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  • A band searches for a new lead singer.

    I absolutly love this show. I think that it is a lot better than American Idol. I think that I like Rockstar better because it is a band already and they are searching for a new front band vs. American Idol where they are hoping that they could find the next big pop star. I really like that the band has the chance to put their input on all of the preformers preformances because they are the ones that needs to be impressed by the preformers. I like that we are able to vote for who we think need to go but i like that the band chooses who goes home. I think that Dave Navarro and Brooke Burke do a wonderful job with hosting the show.
  • Steaming pile!

    Terrible. It must be all about the paycheck for the judges. They know more than anyone it\'s not all about a singer. This is just karaoke with a live band (though the house band does rock). Successful rock bands sweat and bleed to make it to the big time. They write music, play their instruments, and continually hone their craft and even then, they may never get further than their own garage. It\'s the select few who are able to pack in the bars and clubs until they attract attention of the record executives. This show is just American Idol all over again. At least with AI, we know it\'s pop music and pop singers never write their own stuff anyway! Most pop singers are good-looking and have just enough vocal talent that a record label will sign them, THEN pay real talented musicians and songwriters to help put together an album. Most rock fans hate AI since pop doesn\'t have the heart and soul rock does. Rock Star is an insult to how real rock stars become what they are. By the way, Supernova\'s songs are complete crap too.
  • concern on where this show is going

    i just cant see why zyhra is still in this comp....i thought she would have been out weeks ago, yet they vote off the youngest player in the game (granted i dont think she would have won the comptetion) that has an alright voice...but zyhra didnt even make the bottom three this week, which has me thinking IS THIS SEASON FIXED????

    i sure hope not i love rock it is better veiwing then any american idiol show....
  • After seeing Ryan getting the boot,in reality he was the only one with any talent,your band should be called "The New 3 Stoodges" You three are either doing some bad drugs or are going blind! and deaf!!!!!

    These 3 idiots think that by being weird and burnt out that they have talent,but the truth is,they are 3 over the hill burnouts that would'ent know talent if it smacked them in the face,the only reason they got rid of Ryan is because he was stepping on there toes,in other words they are jealous and wish they could sing like him,all i have to say is good luck with the wacko that likes to break glass on peoples heads and the other bum from T.O. that sings like he is frankenstine from some other planet that is what his voice sounds like.I for one and i know of others that you 3 are looking for a person lower than yourselves just so you can use them as a doormat,if i were the others i would leave the show and set out on my own and leave you three losers where you belong,working at the dump sorting pop bottles Larry
  • Okay, so I have to admit, I do love these singing shows, just because of the music, but tonight.... I have my favorite all picked out finally!

    So after watching all of them perform (I do have some respect for all of them for actually having the gumption to get up there and sing in front of everyone, Yikes!) I really have chosen one person who stands out as perfect for the band! Well, that is if they want me to buy the CD! ;)

    I just loved Ryan's song tonight, well what I could understand of it, I had it a bit too loud... He has been doing so well lately, and I think he would be awesome for the band. I do still love my Magni (sp?) though, he definately would also do an awesome job, I just hate him having to travel and miss time from his babies life! :(

    So there you have my two cents... even though I watch the singers each week, I still find myself going okay... that could've been so much better than that!
  • The new band "Supernova" is looking for a new lead singer.

    This is a good show for the most part. I like the fact that the singers are from all over the world and not just the USA. But there are so many problems!!!! First, the name "Supernova" is already being used by another band. I mean come on, think of something original for goodness sake. This abnd is bringing together 3 of the most famous musical talents alive. Most of the performences are good but why is Dave Navero sitting up there anyways. He's not part of the band yet he gives most of the critics. Sure he's hot and i enjoy looking at him but shouldn't the band members be giving the majority of the feedback.
  • Rockstar: Supernova is an excellent reality show featuring people from all over the world being judged by the best in the business.

