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  • Guilty Pleasure

    What can I say? This show won't win any awards or be the highest rated show on tv, but it is extremely entertaining and hilarious! Bret Michaels, the singer from 80s rock band Poison, is back for a third time looking for love. All of the episodes are entertaining until Bret eliminates Ashley and Britanya. After that the show is boring including up to the finale. Will Bret look for love a forth time? Only time will tell, but this past season was definitely the funniest, most entertaining, and was something to (kind of) look forward to on Sunday nights.
  • Rock of Love is about Bret Michaels wanting to find love. Is he wanting to find love? Or a comeback?

    Okay, Rock of Love has already had 3 seasons now. But I call this show unoriginal because it is not different to the other reality dating shows like: Flavor of Love, I Love New York... it's getting pretty bad. Honestly Bret? Are you really finding love or just a comeback? Even though the show is kind of pointless, I still watch it because it can be down right entertaining, but people shouldn't get too caught up in the show where they get mad at people or what not. It's just a show. I don't believe he'll "give up" if he doesn't find love this time. There will be a fourth season. You just wait. Lol
  • The second or third--I loose track of these things--'of Love' show from VH1. Let the fun begin!

    Have you ever liked a show that you felt guilty for liking? You may not understand why, you know you shouldn't like it, but you can't help but get entertained and curious about the onslaught of train wreck, after train wreck the show delivers?

    Welcome to Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.

    I have to say, out of all the 'love' shows, even if it does follow most of the same formulas: the main lead bringing in 20 girls to find his 'love interest'. The finalist are usually the 'good, down to earth' and 'the witch of season'. There's a look back episode. Bret meets the parents and chaos ensues. One of the girls gets eliminated unfairly and makes you hate the 'villain' of the show more. The main lead, or Bret, is oblivious to all the crap the 'bad guys' do in the show so that the show can have more drama and ratings…even if all the factors are present, this show still manages to stand out from the others. Even if it's not all for good reasons.

    We can start with the contestants. How to put this politely: 95% of them are just plain trashy. They dress like street walkers. (Hookers) They always seem to be partying, drinking, being naked or at least, one of these at all times. And for some reason, the largest majority of said girls…are blonds.

    Actually, a good number of the girls on the show are blonds. Whether they have another color streaked through their hair or not, blonds dominate what makes up most of the contestants. And for some reason, they're always the 'villains' or 'witches' of the show (or end up being) while the main good guy is a brunette, down to earth, and honestly, relatable and realistic. And yeah, there is maybe one or two minorities (and they're usually African Americans) but they always seem to get eliminated very early on. At the very least, by the fourth episode. This is definitely different then the other 'of Love' shows, considering they usually have a good number of other type of woman. Not just ethic wise, but personality and appearance wise as well.

    Which leads to yet another major difference: with the exception of a few other 'of Love' shows (like I Love New York and the 3rd season of Flavor of Love) you actually got the impression and dare I say--even believed that the main lead might actually be able to settle down with the person they ended up choosing. Or at the very least, date them for a long period.

    And then there's Rock of Love. After the first episode of the very first season, you pretty much threw that possibility out of the window. It wasn't just the type of girls that entered the house that made you do this: it was Bret Michaels himself. Just listening to him for a good ten minutes and you realized what this show is really all about. Rock of Lust anyone?

    Once the viewer realizes this, the show pretty much becomes an on going train wreck of awesome entertainment. The key is simple: don't believe in the show's supposed 'theme' and don't take it seriously.

    Then there's the 'challenges' of the show. Let's face it: most of them are just excuses for Bret to see the girls in hot little outfits. Unlike Flavor of Love, the challenges just don't seem to mean much of anything, or rather, when Flav had them, there was actually a motive that made sense, so he could get to know the girls. (Like he loves a girl that could cook, so he had them all cook his favorite food and took the winner on a date.) Certainly, they are entertaining to watch, but overall, they don't seem to have much of a purpose 'relationship' wise.

    As for the time Bret spends with the ladies, it's summed up like this: the girl could be saying something deep and important, Bret is either staring at their chest and not listening or just not listening, then starts doing something more 'interesting' to keep from being bored. And by 'interesting' I mean: make out. And if the girl isn't that attractive, he makes said time with her short and go and find one of the more 'willing' contestants.

