Rock Follies

ITV (ended 1977)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Real Life
      The Real Life
      Episode 6
      After Anna leaves the Little Ladies, Q feels that her soft voice has no place with the group. Once the powerful trilling of Dee and Rox fill the stage, Q is delegated further and further into the background. Finally, Q gives up, quits and becomes a recluse. It’s her often-married mother to the rescue. Anna and Angel have decided to settle down and open a small, intimate blues club. That leaves Dee and Rox to become a successful duo – and they are looking quite promising. By the end of the episode, Kitty has settled contractual matters and the remaining Little Ladies are on their way to America to open at Madison Square Garden. Rox is nervous but game about it. Dee tries to look ahead but her memories are mostly bittersweet as she recalls how it all started and what it meant to her when it was just Anna, Q and herself as the Little Ladies.moreless
    • The Divorce
      The Divorce
      Episode 5
      As the drugs (and Angel) cloud her senses, Anna becomes more and more worried about Rox. Instead of finding the singer’s strong voice to be an asset to the group, paranoia fills Anna and she rebels. Although Kitty feels that stardom might just be around the corner for the newly minted quartet of Little Ladies, Anna demands to be released from her contract.moreless
    • The Loony Tunes
      The Loony Tunes
      Episode 4
      After “OK” fails to sell, The Little Ladies again find themselves battling personal demons – both internal and external. Anna seems to be completely wrapped up in Angel – a drug selling groupie who is putting wild ideas into her head. Q finds religion as she loses belief in herself and Kitty begins to ponder and tinker with the cosmetic make-up of the Little Ladies after she meets Rox. Naturally Dee – whose talent is now not only the backbone but the entire group’s focus – is stuck in crossfire.moreless
    • The Hype
      The Hype
      Episode 3
      With Kitty as their manager, the Little Ladies get to record their first single, “OK”. Of course, what is a single without a big push? And that is where Kitty comes in as she turns on the heat for “The Hype”. Meanwhile, Dee finds all the publicity machine mechanisms and their trappings to be taking away from the true nature of what she really wants to do – sing.moreless
    • The Empire
      The Empire
      Episode 2
      With Harry Moon as their new guiding force, the Little Ladies are introduced to Kitty Schreiber – a high powered rock and roll agent who takes an active interest in the group. Eager, hungry and totally ruthless, Kitty gets the Little Ladies their first real gig – an opening act for Stevie Streeter. However, when the Little Ladies prove to be too good for Stevie, he literally pulls the plug on their act.moreless
    • The Band Who Wouldn't Die
      It has been a few months since somebody set off a bomb in the club where the Little Ladies had been employed. Since then, Dee has become the group’s “den mother” trying to keep them together in any fashion. Currently, they are reduced to doing television jingles for frozen t.v. dinners. Although the Little Ladies like the television jingle lyrics, they still feel they have fallen short of their mark of being rock stars. However, on the set they meet Harry Moon, an enterprising young man who sees them and entices them with tales of his visions about getting them back into rock music.moreless
  • Season 1