Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 15

Leader of the Pack?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • Really great show! Loved it!

    Loved it baby! Patrice was first with her original and it was rockin'! I really loved that! Almost more than any of her performances in the past! She can write man! I loved Magni! He does not at all disappoint me! And I love Nirvana! Lukas was very Lukas... he brings nothing new, he always does great, but nothing new. Ryan was rockin'! His songw as great! His performance was great! Awesome! Dilana once again did great! She really is the one to beat right now. Storm stepped it up 1000 notches from last week and showed the world why she is still tehre. Toby was rockin'! Although the shirt part was unecessary. Great week!
  • Week after week, more great performances.

    These performers continue to impress me week after week. Although I personally don't enjoy every performance by each of the contestants, I really belive and appreciate the fact that every single one of them really brings their best to the stage. While they may be criticized by Supernova, you have to give them all a thumbs up.

    Leading the way, yet again, was Ryan Starr. Ryan performed an original song that was fantastic and left each of Dave, Gilby, Tommy and Jason amazed. The secret to Ryan's solid performance--he got laid. Suffice it to say, Tommy approved.

    Magni stepped up his game as well and performed Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" exceptionally well. And unlike Supernova, I did like Toby's rendition of "Layla." He really cranked up the volume and speed of this classic song and made it his own. The only problem that I had with the show was Tommy's comment to Magni about not playing the guitar during his performance. Tommy told Magni that he could start out with it and then ditch it. My problem is that, week after week, Supernova knocks the contestants when they DO play with the guitar because they say that it weighs them down and keeps them in one place. Come on, guys, how do you really feel?

    My pick as to who should go, Lukas--the guy does not sound good and he continued to sing with his back to the audience, for which he has been criticized before. My pick as to who will go, Patrice. Although she certainly picked up her lackluster performances of weeks' past and I did enjoy her original song, as Tommy said, the song was too light for Supernova. Moreover, she's been in the bottom three too often. It is her time to go.
  • Another good show of singers who can really sing, and getting some good drama and conflict in there as well.

    This week had some great performances and some good performances. Great performances included Magni, Ryan, Dilana and Toby. The rest of the performers had a good night. I'm left wondering what the boys of Supernova see in Lukas. The guy sounds like someone hit him in the throat with a baseball bat. Seems to be a lot of votes for Lukas based soley on the fact that he is a Canadian. As a Canadian myself, I would not vote for him. The ego clash between him and Tommy would be interesting to see nonetheless. Anyone planning to check this episode out at a later date should definitely check out Ryan's original song. It was great and the best performance from him by a mile. Hopefully he'll get either the encore or the Supernova song during the results show. This show continues to impress and really puts the Idol franchise to shame, as watching seasoned professionals do their thing compared to amateurs really puts things in perspective.
    The weekly recap is great as well as it is being shown how the tension between certain people (i.e. Dilana and Lukas) is really bulding up as the end nears.
  • Nice week...

    Well, another week another show... In general was a good week, nice performances were done.

    My picks for the night: Dilana, Ryan and Magni.

    Ryan's original was amazing! Although I didn't like too much the lyrics the song as a whole and his performance were really really good. He showed us like he is and it was nice to see it.

    Dilana. Not her best performance for me but a good one, one of the bests of the night for my taste.

    What about Magni's "Smells like teen spirit"? Well, for me, there is no doubt that Kurt Cobain is one only and no one could replace him but I liked how he sang it.

    I didn't like Lukas' song... maybe because I don't like that song that much in the first place... maybe because for me he showed again the same thing he keeps doing week after week... nothing new in his performance and I'm not liking it that much now.

    Storm take a big risk with her song, Steven Tyler's voice is so different and although she didn't make a bad job with the song I kept listening in my mind Steven's voice so I couldn't do anymore than compare them and, off course, Steven was the winner.

    Toby's arrangement wasn't good but his performance swept away that thought of my mind.

    Definitely didn't like Patrice's song.

    That's for the performance show, let's see who doesn't make the cut.

    P.S.: I LOVED the dog!