Rock of Love with Bret Michaels - Season 2

Sunday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jul 15, 2007 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • The Casting Special
    Episode 14
    See crazy audition tapes of the ladies lining up to win the heart of rock god Bret Michaels in the second season of Rock of Love!
  • Reunion Show
    Episode 13
    It's reunion time and Bret has gathered all of his ladies for one more night of bawling and brawling. See what the girls are up to now and how the relationship between Bret and Ambre has survived.
  • Reunion
    Episode 13
    The girls come back for the reunion but only a select few get to be onstage to talk with Bret. Aubrey and Kristy Jo talk about their relationship and Daisy and Heather have a showdown.
  • Bret's Rock of Love
    Episode 12
    Bret decides to take each girl on a single date. On Ambre's date, they get a romantic massage. On Daisy's date they go on a boat and Daisy gets really sea sick. Bret has a romantic evening with Daisy. The next night it is time for eliminations and Bret has to chose between Daisy and Ambre.moreless
  • Rockin' the 'Rents
    Episode 11
    The three remaining contestants' parents move into the house and Bret finds out interesting things about each of the remaining girls the parents. Daisy's family doesn't come but her ex-boyfriend's sister does.
  • Bitter Suite
    Episode 10
    Bret takes the final four to Las Vegas and invites an old friend to turn up the heat.
  • Going to Ex-tremes
    Episode 9
    Bret invites the women's exes to the house, and he takes them out in an attempt to dig up dirt on the ladies. Meanwhile, the five remaining women are left at the mansion with a surprise guest in charge.
  • Video Vixens
    Episode 8
    The remaining six ladies make their own music videos, and one contestant's breakdown leads Bret to make a tough decision about who should stay and who should go.
  • 3/2/08
    The remaining girls have to put on an USO show for the vets and some current service members. Also, the girls confront Kristy Jo, who Bret once again, questions whether she's really there for him or not.
  • Once a Cowgirl
    Episode 6
    The remaining nine ladies compete in the Rocking Rodeo challenge. The team that wins gets a dinner in the dark with Bret.
  • Mud Bowl II
    Episode 5
    The remaining nine compete in the second Mud Bowl, a muddy football game in which Bret split the girls into two teams, Sweet Hearts and Falling Angels. The MVP gets a private date with Bret, and the rest of the winning team gets a date with him the following day.
  • 2/10/08
    The ladies are challenged to build a custom motorcycle. Later, the contestants pose for a pinup photo shoot before Bret eliminates two more gals.
  • Stroller Derby
    Episode 3
    The ladies put on roller skates and try to outmaneuver one another while pushing a stroller. Later, Bret spends some alone time with one of the more disliked contestants, leading to tension in the house.
  • Peep Show
    Episode 2
    Fifteen girls better watch what they say...especially when they're on a dare. Meanwhile in the first ever Peep Show Contest, the girls all compete for a date with Bret by showing off their greatest "talents." To stir things up at the house, Bret decides to hold an old school dance off.moreless
  • 1/13/08
    Bret Michaels, lead singer of rock band Poison, is back looking for love, and this time he means it! Twenty more beautiful babes vie for his love and affection. Some bare more than their souls in an attempt to grab Bret's attention. Only fifteen will stay after an elimination ceremony with two startling surprises.moreless