Rock Me Baby

Season 1 Episode 16

Who's Your Da-Da?

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2004 on UPN



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    • Beth: Have you ever flirted while you were alone?
      Pam: Well, once in a while I look in the mirror... Well it's not my fault. I'm cute, dammit!

    • Carl: How do you like your steak?
      Jimmy: Like I like my Childhood Mutism--very rare!

    • (Carl and Pam have sex on a rooftop)
      Carl: So listen, what we did up here tonight, right, qualifies us for the, uh, 800 foot high club.
      Pam: Yeah, but I'm already a member -- since 1992!

    • Jimmy: What is Pam doing here?
      Carl: Huh, huh! Wonderful things!

    • (Jimmy awakens Pam by pulling a sleeping bag off of her, thinking she's Carl)
      Pam: What? You touch my butt once and you come back for seconds?
      Carl: Did he grab your butt? Cause he grabbed mine earlier. What's up with you and black booty?

    • Jimmy: What are you two doing in bed together?
      Beth: Pam spent the night. We were having a girls night.
      Jimmy: Define "girls night."
      Beth: It's not what you're thinking.
      Jimmy: So you guys aren't gonna put on nurses uniforms and have a pillow fight on a trampoline?
      Beth: No, we did that earlier... just after we washed cars in our bikinis in slow-motion.

    • [Jimmy and Carl wake up spooning]
      Carl: How much beer did we drink?
      Jimmy: Is my hand on your ass?
      Carl: Yes.
      Jimmy: Too much!

    • Beth: He uses my body for nine months like it's an all-you-can-eat salad bar at Sizzler and his first word is "Da-Da".
      Pam: Well maybe he wasn't saying "Da-Da." Maybe he was lookin at me and sayin, "D-d-damn, Pam's fine!".

    • Beth: You're weak! You're a nobody! You're nothing!
      Pam: What are you doing?
      Beth: Breaking ya down so we can build you back up.
      Pam: Alright, fine. But when you build me back up, can you add a few inches to my bust line?

    • Beth: Have you ever flirted while you were alone?
      Pam: Well, once in a while I look in the mirror... Well it's not my fault. I'm cute, dammit!

      Beth: Now do you remember when you started flirting?
      Pam: Yes. I was five and little Timmy Johnson had this toy truck. I didn't want the truck, but I wanted him to give me the truck. So I batted my eyes and I told him how fine he looked in that sandbox. Well the next thing you know, I had his truck, all his action figures and the keys to his big wheel! From then on I was hooked!

    • Beth: Okay, if we are going to tame the wild booty monster inside of you, then we have to do a "flirt intervention." The first step is to recognize that you cannot flirt your way through life.
      Pam: What are you talking about? I just flirt socially... on weekends... at parties... Oh, it doesn't hurt anyone!

    • Carl: I miss Pam too. I wonder if she's missin me.
      Jimmy: Why, you guys having problems already?
      Carl: Well, we define commitment differently, y'know. I call her "my girlfriend," she calls me "Carl."

    • Pam: He's not my boyfriend!
      Beth: Oh, really? Don't you date him? Accept gifts from him? Sleep with him every night?
      Pam: Yes.
      Beth: Well then what does that make him?
      Pam: Lucky!

    • Beth: Y'know, I miss Jimmy! Last night is the first time he's been away from me and Otis. It was strange not seeing him come home from work with his usual greeting: "Who's that new guy coming out of Pam's apartment?"

    • Pam: You think Otis is gonna wake up with all this noise in here?
      Beth: Oh, not a chance. He'll save that for the exact moment I fall asleep tonight.

    • Richard Crandall: And I'm here to kick off our annual radio-a-thon for charity where we give our listeners a chance to help some needy people.
      Jimmy: That's right. This man hasn't had a date in over two years!

    • [Beth walks in pushing Otis in a carriage]
      Beth: I walked all over Denver trying to get him asleep, if you make a noise, I'll shoot you!
      Jimmy: Wouldn't a gun make a noise?
      Beth: I'll get a silencer!
      Jimmy: It'll still make that little "phtttt!"

    • Jimmy: Carl, listen, you're gonna have to pretend that this radio-thon is gonna be torture, okay?
      Carl: Why?
      Jimmy: Because, man, look I could be the jackhole trying to escape my wife and kid for a few days, or I could be the nice guy forced to sleep on a rooftop for charity. Alright? Which one of those guys do you think gets sympathy sex?

    • Carl: Remember the last time we did a radio-thon, right? Mention a pizza place on air, pizza shows up. Mention a bar, boom, beer shows up. This year, I'm thinking big! I'm going for some clothes, jewelry, home theatre system...

    • Jimmy: Carl, we're gonna be spending at least two nights on that rooftop doing this charity radio-thon. Man, you're gonna need a heavy jacket and I know I would appreciate it if you brought a change a underwear!

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