Rock Rivals

Wednesday 9:00 PM on ITV Premiered Mar 05, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • A drama about a fictional singing competition in which the judges Mal and Karina are a married couple who are in a bitter argument after Mal was caught cheating.Both are using the show to prove they are the ultimate winner in the relationship.

    At the beginning I really enjoyed this drama and thought it was brilliantly done and had a great story line but as the weeks past I began to notice a pattern.Every episode is like a replica of another for instance in the first episode they broke up after the affair was revealed but then they ended up back together only for it to occur again.I think there are some very talented actors and actresses involved in this show although the storylines are dramatically falling.I really feel as if the whole plot has just become boring and dull,there is nothing new occuring in the programme and week after week it's the same concept and same drama resulting in lack of interest from viewers and I am not sad to see the final episode very soon.