Rock Me Baby

Season 1 Episode 16

Who's Your Da-Da?

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2004 on UPN
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Who's Your Da-Da?
Looking for some quiet time away from his family, Jimmy volunteers for a rooftop charity Radio-thon as a way to escape for a much-needed vacation, but when he learns that his job has kept him from hearing Otis' first word, "Da-Da," he realizes how much his family means to him... so he goes to unusual lengths to raise enough money to get off the roof. Meanwhile, Beth tries to get Pam to stop flirting with guys since she's now dating Carl.moreless

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    Matthew Garel

    Matthew Garel


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    Darlene Dahl

    Darlene Dahl

    Xiamara Maria Alvarez-Von Fagerbakke

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    Patrick Breen

    Patrick Breen

    Richard Crandall

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      • Beth: Have you ever flirted while you were alone?
        Pam: Well, once in a while I look in the mirror... Well it's not my fault. I'm cute, dammit!

      • Carl: How do you like your steak?
        Jimmy: Like I like my Childhood Mutism--very rare!

      • (Carl and Pam have sex on a rooftop)
        Carl: So listen, what we did up here tonight, right, qualifies us for the, uh, 800 foot high club.
        Pam: Yeah, but I'm already a member -- since 1992!

      • Jimmy: What is Pam doing here?
        Carl: Huh, huh! Wonderful things!

      • (Jimmy awakens Pam by pulling a sleeping bag off of her, thinking she's Carl)
        Pam: What? You touch my butt once and you come back for seconds?
        Carl: Did he grab your butt? Cause he grabbed mine earlier. What's up with you and black booty?

      • Jimmy: What are you two doing in bed together?
        Beth: Pam spent the night. We were having a girls night.
        Jimmy: Define "girls night."
        Beth: It's not what you're thinking.
        Jimmy: So you guys aren't gonna put on nurses uniforms and have a pillow fight on a trampoline?
        Beth: No, we did that earlier... just after we washed cars in our bikinis in slow-motion.

      • [Jimmy and Carl wake up spooning]
        Carl: How much beer did we drink?
        Jimmy: Is my hand on your ass?
        Carl: Yes.
        Jimmy: Too much!

      • Beth: He uses my body for nine months like it's an all-you-can-eat salad bar at Sizzler and his first word is "Da-Da".
        Pam: Well maybe he wasn't saying "Da-Da." Maybe he was lookin at me and sayin, "D-d-damn, Pam's fine!".

      • Beth: You're weak! You're a nobody! You're nothing!
        Pam: What are you doing?
        Beth: Breaking ya down so we can build you back up.
        Pam: Alright, fine. But when you build me back up, can you add a few inches to my bust line?

      • Beth: Have you ever flirted while you were alone?
        Pam: Well, once in a while I look in the mirror... Well it's not my fault. I'm cute, dammit!

        Beth: Now do you remember when you started flirting?
        Pam: Yes. I was five and little Timmy Johnson had this toy truck. I didn't want the truck, but I wanted him to give me the truck. So I batted my eyes and I told him how fine he looked in that sandbox. Well the next thing you know, I had his truck, all his action figures and the keys to his big wheel! From then on I was hooked!

      • Beth: Okay, if we are going to tame the wild booty monster inside of you, then we have to do a "flirt intervention." The first step is to recognize that you cannot flirt your way through life.
        Pam: What are you talking about? I just flirt socially... on weekends... at parties... Oh, it doesn't hurt anyone!

      • Carl: I miss Pam too. I wonder if she's missin me.
        Jimmy: Why, you guys having problems already?
        Carl: Well, we define commitment differently, y'know. I call her "my girlfriend," she calls me "Carl."

      • Pam: He's not my boyfriend!
        Beth: Oh, really? Don't you date him? Accept gifts from him? Sleep with him every night?
        Pam: Yes.
        Beth: Well then what does that make him?
        Pam: Lucky!

      • Beth: Y'know, I miss Jimmy! Last night is the first time he's been away from me and Otis. It was strange not seeing him come home from work with his usual greeting: "Who's that new guy coming out of Pam's apartment?"

      • Pam: You think Otis is gonna wake up with all this noise in here?
        Beth: Oh, not a chance. He'll save that for the exact moment I fall asleep tonight.

      • Richard Crandall: And I'm here to kick off our annual radio-a-thon for charity where we give our listeners a chance to help some needy people.
        Jimmy: That's right. This man hasn't had a date in over two years!

      • [Beth walks in pushing Otis in a carriage]
        Beth: I walked all over Denver trying to get him asleep, if you make a noise, I'll shoot you!
        Jimmy: Wouldn't a gun make a noise?
        Beth: I'll get a silencer!
        Jimmy: It'll still make that little "phtttt!"

      • Jimmy: Carl, listen, you're gonna have to pretend that this radio-thon is gonna be torture, okay?
        Carl: Why?
        Jimmy: Because, man, look I could be the jackhole trying to escape my wife and kid for a few days, or I could be the nice guy forced to sleep on a rooftop for charity. Alright? Which one of those guys do you think gets sympathy sex?

      • Carl: Remember the last time we did a radio-thon, right? Mention a pizza place on air, pizza shows up. Mention a bar, boom, beer shows up. This year, I'm thinking big! I'm going for some clothes, jewelry, home theatre system...

      • Jimmy: Carl, we're gonna be spending at least two nights on that rooftop doing this charity radio-thon. Man, you're gonna need a heavy jacket and I know I would appreciate it if you brought a change a underwear!

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