Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 3

It's Nothing Personal

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2006 on CBS

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  • One lies and one is just clueless.

    This episode left me wondering who was more pathetic, Jill or Zayra. Zayra did a very bad performance, and when her extreme cluelessness was pointed out, she insulted the judges. Jill did a creepy Courtey Love impersonation that might have won her a prize in a karaoke contest, but made her look foolish on Rock Star. When Dave pointed out how uncomfortable he felt with her costumed impersonation, Jill insisted she knew nothing about her.

    By the end of the show, we all knew these two would be among the bottom three, but who would Supernova kick out tomorrow night? The clueless numbscull or the pathetic liar?
  • Jill & Zayra just left me shaking my head

    I thought the over all performances were down from week one. Magni did a fine job on “My Generation”, Jenny did good on “Tainted Love” and Toby was above average with the Killers’ “Somebody Told Me”.

    At the bottom end, Jill & Zayra just left me shaking my head. Jill did a C. Love impersonation that obviously required research and practice with matching the costume, and performance as well as imitating her voice. When called on it, she lied her butt off claiming she wasn’t even familiar with Courtney Love!

    Zayra gave an abysmal performance, and when Gilby pointed out how clueless she was, she took the opportunity to insult the men she is trying to get a job from.
  • The performers are just starting to heat up.

    I hate to bring up, gasp, "American Idol," in my review of this "Rock Star" episode, but I do so only to contrast the two.

    The performers on "Rock Star" and the songs that they sing on "Rock Star" are far superior to any of those that every ever performed or been sung on "American Idol."

    Case in point--the version of "Tainted Love" an "With Arms Wide Open" were just fantastic. The two performers were able to show their true selves and they did not have to hold back. They were just themselves without any producers telling them to "make sure you appeal to a broad audience."

    I hope that Rock Star never sells out.
  • We are just getting started

    We are just getting started with the show and so I have not picked a favorite. I think the performers and performances will get better as you go along. I think some are talented but no one is great in my eyes so far. I really like this show and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Keep up the attitude and the mouths because it only makes the show fun to watch. I hope the judges keep giving them hell, because they need that and it will make them better. Go Dave you are the best.
  • The show started out slow but picked up steam as the evening went on.

    This was an episode to me that separated the singers into two categories: those that can sing and those that could sing for a rock band. Magni, Dalina, Lukas, Toby, Storm, Patrice and maybe Ryan could front the band. Dana and Josh have unbelievable voices, but they're going to have to change something about themselves to be the lead singer of a super group. Everyone else, thanks for coming out and I hope you enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

    Magni's My Generation was better than his week one performance and should keep him out of the bottom three.

    Jenny's version of Tainted Love has me believing in her a little more than I did after week one, but not enough to call her a contender yet.

    Jill's ode to Courtney Love was a little scary. She was channelling a decade old version even if she didn't know it. Hard song to do without screaming through it though.

    Zayra is in over her head in this competition. It was more spoken word than singing.

    Chris's "Take Me Out" was okay, but he seems to be trying a little too hard. Just relax man. He could be this season's Suzie in that he may be in the bottom three a lot, but as long as he keeps getting better...ahhhh. We'll see.

    Dilana took a gamble with "Ring of Fire" and while I liked it, I'm not sure her voice will suit all styles of music as the competition heats up. But she is capable of leading the band. I'm interested to hear her original stuff.

    Josh blew his chance to show he can rock with "Arms Wide Open." They'll keep him around awhile, but he's not the lead singer of a true rock band... yet.

    Phil's "If you Could Only See" was disappointed to me. There's no emotion in his voice. Tommy seems to like him, but, I dunno. He's too bland thus far.

    Storm is a storm. Not the best voice of the bunch, but she has the stage presence and the demeanor to front this band.
    I thought it was funny that Cheap Trick's version is a little high-pitched and her's may have been deeper.

    Can't say I was overly impressed with Patrice last night, but she was better than most and should stay safe.

    Lukas had a chance to set himself up as a frontrunner with "Don't Panic" but didn't quite nail it. Like Newsted says, he has to growl less. (Hmmm. Marty Casey-syndrome?)

    Ryan doing "Jumpin Jack Flash" was good but not spectacular. He need s to bring it a little more. But he has the voice.

    Dana! Wow. What a voice! That girl can wail. Not sure she has the rock and roll attitude to pull it off yet, but it will be fun to listen to her sing as they weed out the fringe singers.

    Toby did a better job with "Somebody Told Me" than I've ever heard the Killers do live. That doesn't say much in my opinion (and I love The Killers) but he just might be the perfect combination of skills to front this band.

    I'm predicting Zayra goes packing tonight.