Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 7

Getting To Know You

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • Great performances this week.

    This week almost everyone made a very good job. My favorite: Dilana, how did she did that?! it was really amazing and she showed what she is cut to.

    Lukas also was one of the best ones and Dana finally shocks us with an excellent performance and I was very happy to see her finally getting up to the competition and in a fantastic way. Still she has to prove in the next weeks that it was not only a one time thing.

    And my final favorite of the night (but never the last for me) was Toby. After last week (although I really liked last week performance) he showed Supernova what he is capable of.

    And… once again, what is Zayra doing??

  • Yet another set of great performances.

    These episodes just keep getting better and better. The singers always seem to amaze me with how they put their own spin on old songs. For instance, take Dalina. Her version of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" was the perfect raw performance of a once very popular song.

    Storm Large's performance of "Anything Anything" was just as powerful if not more so than other other performance we've seen this season. The band actually got to see someone show that they just may have the "rock star" attitude that all bands need in their leader.

    Finally, how can you not love the comments these judges make? Case in point--the judges' criticisms of Zayra and their rave reviews of their favorite girl, Storm.
  • It's the up and down show as one great performance is followed up by a lacklustre one. At least early on.

    Lukas had the opportunity to kick off the show and from the opening moments, you just knew he was going to rock it Lukas style. Sure he gave "Bittersweet Symphony" the traditional treatment early on, but then he rocked it out and had SuperNova excited with his style. If you can judge anything from their reaction, he is a frontrunner right now.

    Then is was Zayra. Wow. Nice outfit, but she sounded like she was out of breath almost the entire time. Maybe it's her singing style, maybe she was really out of breath. Either way I wasn't impressed and neither was SuperNova.

    Then it was time for sweet, innocent Dana. Except Dana developed a dark side for "About a Girl." The girl has pipes and this may have been the start of convincing people that she could be a rockstar and not just a singer.

    Patrice did "Remedy" next and it was, well, typical Patrice. She has a great voice, but every song sounds the same. She hasn't done anything to make herself stand out and SuperNova called her on it. Good! She is good, but she is becoming tedious.

    Back to the good as Toby rocked out "White Wedding" I was expecting more out of him with this song, but he was strong enough with it to not real the wrath of criticism this week. Good week, but not great for Toby.

    Magni became the third guitared rocker of the evening when he took on the Bowie classic "Hereos." Rocking out from a stationary mic, he belted out a great rendition of the song. It left SuperNova cold performance-wise, but was strong enough vocally that it should keep him out of danger and garner him some new fans.

    Ryan has been Mr. Middle of the Road thus far, playing it safe and while not being great hasn't been bad either. With "I Alone" he was finally able to rock out the way the band wanted him too. Good job, but will he be able to keep it up next week? Hmmm

    Gilby jumped on stage for the next act as he played alongside of Jill. Vocally this was one of Jill's better performance, in my opinion, but Gilby could only focus on her presentation, in particular, her grinding against him. I'm starting to wonder if Gilby is a rock star. Very down to earth for the bands he's played in.

    Phil did his thing next. I can't figure Phil out. I like the distinctiveness in his voice, but it just doesn't lend itself well to cover tunes. Next!

    Can I take that back. Josh was next with Blind Melon's "No Rain". Sure it's a tough song to do, but he turned it into a pop song. Josh can take Justin Timberlake's spot in 'NSync anyday, but he's not a rock star. It's just a matter of time before he gets booted.

    Dilana did her usual thing in turning a song into "her" song. This time with Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" It was a great job of turning a beautiful song into an intimate performance for the audience. She knows how to work a crowd. But I still can't wait for her to release that voice she has hiding behind the rasp. Once she does that, she'll become the run away leader of this competition.

    ...and to end the show, it was Storm. Doing the rarest song of the night - "Anything, Anything" by Dramarama. Wow! It's easy to get the crowd into a song that everyone knows, but to rock the house the way she did with a relatively unknown song showcased her vocals and stage presence like no one this season had done. The stage dive at the end was the perfect punctuation after SuperNova telling Patrice earlier that they wanted to see someone take some chances and do something different!

    Overall, it was a great show with Storm, Lukas, Dilana, Dana and Ryan leading the way tonight. Zayra, Josh and Phil were lacklustre to say the least and the clock is ticking on their time on the show, I suspect.