joey lived with them without paying rent or expenses.moreless
  • The Car Accident from Heaven
    When Joey escapes serious injury in a car accident, Andrew forsees his own death and buys cemetery plots for himself and Joey, but not for Roc. Roc gets jealous and accuses his father of always favoring his selfish brother. Andrew explains that Roc has Eleanor to love him and bury him and Joey will always be a roving playboy with no one to care for his needs.moreless
  • Roc and the Actor
    Roc and the Actor
    Episode 10
    Ruben Stiles, a popular actor, uses Roc as the model for his role in a new movie. He quickly perfects an imitation of Roc's voice and movements, Roc becomes upset. Ruben apologizes for embarrassing Roc but Roc criticizes him for not caring about his character's inside feelings. Several months later, the Emersons watch the movie on television and admire Ruben's accurate characterization of Roc. But when the character talks about his low sperm count, Roc chases Joey out of the house for revelaing his most private secret to Ruben.moreless
  • 1992 Presidential Election
    On the eve of the election, Eleanor, Andrew and Matty try to convince Roc and Joey to cast their ballots before the polls close. Andrew, Matty, and Eleanor each are pulling for a different candadiate and stage a mock debate to help Roc choose who to vote for. However, Eleanor tries not to antagonize Matty because she doesn't want to ruin her chances of getting the promotion at the hospital. Roc and Joey finally realize every vote is important and run out to the polls to vote just before closing time.moreless
  • Joey Messes Up
    Joey Messes Up
    Episode 8
    When Joey learns that his new girlfriend just ended her affair with Miles Taylor, the piano player in his jazz band, he tries to prevent the jealous pianist from learning the truth by convincing his brother, Roc, to pose as her new lover. Miles confronts Roc, suspecting that Joey is lying to him. When Roc confessess the truth, Miles vents his anger at Joey and quits the band along with Curtis, the bass player.moreless
  • The Artificial Insemination Story
    When tests confirm his low sperm count, Roc asks Joey to donate his sperm . Roc does not want another man's sperm impregnating his wife, but Roc also realizes how passionately Eleanor wants to have a child. When they arrive at the hospital and begin the procedure, Roc suddenly changes his mind. He confesses that he wants to be genetically connected to his son and will continue more tests.moreless
  • Choosing Your Friends
    While Joey tricks two famous jazz musicians into playing with him. Eleanor worries that Roc is getting too friendly with neighborhood vigilante Ronnie Paxton who's forceful methods 'took care' of the thief that robbed Andrew. Roc defends his right to choose his own friends, but when Eleanor threatens to stop having sex, Roc reconsiders.moreless
  • Andrew Dates Matty
    Andrew Dates Matty
    Episode 5
    To help her win a promotion at the hospital, Eleanor asks Andrew to romance the head nurse, Matty. Andrew reports that his date with Matty was one of the worst evenings he's ever shared with a woman. Eleanor gets a conflicting report from Matty who said that Andrew was the best lover she's ever had and anxiously awaits their next date. Eleanor confronts Andrew with this report, learning that Matty reminds Andrew of his dead wife. No longer thinking of herself, Eleanor convinces Andrew to explain his true feelings to Matty.moreless
  • Roc Works for Joey
    Roc Works for Joey
    Episode 4
    When Joey hires Roc to paint his friend's luxury condominium provided Roc allows him to act as "the Boss". Roc is mistaken for a burglar and arrested for what he sees as being a black man standing in a white neighborhood. Rather than try to change the prejudiced ways of the police, after being released, Roc pretends the incident never happened.moreless
  • Roc's Secret Past
    Roc's Secret Past
    Episode 3
    Attempting to prove her confidence in their marriage, Eleanor invites Roc's former girlfriend Janet over for dinner. When Janet reveals that she rejected Roc's marriage proposal only three months before he married Eleanor, Roc realizes that he never told that secret to Eleanor. Eleanor is furious with Roc because she now feels he married her before he had time to forget about Janet.moreless
  • Car Wars
    Car Wars
    Episode 2
    When Joey is given free use of his friend's luxury car, Eleanor insists that Roc withdraw some of their savings from the bank so they can buy a car of their own.
  • Roc Throws Joey Out
    Roc plans a day of surprises for Eleanor's birthday but the night is ruined when Roc's surprise gifts arrives: a large painted portrait of Eleanor, but the artist has mistakenly painted a white woman instead of Eleanor. Then Roc loses all patience with Joey's irresponsibility and evicts him because he has taken advantage of his rent-free stay at Roc's home.moreless