Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 18

Ryan Rocked Out

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 30, 2006 on CBS

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  • WHAT THE HELL!!!!!

    yeah this show was quite good, very much a surprise that Ryan "the dark horse" starr was given the flick, he has been one of the stand outs in this competition, in recent weeks, always trying to enhance his performance, by taking risk, it was just a shame tommy hawk, didnt tell us a reason for him getting the flick instead of storm, is it because she is a good looking girl, that can half sing and performe...ill leave that up to them to let us know...

    Well to me it was no surprise storm and dilana where, also in the bottom three, both of them were quite stink, singing for their life so to speak in this competition, and i thought i have seen better from Dilana...

    Toby got the encore wat the hell, how did he get it i thought he did alright on performance night, but he was not the should have been ryan, magni or lukas with the encore...

    as for who was singing with the band, all that have been up there to sing with the band, have all done very good, lukas was no exception, he had a great vibe with the band and nailed it with tthe band.....

    next to go storm......
  • Are you kidding me?!

    Well, as a prognosticator, I have failed miserably. Just when it seemed like Ryan Star was starting to heat up and show us what kind of rocker he really was, he got the dreadful Tommy Hawk. I was just as shocked as the other contestants when Tommy gave him the news. And to think that I was purchasing my tickets for their New Year's Eve Show at that moment to see Supernova with their new, hopeful frontman, Ryan Starr. Well, guys, I'm going to have to rethink my plans that evening. As for the performances, Ryan and Lukas each brought their "A" game. Lukas opened the show with an orignial Supernova track called, "It's On." The amazing thing was that Lukas sang the song without turning his back to the audience (for very long) and he really seemed to vibe with the band. Ryan sung The Who's, "Baba O'Riley." Yes, this songs been sung before (maybe even twice before), but he put his own spin on it and performed excellently. He had his own moves on stage and really made the song his own.

    As for Storm and Dilana, it seemed as though they thought that they didn't belong in the bottom three. Their performances reflected this attitude as none of them shined up on stage.

    Ryan, sorry to see you go, man. Good luck. I'll be looking for you on the charts.
  • Oh man...

    Show starts off with Lukas performing with Supernova, the performance was good. Toby got the encore with Rebel Yell and thi sis the first time this season that someone when to the back! Too bad no more groupies! Bottom three at the en dof last nights show was Storm, Lukas and Ryan. But as usual there were more that landed in there, Toby one of them and surprise surprise Dilana. Dave makes a comment about Magni not standing up. Ryan performs an excelent The Who's song. Storm gets the Beetles Helter Skelter and it was rockin'! Dilana gets Psycho Killer and it was awesome! Sadly someone had to go, Storm for me but sadly it was Ryan! Boohoo!