Rock Me Baby

Season 1 Episode 14

Not So Grand Parents

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2004 on UPN
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Not So Grand Parents
Beth's parents, Monty and Ginger, come to town for a visit. While Beth's excited that her folks will get to spend time with Otis, she soon finds that they're avoiding spending time with him -- Ginger goes shopping and to dance class with Pam, while Monty tries to horn in on Jimmy's radio show.moreless

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      • Monty: Ginger and I feel that, at Otis's age, a baby's like a famous painting. It's beautiful but it doesn't do much. So, after a while, you've seen it!
        Ginger: But soon Otis will be moving and talking and we won't be able to stop watching him. Then he won't be like a painting, he'll be like TV!

      • Beth: So what do you guys think? This place has the best sushi in Denver.
        Ginger: Yeah, it's nice... But at Red Lobster they cook the fish. I know it takes a little more time, but I think it's worth the effort!

      • Monty: Ah, I lost something, Beth. I'm gonna go out and try to find it.
        Beth: What?
        Monty: My will to live.

      • Jimmy: It has nothing to do with your age, all right? Look, I mean Dick Clark is like a thousand!

      • Beth: You know, it's like she's avoiding Otis on purpose, like he's the baby equivalent of jury duty!

      • Beth: It's no problem.
        Jimmy: Okay, alright. I'm gonna agree with you because history shows that's my best chance for some sweet, sweet lovin'!

      • Pam: I'll stay here with Otie. You two go.
        Beth: Pam, I can't leave you with a sick baby.
        Pam: I know, but I had to pretend to offer!

      • Ginger: The toy store at home, it's so out of date. Its top seller is an M.C. Hammer action figure, which might confuse Otis because no matter where you touch it, it says, "You can't touch this."

      • Pam: Who's ready to shop? Because there are some clothes out there that are dying to try me on!

      • Ginger: You look embarrassed. Like that time you worked at McDonalds and I came in and asked for a McHug and kiss!

      • Jimmy: Goodness, how are you guys?
        Monty: So tired I'm about to lose incontinance... You can relax, the day I don't make that joke is the day you have to worry!

      • Jimmy: Alright, since your parents are coming, I did the standard pre-parent sweep. Which means if you're looking for your "neck massager," it's under the bed.
        Beth: Aren't you excited?
        Jimmy: No. Doesn't work on my "neck."

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