Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 9

All Shook Up

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • The Action Heats up

    The performances are getting better (for most) and some who seemed good at the beginning are being left by the wayside. I’m referring to Lukas Rossi, of course. The judges were fond of his early performances, but have encouraged everyone else but him to bring something different every week. The apparently noticed what has been obvious to many, that Lukas is dull, and brings the same thing every week. Even Zayra’s laughable performances are different every week.

    Ryan stepped up with a powerful performance on piano. Dana showed that she learns from what has gone on and really did an excellent job on the Who song. Ryan and Dana are both the best of the second-tier contestants, and could make it into the top six.

    A highlight of the evening was when T-Lee, whose children were present, informed Magni that they would be flying his family in from Iceland. I admit to a bit of moist-eye myself.
  • Great show with one of the best performances to date.

    Wow! What a great show with probably one of the best performances to date, courtesy of Ryan Starr. Ryan's performance of R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion" was phenomenal.

    Other than Ryan, the standouts were Storm Large ("Changes" by David Bowie) and Magni ("Clocks" by Colplay).

    One criticism--how much longer are we going to have to watch Zayra? The band has made it clear that they will not select her for the band, but yet they fail to give her "the hatchet."

    The worst of the bunch, rather, the most disappointing performance of the night was Lukas. His rendition of Hole's "Celebrity Skin" was painful to watch.
  • Dilana rocked this show again!

    Dilana was my favorite performance again this week. She just blows me away with every show she does. My mom, my sister, and I can't wait to see what she does next on the show.

    There was one really horrible performance this week, and it was Zayra. I swear my ears were bleeding when she was singing if you call it that. I wish Supernova will wake up soon, and realize that she needs to go home. I can't take much more of that voice of hers. I am hoping if she stays in the bottom three again that Supernova will send her home this week since she would have been in the bottom three for three times now.

    There was another good performance this week. I thought Ryan did a great job. I thought it was really cool when he was playing on the baby grad piano. My sister and I thought he did a great job this week.

    I can't wait to see who is in the botton three, and who gets to go home. PLEASE BE ZAYRA!
  • Ryan becomes a contender while Lukas slips up.

    Let's get it started with a little "Higher Ground" by Patrice with help from Tommy Lee on drums. Patrice's rocker side continued to emerge, but I was left pretty neutral on her performance overall.

    Josh followed that up with "Santeria" and proved two things - he's a great singer and he has no hope of leading SuperNova.

    After toning it down last week, Dilana the she-demon was back this week with "Can't Get Enough." Another great Dilana performance, but I'd be interested to see if she can hold an audiences attention for an entire show with her voice or if she'd lose them eventually.

    Toby disappointed me. I really thought he would kill the song, but it didn't do much for me. It wasn't bad, I just thought it could be better.

    Zayra once again went off the charts with her song. I still don't like her singing, but damn, that song rocked. Maybe she should produce instead of sing.

    Magni fell into the same boat as Toby for me. He wasn't bad, but I was expecting much more from him on that song.

    Jill helped to write her ticket home with her next performance as she screamed her way through "Don't Forget About Me." Not bad when she wasn't screaming, but the screaming was distracting from the rest of the song.

    Ryan stole the night when he did "Losing My Religion." He became a contender this week and I suspect will get the encore this week. Powerful, powerful performance. Not bad for going solo.

    On the other end of the scale tonight was Lukas who mangled "Celebrity Skin." Maybe he was channelling Courtney Love herself on the performance - a wasted Courtney Love, but Love nonetheless. Won't get him sent home, but should land him in the bottom three.

    Storm toned it down with "Changes" by Bowie and totally owned the stage still. With this performance, she jumped to the front of the line in my books eventhough she wasn't the best on the night.

    Dana ended the show with "Baba O'Reilly" and like Magni and Toby, I was a little disappointed. Not that she was bad, just that she wasn't as good as I thought she would be with that song. I really thought she would bring down the house with her voice, but she kept it in check for the most part.

    Great show overall, with Ryan, Dilana and Storm leading the way tonight, while Jill, Lukas and Zayra left me feeling unimpressed with their overall performances.
  • Dilana ROCKS!!!

    This week there were some very interesting performances. My personal favorite Dilana... she keeps doing it week after week!! She always blow me away, I really think she has a great talent.

    Next: Toby and Storm. Although the guys didn't like too much Toby's performance I did like it, was different and sound good to me. Storm did rock it and she show us again she is really there to win.

    Zayra, Zayra, Zayra... How much more do I will have to stand her???? And the band saying almost that they will never kick her out???!!! What was that!!! I really hope that they will some day get pass her looks and starts realizing that she is not right for them.

    Lukas was my deception for the week... yeah I know he wasn't the worst but I really had high expectations about him so he disappointed me.

    Lets just see what happens in the elimination show... I'm hopping they'll pick up the right one this time (for which I mean Zayra is she is in the bottom three).
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