    Which leads me yet another reason why this show stand out: the lead. Not only is it Bret Michaels but let's face it: compared to most of the leads of these shows, he's actually good to look at, for starters. He's never too over the top, like he's trying too hard to act and get attention. He's a bit of dog and shows it--seriously, no shame in his game--he doesn't pretend to be something he's not in that department. And he's simply, funny. I can't help but laugh at a lot of the things he says. He makes the show just as fun to watch as the ladies that appear on it to.

    Which leads to another, though minor, difference: the ladies. Out of all the girls on these 'of Love' shows, I've never seen such a bunch that act more like they're still in high school. You know what I mean: the Queen Bee and her sidekick, who are followed by a group of lesser lackies. Maturity and intelligence are just not the staple of these girls and they all but count on their rude, mean demeanor to the other girls not in the group to win the day, not to mention their looks. The 'good' guys or girl you end up liking are usually the only 'sane' girls left in the house with intelligence and common sense. And for some reason in this show, they drop like flies a LOT faster then the 'bad guys', which is different. Bret would rather keep a girl with a nice big chest and that's a great kisser than anyone with substance, no matter the personalities.

    The show is simply put, a guilty pleasure. It's somewhat odd to watch women degrade themselves just for 15 minutes in the spotlight and to watch a womanizer (with a pretty great personality) have his way and make out for 80% of the show. You know it's wrong…but honestly, it's just so entertaining, you can't stop watching.

    So if your looking for entertainment, this show is pretty fun. Just remember not to take it seriously!
  • Most fantabulous show ever!

    Rock of Love is a dating reality show starring Bret Michaels. As most dating shows on vh1 go he chooses out of 20 women to go out on dates with him and on a week to week basis slowly starts eliminating the women by giving them V.I.P passes each week to stay in the house. Eventually it is down to one lucky chicka who becomes his Rock of Love. Now you maybe thinking how does this differ from other vh1 shows such as Flavor of Love and I Love New York. The answer? Everyone knows rocker chicks are way crazier than psychos trying to date New York and idiots who think Flavor Flav is hot and romantic. Plus Bret Michaels actually has looks unlike man-beast New York and old turd Flavor Flav. Sure you may say it is just another boring reality show but Rock of Love provides twice as much drama, lying, and best of all true love...until they break up. But hey that leads for another season! So bottom line, if your looking for a show about schiming, lying, rocker girls trying to find love Rock of Love is the show for you.
  • Otro reality igual al resto y van...

    Lo único que distingue a este show de los demás relitys "buscando desesperadamente con quien pasar el resto de mis días" es que en este las concursantes están bastante buenas (en su mayoría) y que la estrella no parece tan desesperada. El resto es más de lo mismo: la misma manera de eliminar gente, los mismos retos, las mismas peleas, drama y más drama sin razón aparente. Magdalena es mi favorita (se podrán haber dado cuenta), Jess es linda y muy interesante, la perra (infaltable) de ¿como se llamaba? Lacey y algunas más se esfuerzan para nada (no es muy obvio que la ganadora no obtendrá su amor?).
    Entretenido pero no mucho más que eso.
  • Couldn't believe that I was actually watching a reality show!! And it hooked me, WOW!

    I stumbled upon Rock of Love 2 early in the season. Having never been in to any reality shows I was prepared to dismiss it. Nothing else was on and it had Bret Michaels so I said what the heck, and watched it. It was like the second episode, and from the moment it was over I was checking the tv guide to see if I could catch a repeat of episode 1. I was hooked. Waited anxiously for it each week. Found myself rooting for the girls that I liked best, and hating the ones that I didn't. I would be disappointed when my favorite would be eliminated, and the next week I'd get a new favorite. I've never watched any other reality tv, is it all this good? I'm going to assume not. I found it really interesting. I'm actually hoping that Bret and Ambre don't work out so I can toon into another season.
  • I ain't no rocker or anything like that, but this show's pretty good.

    I like this show, then again I seem to like all of the shows that are like this. The thing that I like about this show is that you don't even have to like rock or even know Bret Michaels is (like me, haha) to like this show. But, at the same time, I feel always kind of stupid watching it. You'll feel like you're wasting your time... and you probably are. But, if you're like me and you like reality television, then I recommend this show. The show is very slow-paced, as well as other shows like this. (like Flavor of Love or I Love New York) Some of you may find this to be a guilty pleasure, too.
  • Considering this show is a reality show and its based on a rock star I didn't go in with high expectations

    Considering this show is a reality show and its based on a rock star I didn't go in with high expectations. I watched the whole first season and I was surprised how entertaining it was. Since the show was entertaining and it got decent ratings I knew before it was over that there was going to be a part 2. When the second show started I was a little weary on how ridiculous the show will get. As these reality shows continue it seems like they get cheesier. I was really blown away on how entertaining this show is. Who doesn't like to see girls fight all time about dumb things? Everyone like to this kind of thing all the time. So In conclusion this show is defiantly my guilty pleasure and I can't get enough it.
  • My personal opinion is if this hot sexy guy can not find someone without having a show, well that is an issue. Then why not pick women instead of fake, freaks?

