Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 22

Lukas Leads the Band

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • What we expected from the beginning!

    Watching Rock Star from the beginning you knew that it was going to come down to Lukas and Dilana, we just had to watch weeks of weeding through the crap. Once we got rid of the crap and we got down to the final 6 the show was great. We all wish Ryan had made it farther, but why delay the inevitable. They knew they werent going to pick him. Toby was my fave the whole time. I did like Lukas. And I did at one time like Dilana. Her comments angered me, but what angered me more was the way the "band" kissed her ass through it all. Never holding her accountable for breaking a glass and hitting Magni in the head. Never addressing that she is a spoiled little brat. It was just Oh, well you make mistakes, we make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. But no one else on the show made those mistakes. Why couldnt they at least acknowledge that that original song of hers was crap. And her version of Cheap Tricks "I want you to want me" made me want to vomit. Sorry this has turned into a venting about Dilana session, but all those things are why I am glad she didnt win. Go Lukas! He really did look and sound good with the band, when all was said and done. I am curious to see/hear how his voice sounds on a studio recording. All in all, Great Show, loved it and am looking forward to the all girl season next summer :)
  • Deception for me at the end...

    Well I have to say that I\'m kind of dissapointed with the results. Not because I think that Lukas didn\'t deserve it. He is a great singer. It\'s because after all I don\'t see who they will say that they hadn\'t chose him long ago.

    First, what some of the contestants that went home told. Then the article published a while a go. Finally, the interview Lukas did.

    ... oh... and I won\'t also forget how much they kept telling us that the final show will be a LIVE one but it wasn\'t!!!

    So, it was a good season: amazing Rockers, excellent performances. Just that at the end it dissapointed me which wouldn\'t happend if they just have told me since day one just to relax and enjoy the show not to think that the fans will have something to say about the winner.
  • Supernova picks their lead singer.

    On one hand, I can see why Lukas was picked. He'll be overshadowed by the band. The man has NO talent, NO songwriting ability. If he really did, then he would NOT have sung that damn "Headspin" 3 times in 2 weeks.

    My wife and I are still Dilana fans. Yes, we were upset that she made those comments about everybody. But, I was upset more when she took them back. She should've kept on going. What she said wasn't that bad in the end.

    Anyway, Dilana is the better singer. BUT, if she would\'ve gotten the job, she would've been caught up in this legal stuff going on right now with the band. I look forward to Dilana's solo career. She doesn't need Supernova. Dilana is (for lack of a better metaphor), the Clay Aiken to Lukas's Ruben Studdard. Lukas will be a flash in the pan, here today and gone tomorrow. Dilana will be around for a long time due to her original sound.
  • Why?

    Ok so ngiht starts off with like a dozen videos which was kind off annoying, but it brought back some funny moments. Magni and Toby are in the bottom 2 and they have to fight to stay on. Magni plays Fire by Jimmy Hendrix which was way cool! I totally love that song! Toby did White Wedding and it was cool too! But Magni had to go home for some reason! Lukas did Bittersweet symphony by the verve and it was alright. Dilana di dzombie and it was rockin\\\'. Toby did Somebody told me which was disappointing. Toby went first. And tehy reveal Lukas wins and he performs a first song with supernova and the second song, Magni comes in and plays guitar. Magni should have woN!
  • This band needs him alot more than he needs them. However, they will definitely help him get the exposure he has been needing to start off his own superstar career!! God bless you, Lukas!!!

    Show ended as I believed it would and wanted it to. Lukas is an awesome original talent that people that followed the show have not even seen what he is capable of and will be showing everyone exactly why he was picked.This band needs him alot more than he needs them. However, they will definitely help him get the exposure he has been needing to start off his own superstar career!! Alot of people would buy Lukas's music with or without this band. I believe his songwriting ability is what put Lukas over the top. God bless you, Lukas!!! And remain humble, bro!!!
  • Well, the expected happened.

    Let me first note that I am very much Anti-Lukas, so if you are pro-Lukas, please do not continue reading. Did anyone who has been following "Rock Star: Supernova" this summer actually expect anyone BUT Lukas to win this contest? If you did, you must not have been reading the news. A few weeks ago, it was rumored that Lukas was pre-ordained to be the lead singer for Supernova (soon to be changed to something else following a September 13, 2006 decision by the U.S. District Court in San Diego, California). Now that he has been officially named as the winner of "Rock Star: Supernova", does the following interview sound fishy at all? Um, yeah.

    I cut and paste this from a report on "Lukas did last night with, he says, 'I wasn’t going to walk away from this without being the singer, man.' That prompts the interviewer to ask, 'So you knew going into it that you were going to emerge the victor?' Lukas clarified his remark, saying, 'Well, yes and no. If the band chose somebody besides myself because it would have made the band what they wanted for their vision then I would step back and respect that. But, you know, I’m standing here now and obviously I was the right person for the job.'"

    That said, the whole show, though I thoroughly enjoyed it, was a shame. I will not be buying the band's CD, though I will be buying Ryan Star's "Dark Horse." Good night.
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