Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 1

Are You Ready to Rock?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 05, 2006 on CBS

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  • A decent season opener

    We get to see the new batch of aspiring rock stars. The women initially struck me as more competent than the men. All of the worst performances seemed to be on the men's side. My thought at the end of this show was that they could easily end up with all women in the final four.

    Another pleasant revelation is that Tommy, Jason and Gilby are a definite change from the previous season's band, in that they all seem to have personalities while the members of INXS came across as dull and interchangeable.

    I didn´t get to watch last season.... just because it didn´t get to my country...

    This season I get to watch it LIVE... and the most important, they let people in latin america (I´m from Panama) to vote!

    When I saw this episode I just think OH MY GOSH, this is the thing that I was waiting for!!!!!! The music was just right, the band is perfect, I love Dave Navarro, and SUPERNOVA, who thosen´t think that they are just amazing rockers.

    I like Rock, thats my music, and for the last years... just pop on reality shows (really until chris daughtry on AI)...

    The episode was GREAT just a few perfomaces that weren´t so good but it can´t keep you from watching it (it´s the first time that I look one of these reality shows where almost all singers are fantastic)... and DILANA... oh boy se really ROCKS... she has the looks, the voice and, above all, the attitude (althought I really don´t see a woman singing with those boys of Supernova... but she is the one for now and, hey! how much I voted for her!!!)

    so... everyone out there for rock is their lives... just watch it, you will see what I mean...
  • A great kickoff to the new season!

    This was the season premiere of the second season of Rock Star. This year, we will see the new "super group," called Supernova, consisting of Tommy Lee, some dude from Metallica, and some other dude, select their new lead singer.

    This episode started out with a bang as most every singer was excellent, with a few minor exceptions. The standout was probably the girl that kicked off the show and sang The Who's "Pinball Wizard." (I apologize for not knowing the names of anyone, but please give me a break as it was just the first episode.)

    I think that this season will be better than Rock Star: INXS because it appears as if they are all musicians as opposed to just singers. Most of them, if not all, it seemed could play the guitar. A few of them even played it on stage during their performance.

    In all, I'm looking forward to watching this sumer series again.