    My thoughts on the show? He is beautiful but fake, ok, not in a bad way, vanity. He is looking below the neck. Ok, he is a man. But if he is looking for love, he will not get it by thinking with the wrong head, love only lasts a short peroid of time when it comes from there. Love is what should last forever, think about that. Then you will win. How vain are you by holding a contest for your heart, what did you expect to find? It is sad because he is great. Take care sir B.
  • BUT GREAT!!!

    Rock of love with Bret Michaels in in no way original.. But who cares? Sure there have been tons of shows like this before, but it's still a pretty cool show. take one 80's rock star and 20 beautiful woman who are all either dancers,models or wannabe rock stars and you got The bachelor meets girls gone wild! Bret is still even now a really good looking guy who would have no problem getting a date but instead chooses to look for love the modern way..On reality tv! First of all, it doesn't seem like he is really looking for love, more like restarting his career, but it's interesting anyway. He tends to keep woman in the house who cause trouble and clash with others and even encourages it in his own little way. Last season he chose Jess, who I personally liked from the beginning. But it was a surprise since it was obviously Heather who he connected with. It however, was no surprise when she dumped him on the reunion show leading up to what we all suspected.. Season two! Sure it is a little predictable and less than believable that none of these people can find "the one" the first time around but hey, what fun would that be? This show while nothing extraordinary is good none the less and absolutely addictive. And hey, for those of us who never get to be groupies who make it back stage, we can now live vicariously through these woman.. And hey, who knows? Maybe Bret'll find true love inspite of himself!
  • This show is great, but why in the world do some people have such a hard time seeing right through certain types of people?!

    I love Bret Michaels, but he seems to have an issue with being able to see through some of these females and realize the differnce between the ones who are there for him, and the ones that are there just to have their fifteen minutes of fame, or the ones that are manipulative and vendictive. I can LOOK at some of these chicks and tell the difference. I think this season should differ from last season, which it really hasn't changed. The muddy football challenge was sooo much hotter last year than this year. There seems to be a lot of healthier looking girls, which is a relief to know that you don't have to be a size 0 to be on a show like that. I was surprised he didn't instantly cut the thicker ones, but I guess they will just be cut later since they aren't really pulling their weight (no pun intended). I think Bret really needs some female insight to help him see through all of the fakeness of some of these chicks! Go Kristy Jo!!!
  • Very Old School Rocker Bret Michaels is Looking For Love.. For a Second Time.

    I really enjoy VH1's format for these reality dating shows (Flav, New York, Tila). I'm not saying these shows have any depth, but my g** are they entertaining. Rock of Love is right up there on my 'to watch list'. Bret is amazing, he can manage to turn any situation into something sexual.. everything seems to turn that man on *YUCK*. I can't wait to see the new bunch of tattooed, pole dancing, bleach blonde, back stabbing, binge drinking, cosmetically enhanced 'ladies' Bret gets to choose from this season. Also, I'm hoping one of them rips off his bandana so we can see what he's hiding up there.
  • How many shows has VH1 had just like this??

    How many shows has VH1 had just like this?? Uh, a lot. But for some reason I kinda like this the best. XD I don't know why because it's practically just like the ones before it, but there's just something about Rock of Love With Bret Michaels... I don't know. I think it has that same key element that I Love New York has to keep audiences addicted, even when it's to something as ridiculous as girls fighting for the affection of a man and the man only has a limited amount of time to try to get to know all of the girls and then decide which is his true love. It's so absurd, and yet so addictive...why?! Lol. Anyways, I guess as far as stupid reality shows go, this one is ok.
  • When I watch this show it makes my life feel soooo much better! What these women will do for fame!

