Rock Me Baby

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2003 on UPN
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In an attempt to find other couples with whom they have something in common with, Beth invites over a guy that she knows from their baby yoga class... unaware that he's gay. Meanwhile, Jimmy invites Carl over to watch the football game, but Carl finds he's being ignored as Jimmy spends the afternoon bonding with his new gay friends.moreless

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      • Jimmy: All gay guys are cool.
        Carl: Hey, I thought all black guys were cool.
        Jimmy: No, not since the eighties. Urkel screwed that up for you!

      • Jimmy: You're still my partner and my best buddy and I -- and I'm watching the Broncos with you.
        Carl: What about your new gay friend?
        Jimmy: I will blow him off! God, I hope this mic isn't on!

      • Kelly: I love Assies! You do know that it's a gay sports bar, right?
        Jimmy: No, really? So the waitresses are...
        Kelly: Waiters.
        Jimmy: And the assies are...
        Kelly: To die for!

      • Kelly: Hey, what a great Sunday! I get to watch the game while your wife entertains the old balls-and-chain. You heard me!

      • Kelly: Were you guys gonna watch the game?
        Jimmy: Yeah, but we can go in the kitchen and eat quiche if you'd like.
        Kelly: Listen, I'm gay but I'm not that gay!

      • Beth: I'm sorry, you just didn't seem... the type.
        Steve: Why, because I don't have six-pack abs? You know, pudgy guys like having sex with men too!

      • Beth: This is just my "I had no idea you were gay" look!

      • Pam: Babies, football and Carl. Who knew they served quiche in Hell?

      • Pam: I often forget guys that annoy me. I call it Pamnesia!

      • Pam: Can you see my nipples in this picture?
        Beth: Nope. No nippage.
        Pam: Damn! I gotta get these reshot. It's for the cover of my demo CD and the title is "Caught in the Headlights!"

      • Carl: Hey, I found this new sports bar where we can watch the game. It's kinda like Hooters only it's for butts. It's called Assies!

      • Beth: We need parent friends. If we had friends with babies, we'd know how they do it.
        Jimmy: Honey, I know how they do it. Same as we did: busted condom.

      • Jimmy: I think we should consider traditional gender roles. You gather the laundry, dishes and diapers and I will hunt for bison... and porn on the internet!

      • Beth: You've seen how tired I am. Sometimes I fall asleep in the middle of a chore.
        Jimmy: Oh, so sex is a chore now?
        Beth: Well you did put it on my to-do list.
        Jimmy: Yeah, and I'm still waitin' for you to do me!

      • Jimmy: You're better at diapers than me. You get to all the nooks and crannies. The kid's like an English muffin down there!

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      • Behind The Title: "Coupling" A play on the popular British series Coupling, which was remade into a short-lived American version the same season that Rock Me Baby premiered.

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