Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 16

Patrice Sent Packing

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 23, 2006 on CBS

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  • well, what to say about this show, the rockers had a great thing, when they got to play with supernova....and toby was thought to be the best not really sure about that, but hey he did rock the house...

    the bottom three, yeah it was quite surprising to see magni down in the bottom three again, but who knows maybe there is a reason aye, is he sounding bad to the rest of the world, i thought he does alright, as for toby i think he is next to leave, not because he is a bad singer or perfomer, but because storm is better looking, but it will be intersting to see who will be in the next bottom three, personily for me it will have to be storm, toby and dilana, only because what they showed 2nite, she.....

    god ryan is the Dark horse aye, he seems to be turning up evey week and i dont think he will be in the bottom three, and that is the same as Lukas even though i havent really been enjoyiong his performance, even though i am a fan of him, maybe it is because he turns his back to us when he performance or is it that he is sounding the same week in and week out, would i pay to watch him in a concert, yeah if supernova behind him....
  • They exaggerated Dilana's comments.

    I mean! How could they do that? My thought! Supernova does not want Dilana to front their band but she is really amazing. And they know the only way to bring down her votes is if they ruin her. They obviously want to make Ryan look like the good guy. They probably want him to lead. But they know, if the fans don't hate Dilana enough they would care if she didn't win. So they ruin her. So by the time Supernova picks, everyone woudn't care about that person that Rockstar destroyed. Just my theory. It could all bve true as well. The sad thing is Patrice was sent home and this week was one of her best. It was just her time. Magni bottom 3 again? Come on! Toby wasn't a surprise, even if his performance was great, he was still somewhere down there.
  • The Classification of Painful to Watch is based not on quality of music or performances but on the manipulation of video clips by editors/producers to create a new supervillan. Our lovely little crazyhaired crazyeyed Dilana.

    On a night that had Magni rock the house with a Jimmy Hendrix tune (Fire), Toby "rocking" with Supernova then getting put in the bottom three and Patrice getting the boot, the night was overshadowed by the villanous protrayal of Dilana. In an obvious sign that Dilana may have been running away with the contest, the producers of the show decided to edit all video clips to show everything negative that came out of Dilana's mouth. Now, needless to say that the girl may have a strong attitude and may rub people the wrong way, but this was blatant. She is not the only person in that house being negative or pissing people off but when they only show clips of Dilana saying the wrong thing it is a sign that they needed to knock her down a few pegs. Watching her deflate as everyone booed her comments and seeing her trying to explain herself was hard to stomach. She obviously had more to say about the situation but she was definitely being ganged up on. I did not think she was evil. I felt sorry for her.

    Patrice getting the boot just felt right to end the night. She did not belong as lead singer of Supernova. So that ended the night on the right foot. But with the really good performances being overshadowed by the editing, this show ranks a little lower than usual. See the forums to discuss this issue further.
  • A solid show, but it was missing something.

    This elimination episode was solid and I'm glad that Patrice got the boot, but I felt as though the show was missing something. What was it? Oh yeah, there was NO encore? What's up with that? I would have loved to hear Ryan perform his original song again. I also would have like to see Magni's performance again, this time with a guitar that he smashed on stage. I guess I'll just have to log on to the official "Rock Star" website and rewatch these performances. As for the bottom three--Patrice, Magni and Toby? This was the fourth time that Patrice was here and this was no surprise. Toby--no surprise either. But, Magni for the second week in a row? Very surprising. Patrice was the right choice to make--the band has made it clear that she had to step up. But, her elimination poses an interesting question--will the other contestants now shy away from performaning an original song because they'll fear that if Supernova doesn't approve, that they'll be cut?

    I thought Supernova's song was pretty cheesy. It certainly wasn't hard, heavy or deep. The chorus was rather cliched, as the name of the song stated. On a final note, why does the elimination show always end at 8:54 pm or 8:55 pm? Why can't those other five or six minutes be filled with more behind the scenes drama? I don't expect an answer, but I had to vent.
  • One of the best elimination shows so far...

    It was different. For start the three bottom performances were amazing. The 3 make a great job and showed us how good they are. Unfortunately someone has to go and let's face it, Patrice was the weakest, so it was her turn. There was no way that she will be staying with Toby and Magni standing right there with her.

    All the drama! OMG! I have to say that I didn't see it coming... not from this show anyways... They showed us some side of Dilana that wasn't seen before... maybe this will get to her next week in the votings, maybe it won't! We'll just have to wait and see.

    But besides it, it made this episode a different one too and I have to say that I was LOL while seen it.

    Supernova's song.... hmmmm... I just didn't like it too much... so far no good...

    Encore???? where was it???? I missed it!!! too much drama = no time for encore and that wasn't so good to me. Yesterday were a couple of performances that deserved to be repeated today...

    What will happen next week?? With just 6 still on the road it will be a very interesting elimination show...
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