    Wow! I never thought that I would be a sucker for this show!!!! I have gotten so hooked on these reality shows on VH1 but this one is my favorite! What these women will do to have their 15 minutes of fame! I hate to admit it, but I feel sorry for Brett having to deal with those kind of women! But, like I said, my life feels so much better after watching this show! I always laugh my butt off and I am always smiling at the end! I hate that other people's embarrassment makes me feel so happy! But, oh welll! I hope Brett finds what he is looking for!
  • The lead singer of Poison in the 80`s and a rockstar comes and finds love from 20 different women. It`s a classic girl on fighting contest and it is very enjoyable to watch.

    I think that Bret Michaels has the ability to make this show number 1 on Vh1. It is one of the many spin-offs from The Flavor Of Love, (Notice the one words difference; FLAVOR of Love and ROCK of love) ,but this is one of the most successful ones. The first season was truthfully about finding love...but since there might be more to come, the second season will just be about a man trying to find a girl friend and that is it. Many friendships came along as of course the enemies. Generally, I think this show really freaking rocks! :)
  • Old rock star, Bret Michaels is looking for love. He wants the perfect woman who can live up to his wild lifestyle, but also care for his diabetes. He tried to find love once, but was left broken hearted at the reunion by Jess. A second season on the way!

    This show is the definition of white trash. All of the women contestants are either strippers, old strippers, or a stripper. I cannot describe the things that these women will do for this old rock star. It is possibly the most disturbing thing on reality television. This show does appeal to a few of my friends, and a little to me. In the sense that it is similar to my favorite shows on VH1, I Love New York and Flavor of Love. But this show majorly lacks personality. I like the shows where the reality stars have some umph or something special to them. Bret Michaels is too old and his diabetes gets the best of him always. Spice it up girls, second season is around the corner!
  • hmm

    ok SO FAR rock of love only had one season. jes won, and im glad because shes the only one i found normal on this show! I voted for her through out the show. i was just PRAYING that with show wouldnt wind up to be the dramatic mess that flavor of love turned into. and it sort of did. and when i say that i completely mean lacey. i HATED her. she didnt care about bret she wanted to be famous for being the show witch just like new york did on flavor of love. UGH. she should have been kicked off from the start
  • My kind of reality TV

    OK, I can't stand American Idol, Don't watch Survivor or Big Brother. But if you give me a washed up 80s rocker and 20 strippers or ex-strippers fighting for his love...

    Woo Hoo glue me to the street! Silly contests were girls are playing football in the mud and writing songs for Bret Micheals' affection. What could possibly be more entertaining? Besides Flavor Flav and his girls of course.

    Throw in a few cry babies, ex-strippers, stupid blondes and crazy red headed b##ches you want to see leave the house. By golly that's TV gold! Can't wait for the reunion special,
    it's bound to be good
  • Lead singer of Poison looking for true love. 21 women and one winner. Who's there for love and who's there for fame? Will Bret Michaels choose the right girl?

    I thought that it was stupid for Erin who's engaged to come on a dating show. I consider that cheating and a waste of Bret's time.
    I'm also glad that both Tiff and Lacy are gone. Tiff was too hammered to care and Lacy was too heartless of feelings and immature to be there(meaning: putting others down.) I'm glad that Jess got picked too. She has a good head on her shoulders. She wasn't there for fame but love. I wanted her to win. Great pick Bret! I believe Heather was there for a way out of her dancer days.
  • Thank god lacy is gone!!

    I started watching and was hooked.I love the drama and cat fights.I remember thinking why are all these girls so crazy about him...I don't know what it is about him but I think he is totally sexy now.I kept watching because every episode I was just praying that Lacy would get eliminated.Lacy's dad is just as crazy as she is.I am so glad that the crazy physco LACY got sent home.I wanted to slap her myself.I am totally routing for Jess.I cannot wait any longer for the final episode.I think I will have a Rock of Love party.I LOVE BRETT and BIG JOHN!!
  • This is one of the best reality shows that i have watched in a very long time. These 2 girls are lucky to be where they are at with Bret Michaels

    I love this show and of course Bret Michaels. As i have watched the show I have realized that you cant trust a lot of the people that claim to be your friends. Lacie in the show was very much a manipulator. She stabbed one of her friends in the back. I dont think that it was her place to talk about heather's family and then turn around and get mad at heather for doing the same thing. my words to Lacie is you have to think about what you say before you actually say them. In the end you only made yourself look stupid. I would have to say that my 2 favorite girls have made it to the final 2 which is Heather and Jess.
  • at first i thought it was gonna be just as trashy as Flavor of Love

