Rock Star - Season 1

Monday 9:00 PM on CBS Premiered Jul 11, 2005 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • J.D.’S With the Band
    In this shocking Season Finale, MiG sings “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Jason Benison. Impersonates Mick Jagger on the classic “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” Marty sings “Wish You Were Here.” INXS decides to eliminate their fellow countryman. Marty leads with the INXS song “Don’t Change.” Jason Benison draggles with “What You Need.” then INXS reluctantly decides to take Jason Benison on their world tourmoreless
  • Three’s a Crowd
    Three's a Crowd
    Episode 31
    MiG, Marty and Jason write songs with Andrew Farriss.
  • Suzie’s INXS Dreams Shattered
    Elimination show week ten.
    Out of the remaining four Marty is the only singer with immunity. The viewers picked Marty to do the encore and J.D. is selected to be the warm up gag. The bottom three singers do well on the INXS songs. INXS decides to send Suzie home.
  • Down To The Wire
    Down To The Wire
    Episode 29
    performance show week ten
    After a recap of the reality show, Suzie sings "Interstate Love Song" from The Stone Temple Pilots and "What's Up" from 4 Non Blondes. J.D. sings his prewriten "Pretty Vegas." and "Money" from Pink Floyd. Marty sings his song "Trees," and "Creep" by Radiohead. MiG performs The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black"and "Kiss from a Rose." from Seal.moreless
  • The Final Four
    The Final Four
    Episode 28
    reality show week ten:
    Only when Suzie mentions it does everyone else realize that MiG has never sang an INXS song. This weeks clinic is a one-on-one interview with INXS. They find out they get to sing two songs this week. J.D. and Marty get to sing their original songs.
  • Jordis Has Left The Building
    Elimination show week nine
    J.D. does an encore of his original as voted on by the viewers this week, then all the singers sing an original INXS song. J.D. also makes the bottom three with Jordis and Suzie. After their performances Tim Farriss tells Jordis that she is “Just not right for our band”.moreless
  • Battle of the Originals
    performance show week eight
    The five contestants get to perform original songs and songs picked by the viewers. J.D. starts the show with an improved version of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” Dave loves his songs. Suzie and Jordis do well on their songs. For MiG’s original he does a ballad that’s quite slow. Then Marty brings the house down with his original song “Trees”. The early vote returns show Marty in the lead followed by Suzie, J.D., MiG, and then Jordis.moreless
  • And Then There Were Five
    reality show week nine
    The contestants are saddened by Ty’s departure especially Jordis. The clinic for this week is a photo shoot some do better than others posing for the camera. Later that evening, they find out that they get to sing songs that viewers voted for them to perform, the contestants also get to sing original songs.moreless
  • Goodbye, Ty
    Goodbye, Ty
    Episode 24
    Elimination show week eight.
    Suzie gets Picked to do an encore of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and picks Marty to do an encore of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” . The early results from the previous episode had J.D., Ty, and Marty in the bottom, but Marty got more votes as voting continued, and Jordis landed in the bottom. INXS sends Ty home.moreless
  • The Good News and the Bad News
    performance show week eight
    Jordis Makes a come back from the week before by singing “Imagine”. Suzie continues to shine on the song "Bohemian Rhapsody." The former Elvis impersonator, J.D., does his own version of the king‘s “Suspicious Minds”.
  • MiG vs. Suzie, Part Deux
    reality show week eight
    The contestants are given a new INXS song called “Us”, they have a day to practice it, then into the studio with Andrew and John Farriss. Everyone gets the song right except for J.D. who has trouble with the song. Both MiG and Suzie want to sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" from Queen, everyone else gets the songs they want.moreless
  • Deana's Dream Deferred
    elimination show week seven:
    Brooke Burke tells us that only Suzie, was not in the bottom three, during the voting. INXS picks Suzie to sing the encore of Start Me Up . Ty Taylor, Deanna Johnston, and Marty Casey are the bottom three. INXS sends Deanna home.
