Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 10

Dana Dropped

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 02, 2006 on CBS

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  • I really didn't care who from the bottom 3 was going home...

    Well Dana is improving very fast and she is young but I just don't see her fronting Supernova and it's just way too late for her to start improving. She has the skills but she really lacks the time. She can still work on many things, but for me she was just average. Jill has been having on and off performances, she needs to get a great performance next week or she is going down. For me I think I slightly was on Jill's side against Dana because I can actually see Jill leading Supernova (sometimes). Patrice didn't deserve to be in the bottom three, her performance was great! Although it just goes to show you that first performances are very improtant, because some voters tend to stick to a favorite until maybe this favorite screws up maybe two weeks and a row and then they switch. Patrice is greatly improving and I'm starting to like her more but she wont make it too far. People say Zayra should have been in bottom 3 and even eliminated... I say... bottom 3 replacing Patrice but should she have been eliminated? I'm not so sure.
  • Is this season fixed???

    it was really hard to watch this episode, with the expection of ryans encore performance.

    to not see zyhra in the bottom 3 was very confussing has she actually got fans out there, or is this season fixed, and if so are they leaving zyhra in so people can still talk about the show..cause they really dont need to do that as the performances are getting better...

    as for Dana leaving well eventually she would have gone, but i say they should get rid of patrice before her as she got to sing with tommy lee behind her on the drums and blew it big time so she had her time in the lime light.....

    so ill go back to my question is this season FIXED??????
  • Dana Needed to be Stopped

    Dana Andrews was getting better and better with every performance. Given her rate of improvement, if she had not been eliminated in another month, she would have been TOO GOOD for Supernova and she would have had to start interviewing for a replacement back-up band.

    Although she was the fifth person eliminated from “Rock Star Supernova”, she is better than almost anyone who has ever won on any of those “Idol” shows. I hope some record execs were paying attention and get her a deal, because she has the potential to be someone. On the other hand, the two they kept tonight will be going back to the bar bands they were in before they got here.
  • Zayra not in the bottom three!?

    The biggest surprise last night was the fact that not only was Zayra not given the hatchet, but she was also not in the bottom 3! How is this possible? No one likes her--not the fans, not the band, yet week after week she remains on the show. After this week's outfit (basically underwear and a friggin' cape), what the heck can she pull out of her closet next week?

    So, Dana was given the hatchet. Well, that didn't come at any surprise either. She had no shot at winning anyway.

    As predicted, Ryan Starr was given the encore, but I didn't think that his performance on this show was as powerful as it was the other night.
  • Better performances this week... A right choice at the end...

    Ryan did a fantastic job with the encore. I really liked the song better this time than in the actual performance show.

    As for Jill, well she did a terrific job, she was amazing and she truly earned the chance to be kept in the show. She was the best of the three girls.

    Seen how Brooke Burke told about Toby almost make my heart stop! She can't do that! but it was fun... jejeje...

    Zayra safe??!!! OMG how long do I'll have to keep seen her??? I really don't think that I can keep doing it.

    Dana... as the band said she had make a very good progress but she still isn't a girl to be in front of those guys... I think she is too sweet...

    In conclusion, great encore, a couple of great songs, a right decision... this one was better than last week's.