Rock Me Baby

Season 1 Episode 3

Would I Lie to You?

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2003 on UPN
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Would I Lie to You?
Jimmy succumbs to peer pressure when he smokes a joint during poker night, but he gets busted by Beth for not telling her about it when they apply for insurance and the agent wants a urine sample. Beth is initially irritated by Jimmy explanation of the subtle differences between a lie and an omission -- until she decides to omit an incident that happened with Otis.moreless

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    John O'Brien

    John O'Brien

    Insurance Agent

    Guest Star

    Vikrum Shah

    Vikrum Shah


    Guest Star

    Jorge Garcia (I)

    Jorge Garcia (I)


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    Lex Medlin

    Lex Medlin

    Kevin McBronkelman

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      • Beth: Did you sleep with any hookers or kill anyone?
        Jimmy: Oh, you got me. I slept with a hooker and then I killed her. And just for fun, I kicked a puppy!

      • (Jimmy takes out a million dollar insurance policy on himself)
        Jimmy: Yeah, I want Beth to be taken care of but, you know, I don't wanna give her too much incentive to have me whacked!
        Carl: Man, for a million dollars, I'd whack ya!
        Jimmy: Okay, when you say "whack," you mean "kill," right?
        Carl: Either way.

      • Carl: Jimmy was just telling me he's gonna get some life insurance. Kind of a Ward Cleaver thing to do, isn't it, Jimmy?
        Jimmy: Well, Carl, it is my job to protect the Beaver.

      • Carl: As Johnny Cochrane would say, "If you take a hit, you must omit".

      • Jimmy: It's time we start acting like grownups... but I'm still watching Spongebob!

      • Jimmy: Smell my breath. Does it smell like pot?
        Carl: No. Smells like feet and ass!
        Kevin: Here, I've got some minty breath spray. My breath smells like ass too, but not the good kind.

      • Pam: I was meetin' a blind date for dinner tonight but there was a problem.
        Beth: What was the problem?
        Pam: He was ugly. And I'm not blind!

      • Pam: It's me, Pam. Open the door, it's an emergency!
        Beth: What's a matter?
        Pam: I'm hungry!

      • Jimmy: I'm a dad. I can't be doing drugs anymore.
        Carl: Apparently you don't watch The Osbournes!

      • Beth: I'm a terrible mother!
        Pam: See, that's why I take the pill twice a day! I'm goin to take a bonus one right now!

      • Pam: Why do women start saying things like "diapee" and "poopie" after they have a kid?
        Beth: Sounds better than feces and pee-catcher!

      • Beth: I'm not angry.
        Jimmy: Damn! I was hopin' for make-up-sex.

      • Pam: Well, if you ask me, honesty only screws up relationships.
        Beth: How's that?
        Pam: Well, think about it. Guys are always askin', "How many guys have you been with before me? Be honest." And then you tell 'em 28 and suddenly they start lookin' at you different!
        Beth: 28?
        Pam: Imagine if I'd told the truth!

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