Rock of Love with Bret Michaels

Season 2 Episode 8

Video Vixens

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2008 on VH1

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  • great episode, with different emotions.Very sad at the end.

    The remaining six ladies make their own music videos, and one contestant's breakdown leads Bret to make a tough decision about who should stay and who should go. while they do this Kristy joe calls her soon-to be-ex boyfriend and calls for divorce. The challenge is to make a video, the ladies will be split into two equal teams. At the end of the episode it all came down to Kristy-Joe and Megan. Bret called Kristy Joe before Meagan ask her if she wants to stay and rock his world. He left the decison onto her because on her date, she had a lot of emotions and told Bret that she was still married to her husband. So in the end Kristy_joe eliminated herself because she has problems at home to work out. This episode led Bret to walk Kristy-Joe to the door, hugging and crying. They both said that it was just the wrong place and the wrong time. It was so sad. Meagan was supposed to go home beacause after Kristy-Joe eliminated herself she did not get a pass.