Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 21

Battle Of The Rock Stars

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2006 on CBS

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  • This was a great night ... most of the performances were top notch!

    Ryan started off the night with the bar set way high ... too high for the others to catch up. Lucky for them they did not have to compete against them! Toby Rocked it out ... his original had the crowd really pumped! Lukas too ... great original (wait did he just dedicate this ti him *mom*?) Magni - his normal quiet excellence. Dilana her normal over the top drama to downplay her lack of originality and range. My impression of the order of the night, best to worst was: Ryan, Lukas, Toby, Magni and trailing waaaay behind was Dilana.
  • So cool!

    Ok Ryan starts off the show in an awesome way with hi soriginal "Back Of Your Car" he wins a car and a cellphone! Toby is great! His performance was flawless and Magni on guitar! So cool! Dilana never fails to impress! Especially Roxanne! Getting the guys to sing back ups! Way cool! Lukas does his original unplugged and fix you by coldplay! That was amazing! Trully a great night! Not to mention my favorite! Magni! His original is awesome and his whoile performance was awesome! He should win the whole thing right now! Who will win it all? We'll find out!
  • The rockers last chance to show Supernova what they've got!

    I have to admit that this last performance show was excellent. Yes, some of the rockers did go a little overboard with their performances, but I think that they had to do that if they wanted to stand a chance to win the contest.

    While I feel like Supernova does have and, in fact, has had in mind who they want as their front man, yes, I said, "man," all along, I will have to say that the band did make convincing arguments to the audience that each of them still had a chance to win the contest.

    With that said, based on each rockers' entire summer of performances, I believe that Magni deserves to win. However, I think that Supernova was setting him up last night to lose. It was almost as if they were softening the blow by telling him that he was good, but not right for them. Toby was interesting. I did like his original, but I don't want to hear it again. Dilana has no shot at winning--she is just not that memorable other than the fact that she has tattoos and piercings all over her body and face. Without a doubt, I think Lukas will win (not that he should, in fact I am completely Anti-Lukas).
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