Rock Dinner - Season 2

MTV Tr3s Premiered Apr 14, 2008 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Don Omar
    Episode 7
    Karelys is beyond psyched to meet Don Omar, pero the drama flies high when she hides the fact that she's been chosen from su mejor amiga Biamyl. Las chispas vuelan when the two have a chance encounter at the supermarket, but will their friendship survive dinner with a celebrity?
  • Reik
    Episode 6
    This confident fan soon finds out that knowing her traditional dishes isn't enough for this mission. Liliana's overconfidence may result in a more challenging situation that becomes a recipe for romance. This romantic fan's heart melts every time she tens to REIK'S love songs. She soon finds out she has been making someone else's heart melt for 6 years! What happens when you make a die hard fan choose between her long time friend and her favorite artists?moreless
  • Xtreme
    Episode 5
    Monique is an aspiring singer ready to hit the high note if needed for Xtreme. This un-organized trio doesn't know the difference between sugar and salt which makes their double mission a disaster ready to happen. With all the chaos and confusion, a food fight is expected but they take this playfulness to another level. Will this group pull together or will the food suffer from Xtreme consequences!moreless
  • Luis Fonsi
    Episode 4
    Being an Ex-Florida Marlins cheerleader, Diana should be used to competition and cheering for her own team. However, she never thought she would be competing with another hot and sexy cooking partner who also thinks she is the ultimate fan. Diana will not go down without a fight but what she doesn't know is, neither will this Chiquita pero atrevida cooking partner. Who will be doing the winning cheer at the end and prove to be Luis Fonsi's numero uno fan!moreless
  • RKM & Ken-Y
    Episode 3
    This one spunky fan doesn't know what's coming to her until she receives mixed messages from her reggeaton hotties, RKM & KEN-Y. The day's confusion and unexpected problems are emotionally draining for Lupe. Will she get it together and do whatever it takes even if it means she has to run like one crazy chicken?moreless
  • Flex
    Episode 2
    Nothing is stopping this want to be Chef from her big day with FLEX. Even though Stephanie started out her day full of surprises, she never intended it to go flat! Good thing her friend Manny comes to save the day. But even that changes when one slap in the face decision is made that threatens the life of her favorite superstar.moreless
  • Jenni Rivera
    Episode 1
    Ariana thinks by bringing in her brother and best friend this mission is going to be a snap! Though it's not a happy reunion from the start! Cooking for the Diva herself Jenni Rivera, should have been clue that nothing is going to be easy. Especially with a jealous brother and a naïve girlfriend, Ariana may have made the biggest mistake. The tension along with the smoke of the kitchen rises to a point that can cost her the mission.moreless