Rock of Love with Bret Michaels

Season 1 Episode 11

The Rose & the Thorn

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2007 on VH1
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The season wraps up with Bret taking the final two ladies to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. When they return home, Bret chooses one to “rock his world.”

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  • programa buenisissisisisissimo, muy buena seleccion de mujeres, aunque ya son costumbre este tipo de realitys todo empezo con flavor of love, para seguir con i love ny y ahora este que a mi gusto sigue siendo mejor flavor of lovemoreless

    el programa es sobre todo muy bueno la super jes, unika y exclusiva jaja, legalmente merecedora de ganar la primera temporada, solo que no logro enteder por mas que me pongo a pensar y razonar el por que no se quedo con ella bret, algo inexplicable, ilogico, casi para hablar muy seriamente con el pues entonces que quiere jajajajajaja, es una mujerzota en toda su palabra, hermosa, guapisima, divina, cuerpazo, no no no no hasta coraje le da a uno que ya quisieramos tener a alguien asi y este wey que la deja ir asi de facil sigo lamentandolo ni modomoreless
  • Jes VS Heather...who will Bret pick?

    The series ending is here! Who will Bret pick? Well, anyone who watches the show knew that Bret was going to pick Jess. In the odd chance that he didn't everyone would have probably thought that he was an idiot. What was Heather thinking? I mean really! I think Heather looked like a hooker that was frozen in the 80's and thawed out in the present. Frozen cavewoman even. Although his motives are questionable, he did state that he was trying to look for someone that he could fall in love with. He was looking for something long term, not something that would be a quick fling and out the door. I don't even understand how Heather made it this far since there were others that were way better looking than she was. Either way, Bret made the right decision and definitely picked one of the prettiest, if not the prettiest girl on the show. How funny was that afterwards with Heather in the limo and she remembers that she has Bret's name on the back of her neck? One of the funniest moments on the show by far! I wonder how long it will last with Jess? Are they even together at this point?moreless
  • I am so glad that he picked Jess!!!!

    I am sure Jess was really happy when she was picked. She just seems more compatable. Who knows it will probably end like every other reality show like this one. We will all sit down and watch the reunion tonight on vh1 and they will announce it is just not going to work. Which I hope it does because Jess seemed like a really nice girl. It just seems that is how it went with Flavor of Love 1 and 2, as well with I love New York. I was relieved when pshyco Lacy got the boot!

    So the best of luck to the two and we will find out tonight if they are still together.moreless
  • Ok, so Bret picks Jess, and we knew he would but.....

    First off....Bret has diabetes....shouldn;t he NOT drink so much???? Just had to say that. Anyway, I loved this episode. Heather gets the first date, go figure...and on her way out, Jess tells her she looks like a stripper in her blue dress. For whatever reason, Heather thinks it's a "cute" sun dress. Anyway, on her date Heather ignors the fact that Bret isn't feeling well, and doesn't even seem to be that concerned by it Later at dinner she proceeds to, unconvincingly, tell Bret that she's in love with him. They go to his room and she stays the night. Hmmmm, wonder what happened??? Anyway, when she returns, she boasting to Jess about what a great time she had and trying to make Jess jealous.

    Jess is getting ready for her date and looks adorable as usual. However, on her way out the door, Heather makes a comment that would have sent me packing. Something along the lines of, "when your kissing him, remember where his mouth has been." GROSS!!! Jess finally reveals how much she really cares for Bret and you can tell that they have bonded.

    While getting ready for the final selection, Heather is very cocky and sure of herself. And she says that she knows she's walking away with him tonight. And, she DIDN'T! I loved it. Even when he called her up, she was sure she won. And when she realized he was dumping her sk&*Ky a__, she was PISSED! Hahah, she'll always have that lovely stupid tatoo to remind her of what a dumb sh_t she was. YAY JESS!!!!!!!!! (But I still think you're too good for him)

    Hmmm, I wonder what the reunion will bring and which trainwreck, Lacey or Heather will get her own spin-off?moreless
  • So everyone gets what they wanted

    well, well, well, The finale came and went and the writers and producers really layed it on think didn't they?

    Heather sure did her part in making it everyone hate her didn't she? Maybe her and Jes were told to fight more and bicker back and forth to pick up the slack.

    Anyway we got to see Heather unleash her "Inner-Lacey" and say disgusting things to Jes about "following" her. The Tasting me comment was so classy. Then agian Jes did bust out a few "cheap Stripper" jokes. Like I said Producers filling heads with ideas...

    Anyway in the end Bret tricked Heather with a "How classy are you question" and she failed. So Jes got the win and Heather got tattoo regret and a broken necklace.moreless

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