Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 6

Jenny Rocked Out

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 19, 2006 on CBS

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  • Right elimination this week.

    The jury selection this week was perfect. Jenny seems like a good girl but because of that I can't see her as the lead singer of Supernova, so the choice was right.

    For another week the performances of the elimination show weren't good. In the second week I felted like they get better but I just couldn't stand in front the tv and listen to the singers this week. I hope it gets better because there's no point to see the elimination show is always bad, for that you can go on and just see the last 15 minutes just to see who gets out.

    In conclusion: the person that got eliminated was the right one and the show needs improving.
  • The girl rocked

    Yes Jenny rocked out. She did a grat job, if she could just stick with those typed of performances. However, I am eaily seeing the top 3 right now. If you look at the band and the music that they use to do, it is not that difficult to figure out who would be great for their band. I am not going to throw my two cents out there just yet, for I am a prime example of sticking my foot in my own mouth. This show was good. I am thinking that Brooke needs to go, and they need to fill her spot.
  • What happened to the last five minutes of the show?

    My biggest problem with the elimination shows is that the last five minutes of the show is just not there. I looked up at the clock as the credits were rolling and it said 8:55. The rest of the minutes were consumed by commercials. What is the deal with that? I feel somewhat cheated.

    Getting to the substance of the show, I thought that Magni was a solid choice for the encore. Though you could have given it to the girls who sang "Helter Skelter" and the Cranberries song and no one would complain.

    As for Jenny getting the boot, I would have loved to see the ugly black haired chick get kicked off. I think her name is Zadya. I can't believe that Tommy Lee and the boys booted an attractive woman. Maybe they wanted to prove that they were/are really looking for talent.
  • Dana continues to struggle, so they boot Jenny out.

    Jenny and Dana are both lovely girls who appear to be more comfortable with a softer level of rock. They both seem to understand what the boys want. Dana tries really hard to by a hard rock goddess, but she's stiff and really looks like she's forcing it on stage. In tonight's show, Jenny prooved that she really "gets" the rock stage performance and gives a lesson (that Dana should have been taking notes of) on how to work the stage and really put on a strong performance. But because Dana showed a small degree of improvement, they kicked Jenny out.