    Rockstar: Supernova is a Mark Burnett production and it is on it\'s second season. Hosted by no other than Brooke Burke. Rockstar: Supernova is an excellent reality show where there are 15 rockers competing to be the lead singer of the band \"Supernova\". All 15 rockers are living in a house together, leaving their friends and families behind. Every week
    the rockers choose a song to sing live, in front of millions all over the world. Some rockers choose to sing the song as it is, but some get creative and make it their own. Every week people all over the world are asked to vote for his or her favorites. The following episode will feature the results of the performances the night before. The bottom three will perform and the judges choose one to go home. The judges are made up of the members of Supernova (Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke and Jason Newsted) and Dave Navarro.
  • I believe that they keep Sayra for entertainment value, she totally sucks!!!!

    How can a heavy metal group settle for 80's type singers!!

    The gals gotta go, Patrice sucks, The wild child, is a poser, the other blond and jill need to be back up singers for Britney or Courtney come back days......ugh!

    the only one I think that can pull it of is Toby!!!!!!!

    With a little more raunchy skill he can pull it off.

  • Definately not what I had expected.

    This show is ok. I am a heavy metal rocker and have been rockin out with Tommy and Jason\'s bands for years. I don\'t feel this show is doing the bands\' members justice. None of the music is close to what the members are known for.
    My biggest problem with the show is this: when one of the performers sings a cheesy song, the band tells them they are dissappointed in the song selection and that they want to see them rock like they are in a heavy rock band. Did they ever think that if they provided them with more rockin songs they could sing them. The show picks the songs that they have to choose from. If they want them to rock out then give them some rockin toons.
  • Certainly an entertaining summer replacement.

    Simply put, "Rockstar" is a much cooler version of "American Idol." Here we have people singing (and actually playing instruements) "cool" songs and not that old, recycled crap that they have to sing on American Idol. The producers who pick the 15 not only spare us from having to sit through weeks and weeks of painful auditions, but also do a fantastic job of selecting the finalists. Every single one of them has talent and has their own style.

    My only problem with the show, and it may not even be a problem as I may be fishing here, is that all of the judges (Dave Navarro and the guys consisting of the band--INXS or Supernova) all seem very kind, even when someone's performance was subpar. Now, I'm not looking for a mean for no reason Simon Cowell impersonator. I'm just looking to hear some good criticism that can really help the individuals improve on their performances.

    I only caught a few episodes of the first season here and there, but I do believe that the blonde guy, Marty got rippped off. Now that the second season has begun, I vow to be entertained all summer long and enjoy the talented artists each week.
  • more reality trash

    i am so sick of reality television. and these "talent" shows are some of the worst. okay so inxs has a new frontman. has anyone heard any new material on the radio? i sure as hell haven't. and the latest version, you have got to be kidding me. who wants to see tommy lee do anything? he's washed up! i just wish networks would quit putting crap like this on tv.
  • Excellent singing!

    This show really shows the difference between the singers on Idol and real singers. The guys on this show would not get caught dead on a show like Idol. Rock Star seemed to start off like a cheesy show, but as I got into watching it I found that the group of people that were on the show were very talented, not just with singing but putting the pieces together in their own vibe. True I didn't want JD to win, but as I look back on the show he was good for that band. I was a fan of Marty, and if they were doing Rock Star Nirvana, then I believe Marty would have won that one over.
  • Caught this show by chance while browsing the tv channels and will continue watching it even during my busiest times!

    Marty or J.D. are both talented singers and whoever gets to be the lead singer, INXS won't lose but I guess INXS chosed J.D. Secretly, I was hoping so, was surprised at first. Really thought that Marty would take that place. J.D. looks good in their video clip called "Pretty Vegas" and even a 11 year old loves it, a once "Linkin Park" fan is now an INXS fan and that's my daughter and her friends...Personally, INXS has made a choice that would suit thier preferences and they have done well! It's their band and their choice of a lead singer, Marty is great but J.D. is whom they want and I think J.D. has a rugged and hot looks of a rock band ;-)
  • Migs Ayesa is the greatest rockstar ever! too bad for the INXS because they had picked the biggest regret of their career...too bad, no one in asia would listen to them anymore...marty is good too, but INXS, Why chose J.D? your music is better of with Mar

    dude, think of all the tears that girls all over the world would shed, all the ladies out there would surely love to hear Migs sing, and guys would be proud of themselves that men are worth crying for...he's a great performer, lot's of acts and ideas up on his sleeves, and he is well known as a good musician...Marty is good too, reminds me of incubus meets queen....
  • It was good, but..

