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NBC (ended 2013)


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  • What a shame they cancelled this

    I haven't watched it much, but from what I have seen, this would have been solid competition for ABC's 20/20 and in a way, a kissing cousin on NBC to CBS' 60 Minutes. With its apparently robust and sober coverage, which 20/20 tend to lack and 60 Minutes we all now boasts, this would have rounded up the Big Three outlets for a leading network newsmagazine, this time on NBC. Well, what's done is done, but I hope NBC comes up with another thing. (Dateline NBC is no match, since that is too focused on one area for each episode, often uses multiple nights, and is often sleazy anyway). NBC, you had something going, shame on you for giving up!
  • Rock Bottom is Right

    You really hit RB when you denigrated Margaret Thatcher. Obviously, you don't remember, or didn't research, how she saved Britain's economy as put forth by Thayer Watkins in the Economics Department at the San Jose State University.

    "In 1975 Margaret Thatcher challenged Edward Heath for the leadership of the Conservative Party and won. She did not have the opportunity to take on the Labour Party in a national election until 1979.

    The winter of 1978-79, known as the winter of discontent was a difficult time for the Labour government. There had been widespread strikes over many issues, including a proposed government limit of wage increases to five percent. Garbage was not collected and with grave diggers on strike the dead were not buried.

    Margaret Thatcher's party called for labor union reforms, less government intervention in the economy, less government spending and lower taxes. The election brought a resounding victory for the Conservative Party. Although she was harshly criticized it seems clear that the judgment of History is that her accomplishments were of heroic proportions. She was a Heroine of the Ages. Notable among her accomplishments were:

    The promotion of the neoliberal philosophy of government which has to a large extent replaced the social democratic orientation of government. One could say she created neoliberalism but she clearly relied on the work of Friedrich von Hayek for her inspiration and propagandizing of Keith Joseph to prepare the way.

    The restriction of trade union leaders' de jure powers and the breaking of those trade union leaders' de facto power.

    The privatization of nationalized enterprises in coal, iron and steel, gas, electricity, water supply, railways, trucking, airlines and telecommunications.

    The privatization of public housing.

    The reduction of income tax rates.

    The institution of monetarist monetary policy with a strong emphasis on controlling inflation.

    The restriction of local government spending and the reform of local government finance

    The closer integration of the British economy with those of the European Community"

    Mark Berent

    PS: For another view point check this from UK Politics written two weeks ago: 22076774

  • It saves our sanity

    The poor ?St. Bernard that wouldn't go down the stairs helped to wipe away the turmoil of emotions of the pain, and the hurt of the military mess. Thank you to whoever found that clip.
  • Mormon in America

    Mormon in America, should have been titled "Mormon and Ex-Mormon in America", the way it was meant to be controversial and sensational rather than objective and unprejudiced. Most of it was fair, especially the Harry Smith pieces and the LDS family feature. But Jon Huntsman's disgruntled daughter? She's not Mormon in America anymore. And you had her speaking for the Church instead of one of the Church's own representatives on those questions? And the gay Broadway performer in The Book of Mormon, not only irreverent but totally skewed and vulgar for laughs and money, at the expense of someone's sacred scripture.. Has anyone else had such a "musical" done about them that went that far? That kid's not Mormon in America anymore. There was so much you could have said that was positive instead of featuring those dissenting elements, to more fairly complete the picture of Romney's church, if that was the purpose. And even showing the Church starting with Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon? It actually started before that in a grove of trees with a prayer for which church to join and a visitation by the Father and the Son saying to join none at the time, so Joseph Smith testified and gave his life for. But next time maybe call such a feature about Mormons something else, if you're going to have Ex-Mormons take up almost half the time Would you have done that with any other religion or church - feature the soured ones who had left the Church for whatever reason as legitimate spokespeople, , who are a very small percentage of members and don't represent the much larger whole? We understand better now how money and bias shapes your truth to make people think this is Mormonism, but slant it with some who have left because they couldn't handle it. I guess a distorted picture is better than none at all - or is it? Seems that's all the Church can hope for from the liberal media like yours and really makes suspect any other features you might do on different subject matter. Doug Curran, Orem Utah