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AIRED ON 4/12/2009

Season 3 : Episode 12

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Fans of the '80s pop metal band Poison won't want to miss this Flavor of Love-style VH1 reality show as the frontman Bret Michaels sets off on a determined search for a mate. Michaels needs a woman who can handle his rockstar lifestyle--someone who won't get jealous of his main mistress: music. Bret will design challenges to test each girls' ability to handle every aspect of his life. The women that rock his world will be given VIP passes and will be allowed to stay in his house. The others will be sent home until in the end when one lucky lady will be a true Rock Star Girlfriend.

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    • Guilty Pleasure

      What can I say? This show won't win any awards or be the highest rated show on tv, but it is extremely entertaining and hilarious! Bret Michaels, the singer from 80s rock band Poison, is back for a third time looking for love. All of the episodes are entertaining until Bret eliminates Ashley and Britanya. After that the show is boring including up to the finale. Will Bret look for love a forth time? Only time will tell, but this past season was definitely the funniest, most entertaining, and was something to (kind of) look forward to on Sunday nights.moreless
    • Rock of Love is about Bret Michaels wanting to find love. Is he wanting to find love? Or a comeback?

      Okay, Rock of Love has already had 3 seasons now. But I call this show unoriginal because it is not different to the other reality dating shows like: Flavor of Love, I Love New York... it's getting pretty bad. Honestly Bret? Are you really finding love or just a comeback? Even though the show is kind of pointless, I still watch it because it can be down right entertaining, but people shouldn't get too caught up in the show where they get mad at people or what not. It's just a show. I don't believe he'll "give up" if he doesn't find love this time. There will be a fourth season. You just wait. Lolmoreless
    • The second or third--I loose track of these things--'of Love' show from VH1. Let the fun begin!

      Have you ever liked a show that you felt guilty for liking? You may not understand why, you know you shouldn't like it, but you can't help but get entertained and curious about the onslaught of train wreck, after train wreck the show delivers?

      Welcome to Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.

      I have to say, out of all the 'love' shows, even if it does follow most of the same formulas: the main lead bringing in 20 girls to find his 'love interest'. The finalist are usually the 'good, down to earth' and 'the witch of season'. There's a look back episode. Bret meets the parents and chaos ensues. One of the girls gets eliminated unfairly and makes you hate the 'villain' of the show more. The main lead, or Bret, is oblivious to all the crap the 'bad guys' do in the show so that the show can have more drama and ratings…even if all the factors are present, this show still manages to stand out from the others. Even if it's not all for good reasons.

      We can start with the contestants. How to put this politely: 95% of them are just plain trashy. They dress like street walkers. (Hookers) They always seem to be partying, drinking, being naked or at least, one of these at all times. And for some reason, the largest majority of said girls…are blonds.

      Actually, a good number of the girls on the show are blonds. Whether they have another color streaked through their hair or not, blonds dominate what makes up most of the contestants. And for some reason, they're always the 'villains' or 'witches' of the show (or end up being) while the main good guy is a brunette, down to earth, and honestly, relatable and realistic. And yeah, there is maybe one or two minorities (and they're usually African Americans) but they always seem to get eliminated very early on. At the very least, by the fourth episode. This is definitely different then the other 'of Love' shows, considering they usually have a good number of other type of woman. Not just ethic wise, but personality and appearance wise as well.

      Which leads to yet another major difference: with the exception of a few other 'of Love' shows (like I Love New York and the 3rd season of Flavor of Love) you actually got the impression and dare I say--even believed that the main lead might actually be able to settle down with the person they ended up choosing. Or at the very least, date them for a long period.

      And then there's Rock of Love. After the first episode of the very first season, you pretty much threw that possibility out of the window. It wasn't just the type of girls that entered the house that made you do this: it was Bret Michaels himself. Just listening to him for a good ten minutes and you realized what this show is really all about. Rock of Lust anyone?

      Once the viewer realizes this, the show pretty much becomes an on going train wreck of awesome entertainment. The key is simple: don't believe in the show's supposed 'theme' and don't take it seriously.

