Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 8

Phil Broken-Hearted

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 26, 2006 on CBS

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  • The worst performance is kept in the game, again.

    Once again elimination comes around. Zayra, who seems to get worse with every passing week, is in the bottom three again, and deservedly so. Phil Richie (who is not related to Nicole Richie, as far as I know) also performs and does a credible job. In the clips it was made to appear that the only thing Supernova was worried about was whether Phil could sing without his head wobbling.

    Although clearly one of the second tier contestants, Phil was okay. Zayra, who shouldn’t even be holding the mike-stand of the singers who have already been eliminated, did very bad. Patrice also sang and did well.

    Naturally, everyone assumed that Supernova would end the joke and send the Latin Laughingstock back to wherever she came from. Instead they eliminated Phil.
  • What is Supernova thinking???

    Everything in this week's elimination show was just wrong for me. It started bad for may taste because I didn't like any of the three performances. Then it got a worst turn when Supernova told us they decision. What they were thinking in that moment? How can we believe that they know what kind of music they are doing?

    At the end I think Zayra is staying just for her looks, nothing more in my opinion... And how can I take seriously this show if the same group members seems like they are not doing it?

    Hopefully at the end the decision will not backfire on them... but is very probable that it will...
  • The wrong person went home again.

    Do Tommy, Gilby and Jason understand that they are trying to weed out those that could potentially the band and those that could not? I really don't think so.

    After telling Zayra the night before that she should start a solo career, she comes back with a solid performance this episode, but how many times can they criticize her, yet keep her? The girl has got to go. Guys, just let her leave and do her own thing--you KNOW that you will not pick her for your band.

    It was much too early for Phil to go. Yes, he had a "bobble head" problem, but this and his stage performance are issues that he could fix. In my eyes, he was not given a fair chance to recover from his mistakes, something which they've given Zayra 4 weeks to do and she is still travelling down the same road.

  • Does Supernova know what they want? Do they know what people will listen to/watch? Most they care?

    In my opinion, a lot of this has been a joke. The fact that Phil and even Chris have gone home and Zayra is still there is beyond unbelievable. They sent Chris home mostly because they couldn't "ignore the fact that [he's] been in the bottom three two weeks in a row." Besides the fact that (also proclaimed by the band) it was his best performance, I don't believe ANY of Zayra performances have shown that she could lead Supernova, much less her "redemption performance(s)". And now she's been in the bottom three twice and "flirting" with it every week. This week, Gilby himself said it, "We're having a hard time imagining you in our band". I have never been able to imagine her in the band and I believe a big part of being the lead singer would be to actually fit into the band. So, they send home Phil for his stage performance (something he can fix) and "commitment issues" (something that I believe he had and could prove it) instead of Zayra, who has shown no interest in even pretending to want to fit into the band. She has been doing whatever she wanted and arguing with the band about whether she's good or can front the band. The rockers were shocked, even Zayra was shocked that Phil get hatcheted...and Tommy didn't look too thrilled about the whole thing. I'm just debating on whether I want to continue the torture of watching the band throw away talent because of a spastic sex kitten and her accent.