Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 12

Jill and Josh Jilted

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Not surprising to see these two go.

    Jill and Josh. Josh and Jill. Gone.

    It was certainly not surprising to see Supernova boot these two at once. Although I felt that Zayra has overstayed her welcome by about, oh, seven weeks, and I think that Supernova could have given her the "hatchet" too, I can live with these two going, buh-bye.

    Jill got more and more annoying as the weeks went by. She went from a confident, rocker chick to a pestering, bubble-gum pop, Ashlee Simpson-esque singer. With her hopping and prancing around stage, it was clear to both the band (and the audience) that she was not cut out to share the stage with Tommy Lee and the boys.

    As for Josh, he always admitted that he was not right for the band. He keep telling the band after he was critiqued, in an almost excuse-like manner, that his voice was more bluesy than they might like. He might as well have written and given the band his pink slip.

    As a final note, this is the first time this season we have seen two contestants perform the encore. Magni was one of those two, but this time, he performed with the house band as opposed to unplugged as he did the previous show.
  • We all saw it coming.

    In season one of "Rock Star" two rockers were eliminated in the same week on two different occasions. So we all have been waiting for a double elimination and tonight it came. Ryan was in the bottom three for the first time, ironically only a week after getting the encore. He did a Depeche Mode tune, which would have been a good lessen for Matt, to see how to rock-out a pop song.

    Jill turned out another average performance and it was no surprise that she was finally shown the door. Josh had repeatedly stated how Supernova should change their style to match his, instead of worrying that his style didn't fit theirs. Another overdue booting.

    Interestingly, this leaves only three contestants who have ever been in the bottom three... Action is building.
  • Was disappointed they dropped 2 rockers. That means 1 less performance next week.

    This show is somewhat different, two people got the encore. 1st was Lukas, his performance was still stunning and awesome. Magni got the second encore, he deserved it, it sounded way better though when it was acoustic. They reveal that 5 people were in the bottom 3 sometime in last nights show. Zayra, Jill, Patrice, Ryan and Josh. Jill was 1st in the bottom 3, she sang RESPECT by Aretha Franklin, she did pretty good on it, one of her best if you ask me. Josh was next in the bottom 3, his performance was good, I liked it but it wasn\'t great. Ryan was the last in the bottom 3, he didn\'t deserve to be there though, Zayra should have been there. Ryan was the 1st to be safe. Well this elimination episode everything comes in 2\'s, 2 encores and 2 eliminations. I think they should have just eliminated 1. I really think Zayra should go.
  • Why havent they done this from the start....?

    well lets start off with why did they start now to put two people out...?

    As for the people that got booted from the show..? will i think josh sang to many soft rock songs, and not enough ball raging performance (please excuse the punt). but he had a realy good voice just a shame he didnt know how to use it, for jill will all i got to say is to little to late, last nights performance was good but her other performances sucked.

    Well im glad to see Lukas is back to his good old self, but getting very worried that he sounds the same week in week out, and when he tryed to mix it up it wasnt that great.

    Zyhra sick of hearing "Zhyra you are safe for another week" come on who the hell is voting for her she doesnt have that much friends does she.....

    finally ryan what the hell was he doing in the bottom three...

    Well until the next rewiew i spot you all later
  • Good encores. Two went home.

    This week was just OK.

    The encores were great. Lukas did another fine job but I thought that Magni's performance was amazing yesterday and just fine today. Obviously the unplugged version was way better for me.

    Now, the bottom three, I really din't like so much any of the songs.

    I was in shock when I realized that Ryan was there, he is truly a good singer and better than some others that didn't get nominated (let's read Zayra on that comment ok?). Yesterday he did a great show, I don't know what happened because Jason's explanation was not enough for me.

    For Jill and Josh (yes, there were double eliminations this week), well they were some of the weakest on the show. Off course I never saw anyone of them with Supernova but I have to say that there were others weeks that DID DESERVE a double elimination and they didn't do it so just for that is that I'm not too happy about it. Just for that.