Rock Me Baby

Season 1 Episode 9

The Difference Between Men and Women

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2003 on UPN



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  • Quotes

    • Jimmy: Carl's single. You know, he's got no kids, no responsibilities. His life is perfect... ly miserable!

    • Beth: What happened to your finger?
      Jimmy: Ah, I hurt it playin' with Carl.
      Beth: Did he pull too hard?

    • Jimmy: Well, uh, I don't like to brag but I was voted Best Dancer in high school. It was probly 'cause I had a seizure at the prom. Yeah, turns out I'm allergic to shrimp.

    • Jimmy: I mean, what, you don't get bed head like this from just sleepin' on it, right?

    • Jimmy: Don't you ever fantasize about someone else when you're makin' love to me?
      Beth: NO!
      Jimmy: I see. Clearly I did not know that or I would not have asked the question.

    • Pam: I don't like comin' over here when you and Jimmy are fighting. The tension's bad for my digestion. I'll have to start eating my meals at home. I'll still be getting 'em here, I'll just be taking them home.

    • Pam: Okay, so you sent him to interview Jessica Alba with explicit instructions not to mention his wife? Good move, Beth!

    • Pam: Oooohh, that woman is hot! You know, I don't swing that way, but if I did... Mmmmmm, Jessica Alba!

    • Beth: Oh come on, Otis, it's strained peas and squash. How can you not like this?
      Pam: Four words: "strained peas and squash."

    • Beth: I am not jealous!
      Jimmy: Yes, you are. 'Cause that's the same look I get when I watch you eating a popsicle!

    • (after sex)
      Jimmy: I think we finally settled that debate over who your daddy is once and for all!

  • Notes

    • The film An Officer and a Gentleman leads both Carl and Pam to individually sing "Up Where We Belong" (though Pam sings about "where the beagles die...").

    • Guest star Jessica Alba was promoting her film, Honey, which was also showcased in commercial breaks during the initial broadcast of this episode. UPN also ran a handful of original promos with Alba and the cast to promote this episode in the week leading up to airing.

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