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Rock Star S3?

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    [1]Dec 24, 2006
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    So, any news - or even whispers - about Rock Star season 3?
    Is it even going ahead?

    Rumours abound that runner-up Toby was pulled aside before the S2 finale (and, apologies if this is old news here) and told he was by far the best for the Supernova but because he already had an established band he would be best to stick to that coz Supernova is/was just a one-album project and the winner would be left high & dry after the tour when the other lads went back to their various middle-aged rock'n'roll lifestyles. With the album stiffing plus Jason already bailing (yes, yes - I know there was an 'accident') & Toby already having his catchy tune used in a huge TVC in Oz, looks like coming second was for the best.
    But does this mean the team of Tommy, Gil & Dave worked so well as television (and yeah, they were all born for modern variety TV - being preened peacocks lacking the ability to button shirts an all...) that they may just go looking for another singer next year?
    Or will Guns'N'Roses use the show to find a singer capable of finishing an album in under ten years who won't sack support bands on stage? That could be good.
    Anyone else lookin for singers?
    Maybe they could make a reality show about looking for the right band... JD & wotsit (the other winning Canadian) could be judges.
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    [2]Jan 19, 2007
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    Since there have been no rumors flying about, the word is that there might NOT be a Rockstar3. I hope there is, I so like it better than American Idol. InXs has done ok with JD, especially in other countries. But the critics are totally panning Supernova with Lukas.... although their fans seem happy with their show. So far, I have been lucky enough to meet MiG, Marty, Tara, Suzie, Ty, Deanna, Jessica, and Toby. All of them are very talented and also very nice and fan friendly. But MiG is truly the nicest of them all, and IMO the most talented. I am waiting on pins and needles to get that CD this March!
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    [3]Jul 12, 2007
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    Hell, I reckon they should renew this instead of American Idol. Sure the singers are s**t and the judges are a**h0les (same as Idol) but at least the music they use is half decent (although they all f**k it up).
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