Rock Me Baby

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2004 on UPN
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Jimmy and Beth try to fix up Carl and Pam by going with them to a Broncos game and then dinner. However, they soon find that they've been ditched by the new couple. Meanwhile, Jimmy's grandmother babysits Otis and employs some unusual tactics.

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    Margie Ajemian

    Margie Ajemian

    Belly Dancer (uncredited)

    Guest Star

    June Lockhart

    June Lockhart

    Grandma Cox

    Guest Star

    Richard Roat

    Richard Roat


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    Lex Medlin

    Lex Medlin

    Kevin McBronkelman

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      • Carl: Hey, you -- you have a webcam in your bedroom?
        Pam: Yeah, I call it the Hot Pam Cam... dot org... dot gasm!

      • Beth: At times like this, I wish I were a guy.
        Pam: Yeah, I wish I was a guy too... cause then I'd find out what it's like to have sex with me!

      • Pam: If I wanted to be watched all the time, I'd reconnect the webcam in my bedroom!

      • Marv: Hi, I'm Marv, your grandmother's gentleman caller... or as you kids would say, uh, her, uh, booty call.

      • Jimmy: Who are those people?
        Beth: I'll tell you who they are: interlopers!
        Jimmy: Okay, honey, some of us went to community college. Use words I can understand!

      • Beth: Ca-Pam had to cancel. She's got a stomach virus.
        Jimmy: Oh, man, I hope I don't get it. You know, I think I saw her lick her fingers before she grabbed my testicles... Sheep testicles. It's a Morroccan dish. Goes great with cow brains!
        Grandma: And you think whiskey on the gums is peculiar?

      • Beth: There's a freezer full of ice to rub on Otis's gums if he gets fussy from the teething.
        Grandma: Ice, gotcha, cause that'll come in handy if he wants something on the rocks!

      • Grandma: Oh, look, I know that my child rearing tactics must seem a little outmoded to you, with your car seats and your fancy, non-rectal thermometers, but I helped raise you and you turned out okay, Jimmy!
        Jimmy: Yeah, but who knows what my potential would've been if I hadn't been dropped, drugged and probed!

      • Jimmy: Grandma, you dipped Otis's pacifier in alcohol?
        Grandma: Yes, and then he had some formula as a chaser!

      • Jimmy: You gave Otis whiskey?
        Grandma: Yes, that's alright. I didn't let him drive!

      • Beth: Grandma, have you been drinking?
        Grandma: Of course not! You know I never I never hit the sauce when I'm on duty!
        Beth: Well then who's been drinking this whiskey?
        Grandma: Oh, that! I gave it to Otis!

      • Beth: Oh, shoot! I forgot to tell them that they're both lactose intolerant. You know, that's the kind of mutual struggle that brings people together!

      • Pam: Carl, the way they're staring at us to see if we'll hook up, it's -- it's like we're on Elimidate!

      • Carl: Does everybody in Morocco eat with their hands or did this place run out of silverware?

      • Pam: You know, you're not that bad when you're looking me in the eyes and not the sweater.
        Carl: You know what? I'm glad you brought that up cause I gotta know. Are they real or, uh, contacts?
        Pam: Oh, they're definately real. My vision is 36, 24, 36!

      • Beth: You know how Ben and J-Lo are called "Ben-nifer?" Maybe we could name Pam and Carl "Ca-Pam!"

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