    I likes the show very much.. A bunch of great singers fighting over songs to sing for their chance to show INXS how great they are and why they should be lead singer.. Befor i saw this show i did'nt know who INXS was, but then i found out they were born in my home town :S.. Anywho i love the show, but i dont think JD should have won.. I mean he is a great singer and all, (Just like Marty) but he is sleazy..
  • This show is about the band INXS searching for a new lead singer.

    I was not aware of who INXS was before this show, and I'm still not to sure now. But, while I wasn't a fan of the band I decided to check it out anyways. I fell in love. Not with the band, but with all of the talented singers that were competing. I mean, these people were really good. I watched and voted every week, not for INXS, but because I enjoyed the watching the performances. Rock on!
  • In this reality series, 15 singers attend rockstar clinics and perform live with a full band for a chance to become the new lead singer of INXS.

    This show rocks! Rockstar INXS is not your typical reality show, and it certainly kicks the butt of American Idol. Rockstar features some awesome performances of killer rock songs with an amazing live band. I can't wait to tune in every week, and I'm dying to find out who wins.
  • Whether you know or like the music of INXS, you'll be able to appreciate this show.

    Take American Idol, remove the cheese, add expert "judges" who actually have something to say, and stock the contestant pool with people who have singing and performance chops beyond amateur talent show level, and you have Rockstar: INXS. Aside from the typical Mark Burnett editing of the reality show portion of the show, this program demonstrates how a TV talent competition should be conducted.

    It also doesn't hurt that the peformers sing the greatest rock and roll hits ever written, and the house band is killer. This was the best show of the summer of 2005.
  • Trees and where did the girls go?

    In the end there will be an all boy cast. What a clssic battle to the end. All of the remaining performances were great. They really finshed the voting with a bang. We got to hear Mig prove himself. They have made this into a real contest and now I cannot wait to see how it finishes. Great job!!
  • I have watched this show from the very start and I am so sorry that I did now..

    I have watched this show from the very start and I am so sorry that I did now. I will not be watching the final episode and I am very disappointed at this time. I will not buy any of the music from now on. I know I am just one person but I think it was a bad choice tonight.
  • As far as reality shows go this one isn't too bad.

    Ever since American Idol all of the large networks have incorporated some sort of talent based reality show into their lineups. Rock Star: INXS seems to be a little bit of a cut above the rest of them because the contestants and judges seem to care a little bit more about being real. That is with the exception of Brooke Burke who, though beautiful, really doesn't belong. Also, the prize is quite clever, placing the winner in the band INXS. The covers that the contestants perform every week are actually quite well done, with and outstanding House Band providing the instrumentals. Though it may not be my kind of music and I may not like INXS, this show is much better than its colleagues.
  • A fantastic show. And good music too.

    Rock Star INXS is a great show. Just about all of the contestants that made it onto this show are better than the finalists on American Idol. If I had my own record lable, I would jump at the chance to sign the poeple that get eliminated, because they are are tallented performers and almost all of them seem like genuinely nice people.

    I look forward to hearing what INXS does with their new singer. And I suspect that a number of the "losers" will be quite successful as well.
  • Genius! Totally awesome! Whoever thought this one up should get a big fat bonus!

    At last....a reality show based in reality! This is great TV....the singers can actually sing (not to indulge in IDOL gossip), but the back up band are stars in their own right and INXS is actually interested in finding the right replacement for their group..and not just there to sell a few extra tickets! Now that the game is down to the final 6, each one could be a rock star in his/her own right...1 winner....nope....they all are winners on this show!
  • This SHow is fantastic, all the Rockers put ever other aspiring reality singer to shame.

    The Fantastic contestents, give an amazing show every tuesday night, wiht big surprises and an occational flop. Yet this show is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. I absolutly love Rockstar!
    I hope there is a second season with a different band. Good Luck to all the Rockers and to INXS who i'm sure will have a Huge Comeback!
  • Wow!

    I never started out intending to watch this show, it just seems that it always came on after another show I was watching. At first, I thought it was simply an American Idol ripoff and I didn't think an all rock show contest would work. I was quickly proven wrong. The performers are stellar, the host is fantastic, and Dave Navarro's commentary make this the coolest, most cutting edge show of the summer. Hats off to INXS for taking a chance on this venture and pulling it off with hard-rocking, classic style!
  • The show has some good tunes and an amazing host. What else could you ask for?

