Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 19

Five Alive

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 05, 2006 on CBS

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  • Each rocker gets a cover song and gets to perform their original.

    Show starts off with Dilana baby! Woot woot! Her calf bone is injured so she has to sit down on her 1st performance. Behind Blue Eyes was awesome man... and her original was a lot better than I expected especially since I watched her on the clinic with Gilby. Magni sang Back to the USSR... he did it justice mahn... props to the Iceman... his original I wasn't really into though, but I still support MagnI! He has to win! Storm did an awesome cover mahn! Her original was so outstanding! It delivers a messege to all those Paris Hiltons out there. Lukas cover wasn't all that awesome to me... his original got me! It had a messege and it was cool mahn! Toby's cover Mr. Brightside was just so cool! WooT! Uh oh uh oh uh oh! Original kicked A$$!

    out of anyone magni sing the best, but toby original was dam good, even though im not a fan of him.

    Storm well i thought she did alright, but to me she has the looks and knows how to perform, but vocally she is the weakest out of all of them, magni well same old same old, always good. toby i thought did rock last night, but again his vocals let him down, but loved his writing skills. Lukas i thought even thought the arrangement of his 'living on a prayer was wrong' it was actually good to see that he can show emontion, most of the songs he has choosen were more up beat he showed he can mix it up. Dilana i thought with weak last night and showed that her song writing skills were not up to scratch.

    As for who is going home, i think Storm or Dilana
  • Each rocker got to perform "a set."

    The concept of this show was that each rocker got to perform "a set," which essentially meant that they sang one cover song and sang one original. In between the songs, they got a chance to interact with the audience. I can't knock any of the rockers this week as they all gave it everything they had and it certainly takes a lot of guts to get up in front of a world-wide audience and sing a song is personal to them.

    That said, I thought that Storm's original was fantastic as was Toby's. The key was that each of them was catchy. As for whether or not Supernova is looking for that type of song, who knows? That is for them to decide. Magni, as usual, did great as well. He original, which he had to translate into English, was darn good. It was not that catchy, but he did work the stage like the consummate professional that he is. I thought that Lukas was not the best of the night. I really didn't like his arraignment of "Livin' on a Prayer," but his original wasn't that bad. His songs were both power and emotional. Tonight, if only one rocker gets the "Tommy Hawk," I say Dilana goes. If two get the boot, it'll be Dilana and Storm.