      Then there's the 'challenges' of the show. Let's face it: most of them are just excuses for Bret to see the girls in hot little outfits. Unlike Flavor of Love, the challenges just don't seem to mean much of anything, or rather, when Flav had them, there was actually a motive that made sense, so he could get to know the girls. (Like he loves a girl that could cook, so he had them all cook his favorite food and took the winner on a date.) Certainly, they are entertaining to watch, but overall, they don't seem to have much of a purpose 'relationship' wise.

      As for the time Bret spends with the ladies, it's summed up like this: the girl could be saying something deep and important, Bret is either staring at their chest and not listening or just not listening, then starts doing something more 'interesting' to keep from being bored. And by 'interesting' I mean: make out. And if the girl isn't that attractive, he makes said time with her short and go and find one of the more 'willing' contestants.

      Which leads me yet another reason why this show stand out: the lead. Not only is it Bret Michaels but let's face it: compared to most of the leads of these shows, he's actually good to look at, for starters. He's never too over the top, like he's trying too hard to act and get attention. He's a bit of dog and shows it--seriously, no shame in his game--he doesn't pretend to be something he's not in that department. And he's simply, funny. I can't help but laugh at a lot of the things he says. He makes the show just as fun to watch as the ladies that appear on it to.

      Which leads to another, though minor, difference: the ladies. Out of all the girls on these 'of Love' shows, I've never seen such a bunch that act more like they're still in high school. You know what I mean: the Queen Bee and her sidekick, who are followed by a group of lesser lackies. Maturity and intelligence are just not the staple of these girls and they all but count on their rude, mean demeanor to the other girls not in the group to win the day, not to mention their looks. The 'good' guys or girl you end up liking are usually the only 'sane' girls left in the house with intelligence and common sense. And for some reason in this show, they drop like flies a LOT faster then the 'bad guys', which is different. Bret would rather keep a girl with a nice big chest and that's a great kisser than anyone with substance, no matter the personalities.

      The show is simply put, a guilty pleasure. It's somewhat odd to watch women degrade themselves just for 15 minutes in the spotlight and to watch a womanizer (with a pretty great personality) have his way and make out for 80% of the show. You know it's wrong…but honestly, it's just so entertaining, you can't stop watching.

      So if your looking for entertainment, this show is pretty fun. Just remember not to take it seriously!moreless
    • Most fantabulous show ever!

      Rock of Love is a dating reality show starring Bret Michaels. As most dating shows on vh1 go he chooses out of 20 women to go out on dates with him and on a week to week basis slowly starts eliminating the women by giving them V.I.P passes each week to stay in the house. Eventually it is down to one lucky chicka who becomes his Rock of Love. Now you maybe thinking how does this differ from other vh1 shows such as Flavor of Love and I Love New York. The answer? Everyone knows rocker chicks are way crazier than psychos trying to date New York and idiots who think Flavor Flav is hot and romantic. Plus Bret Michaels actually has looks unlike man-beast New York and old turd Flavor Flav. Sure you may say it is just another boring reality show but Rock of Love provides twice as much drama, lying, and best of all true love...until they break up. But hey that leads for another season! So bottom line, if your looking for a show about schiming, lying, rocker girls trying to find love Rock of Love is the show for you.moreless
    • Otro reality igual al resto y van...

      Lo único que distingue a este show de los demás relitys "buscando desesperadamente con quien pasar el resto de mis días" es que en este las concursantes están bastante buenas (en su mayoría) y que la estrella no parece tan desesperada. El resto es más de lo mismo: la misma manera de eliminar gente, los mismos retos, las mismas peleas, drama y más drama sin razón aparente. Magdalena es mi favorita (se podrán haber dado cuenta), Jess es linda y muy interesante, la perra (infaltable) de ¿como se llamaba? Lacey y algunas más se esfuerzan para nada (no es muy obvio que la ganadora no obtendrá su amor?).

      Entretenido pero no mucho más que eso.moreless

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