    First of all, Brooke Burke is a better host than Ryan Seacrest of American Idol. Besides looks, Brooke has greater hosting talent than Ryan Seacrest because she speaks fast and meticulously. In addition to hosting talent, the show has some good tunes that have been left in the past but were rejuvenated by the contestants. Though the hosting/singing is good, the judging is not as strict as American Idol, at all. The judges try to keep a positive atmosphere which keeps the show alive. It seems kind of odd that the contestants on this show seem more supportive of each other than American Idol, but that's what makes this show good.
  • The guiltiest of guilty pleasures.

    First off, I have to say that INXS was a fun 80\'s pop rock band. They weren\'t amazing, but they did have their moments. I think their song \"Don\'t Change\" is one of the best rock songs of the 80\'s and their album \"Kick\" is also one of the best 80\'s rock albums. After saying all that, I feel that the outcome of this show will probably ruin the band. The band was all ready going down hill in the 90\'s thanks to their ego\'s (their last good album was \"X\"). However, they are talented musicians and made some really great rock/dance tunes. My personal opinion is that really nobody can sing their songs like Michael and that whoever they choose as their next frontman/woman will destroy the band. I\'m not expecting the best.

    But wait! I do have some good things to say! This show is great! It\'s so much better than American Idol, mainly because the contestants sing much better music and are not fake on stage. Well, except for J.D. who, in my opinion, is a complete douche. This show is a complete guilty pleasure. It\'s not trend setting, ground breaking, or a masterpiece of anykind. It\'s just great fun and it\'s too bad it\'s one of those shows you can only do once. Unless the Ramones want to try to find a new lead singer... nah, that won\'t happen.
  • Select a female and male singer for the band. They will compliment ea other and bring a dynamic that is incredible, subtle and sexy on so many fronts.

    I\'ve always found that diverification in a band is the best. More than one good singer adds dimension to the band and gives the audience more enjoyable song experiences. Namley the songs do not all sound the same. You have so many great talents trying out for your band, its hard to decide who\'s best, what an opportunity to do someting differnt. I think that the female genre adds a certain something and ditto for the man. When you mix both, you have diversification. The right mix the dynmaics could be incredible. Thanks for listening. Ron
  • Jawesomely Magnificent!! Best thing on T.V. EVER!!

    It is by far the best show on television right now. I wasn\'t too excited about it when I first started to see the commercials announcing it, but I watched it and I fell in love.

    I\'m convinced that the final five will be Jordis, JD, TY, MiG, and Marty. After that I think either JD or TY will fall out followed right by the other (which is a shame, because JD is super sexy), but neither of them have had a perfect run. TY has had performances where it seemed like a one man show and JD killed \"We are the champions.\"

    After that I think it will be a tough decision for INXS, but as great as Jordis is I hope a girl doesn\'t win the competition. INXS is a very male band, so that leaves MiG and Marty.

    Their style is 100% different, so it will be hard, but either would be a nice addition to the band. And no matter which one wins, I hope the other releases an album, because the first hour of the first day that the album is out...I will own it. (same goes for the new INXS album)
  • dis is da kewlest talent show on earth!!! a million timz better dan american da rockerz r fabbbb!!!! rokin,....!!mind blowing!!!!! n dave navarroz da hottest roker around man!!!!!!!!!! every week dey have so many kewl new songs n dey all sing 'e

    dis is da kewlest talent show on earth!!! a million timz better dan american idol...wel kinda diff 2 coz da person chozn is gona b fronting inxs... al da rockerz r fabbbb!!!! rokin,....!!mind blowing!!!!! n dave navarroz da hottest roker around man!!!!!!!!!! every week dey have so many kewl new songs n dey all sing \'em like soooooooo well!!! i think jordis unga shud b chozn....her voice is just indescribable... i think jdz reely kewl wid his own arrangmntz n stuf...n tyz voice iz so soulful!!! even deanna is perfect roker material!!im sooooooooo addicted 2 dis show!!!!!
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