    Rock of Love has turned out to be one one my favorite reality/dating shows of the summer and fall. at first I expected it to be just as bad as flavor of love, but i checked it out anyways. i was pleasantly suprised to find that it was actually mildly entertaining, and although some of the girls were a bit rediculous, Bret got rid of them anyways so it was all good. I really want Jes to win, and you gotta know she WILL. The classy girl is alwasy picked. even in flavor of love that was the case! Jes is right. Thats dumb b i t c h Heather is gonna regret that ink on the back of her neck the second Bret finally licks her 4ss out!
  • I can't stop watching but, the more I do, the sillier it gets. Bret is extremely immature. He is 44 and acts like he's 24. If he wants to find true love, maybe he should look at someone closer to his age. He is a diabetic. Why does he need a party girl?

    I just realized how old Bret is!! What is everyone thinking? Aren't most of these girls kind of young for him? Sure he's a cool guy and all but, come on. Actually, now that I think of it, he is kind of immature, so maybe a relationship with a young girl would work for him. He get's excited over the most trivial things. One drunk girl, in the process of throwing up, says she loves him? Another, totally crazy girl, gets his name tattooed on her neck? And, he gets so emotional over it? I really like the show and don't want to miss a beat but, come on people, let's get real. Bret is trying to regain popularity and really needs to grow up.
  • My first impression, Someone else is trying to be Flavor Flave!!

    I'm not going to lie, whenI first saw the preview of this show I said to myself I didn't want to watch it because someone else had already aired a show like that on vh1. But with me being a drama queen, I decided to watch it just to see whats going on in Bret's world. I'm very glad I checked it out because it actually a pretty nice show. The girls on this show are a lot different then the flavor of love girls. I think they are a lot wilder, and they really seem to be looking for love. Well I'm not sure about the looking for love part, but they do seem to have a wild side. I wonder if Bret is going to really find someone to settle down with from this show, or will there be a second season?
  • An interesting show, that I never thought I'd like.

    When I first heard about this show, I thought it was going to be very stupid, and that I'd never like it. But then I decided to give it a chance...mainly because there was nothing else on. It's pretty good. Not something that I count down the time until I get to see it like some of my other shows, but still good. The women are true characters...some of them deserve to be smacked, whereas others are good people, and I hope one of them are the ones that he choses. Although I may not watch it religiously, it is still a good show, and I would recommend it if there is nothing else going on.
  • The girls are hilarious.

    All these girls are fighting for this rocker Bret. This show is just like Flavor of Love but it includes Rock and wilder girls. The girls on this show are so much crazier then the ones on Flavor of Love. They had to write a list about each others worst qualities and they were just brutal. if i had to pick between the rock of love and flavor of love i would probably most def. pick flavor of love only because nothing beats the original. If you haven' watched this show but you like flavor of love give this show a chance.
  • Another reality dating show with a celebrity.

    I absolutely love this show. Bret Michaels is such a hottie and those girls are pretty crazy. I love how there are some bad girls and some good girls. It adds a little more drama than them all just being strippers. Although I do think that he will pick one of them. All in all I hate to admit that I tune into this show every week and really look forward to the next episode. It's not the most appropriate show but it will probably be most enjoyable for people who grew up listening to Poison and in love with the 80's version of Bret Michaels.
  • I love this show!

    Flavor Of Love may have come first, but I thought it was disgusting to watch. At least the girls in Rock Of Love have a better prospect - a real man to fight over! Who in their right mind wants to be with a man sporting a HUGE clock around his neck? Aside from the gold-digging tramps that is.
  • It is like Flavour of Love but with rock-n-roll groupie chicks. The show follows the same idea as Flavour of Love. Bret goes on dates with women and each week girls are eliminated.

    There are tons of colorful ladies for Bret to choose from. How will he ever decide which one to pick? There is always a ton of drama as these women have already fallen into group a and group b. One being the less inhibited group. You never know what these women are going to do or say. I keep watching just because it I cannot turn my eyes away. I am curious to see who will win Bret's heart.
  • That other guy down there was right, this is a flavor of love rip-off.

    I have no idea what Vh1 was thinking when they decided to air this show. The Flavor Of Love was so much better than this. The girl's in this show are so much trampier than the girls from the Flavor of Love. They actually make the flavor of love girls look like nuns if you think about it. this show is at times funny, but mostly just trashy.

    They might as well make a sequel to Charm School judging from this. =_=
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