  • Jordis in Jeopardy
    Jordis in Jeopardy
    Episode 20
    JORDIS IN JEOPARDY? performance show week seven: After a brief recap of the previous show, Suzie starts the performances by singing “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones. J.D. shows his skills as an Elvis impersonator. Deanna and MiG do their original songs, as everyone else Sings classic rock songs Ty gets back round vocals from Suzie, Deanna, and Jordis on his version of “Proud Mary”. Early voting results show Deanna, Ty and Jordis as the bottom three.moreless
  • You Can't Always Get What You Want

    Reality show week seven. Dave Navarro shows up at the mansion while the contestants are getting drunk, and tells them they have to write their own songs to perform. Later they find out that only two of them get to perform their own songs. The other five get to do classic rock songs. Suzi is worried that she'll end up in the bottom three again. MiG gets a surprise for getting to sing the encore .moreless
  • Jessica's Journey Over
    Elimination show week six: In this show we are told that Jordis, Marty and MiG received the top three votes. MiG gets to do the encore of “Baby I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton, with Marty and Jordis doing the backup vocals. Suzi, Jessica, and Deanna are the bottom three. Suzi sings, “By My Side”, Jessica sings, “ Mystify”, and Deanna sings, “Never Tear Us Apart”. Jessica goes home.moreless
  • The Hot Seat
    The Hot Seat
    Episode 17
    J.D. is confronted on stage after tensions continue to rise. Tonight’s acoustic only show features Mig’s rendition of “Baby. I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton, and the Bob Dylan classic “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” as, sung by Jordis
  • J.D. Discord Continues
    J.D. DISCORD CONTINUES reality show week 6 Today’s assignment songwriting clinic, two teams Ty, MiG, Suzie and Deanna on one team and Marty, Jordis, Jessica and J.D. on the other. Ty’s team comes up with a song that has “an Electric Company feel”. On Marty’s team J.D. gets upset. Ty’s team wins because they worked togethermoreless
  • Brandon Bids Adieu
    Brandon Bids Adieu
    Episode 15
    The results of last night's voting is revealed and Brandon, Jessica, and Suzie are in the bottom three. Everyone is shocked when Suzie is in the bottom three. Ty wins the encore with "No Woman No Cry." Marty wins special props from the judges. In INXS songs, Jessica performs "Disappear"; Brandon performs "Don't Lose Your Head" and forgets the lyrics; "Suzie performs "Bitter Tears." Brandon is eliminated from the competitionmoreless
  • The Comeback
    The Comeback
    Episode 14
    THE COMEBACK performance show week five. Suzi sang a J.D. inspired rearrangement of “Losing My Religion,” by R.E.M. Kirk says “That was just a dream.” in reference to the song Suzi sang. Once again, Dave Navarro is upset that anyone sang Nirvana, after Jessica sings, Nirvana‘s “Come As You Are”. Ty does an incredible version of Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry.” Early vote returns are shown with Jessica, Brandon and Deanna with the fewestmoreless
  • J.D.'s Center of the World
    J.D.’S CENTER OF THE WORLD reality show week five. Ty says “I have to think about what' I represent'. You can count on your hand how many people have been able to succeed in rock ‘n roll that are African-American.” The contestants have a clinic on media. J.D. says "kill 'em with kindness"moreless
  • Three Strikes & Tara's Out
    elimination show week four. Jordis gets to do an encore performance. Brandon, Ty , and Tara are the bottom three. Brandon sings, “Devil Inside”, Tara sings, “Beautiful Girl” and Ty sings “Kick”. Tara goes home
  • Down to Ten
    Down to Ten
    Episode 11
    performance show week four. MiG who, starred in the West End production of the Queen musical, sings “We will Rock You”, and warms up the crowd. Jordis sings “The Man Who Sold The World“, Dave Navarro calls it ,"the best vocal performance ever". J.D does an imitation of Joe Cocker.
  • J.D.’S Dastardly Deeds Continue
    reality show week four
    The potential rock stars are devastated by the double elimination. The ten remaining contestants are given a vocal clinic that exposes Brandon and Deanna’s weaknesses. J.D. misleads Suzy so he can get the song he wants.
  • Double Whammy Daphna & Heather Gone
    elimination show week three
    Marty does the encore performance of Nirvana's "Lithium". In spite of J.D.'s horrible performance he doesn’t face elimination. The bottom three are Jessica, Heather and Daphna. Daphna sings, “What You Need”, Heather sings, “By My Side” , and Jessica Sings “Elegantly Wasted”, all from INXS. Both Daphna and Heather are sent home.moreless
  • J.D.'s Notes Fall Flat
    J.D.'S NOTES FALL FLAT performance show week three. Although Jordis skips some words to "Gimmie Some Lovin'" from the Spencer Davis Group, she does an outstanding job. J.D. destroys his version of "We Are the Champions". When Dave criticizes Marty for his performance the audience boo's him twice.
  • J.D.'s Fortunes at Risk?
    J.D.’S FORTUNES AT RISK? reality show week three. The would-be rockers are distraught by Neal getting the boot. Garry and Tim lead the stage presence clinic. 12 new songs are picked. J.D. begs to get Queen's "We Are The Champions" then realizes that he can't sing it, so he tries to get Jordis to switch songs with himmoreless
  • Neal's Nixed
    Neal's Nixed
    Episode 6
    elimination show week two.
    No encore shown this day. The contestants are reminded that they should still be angry at J.D.. Tara, Jessica and Neal are the bottom three Neal sings "Suicide Blonde." Tara sings "Mystify." Jessica sings "Don't Change." Neal goes home. "He just wasn't right for INXS".
  • Style Versus Substance
    performance show week two.
    13 singers and 13 songs. Jordis and Marty put on the best shows while J.D. shows the world how immature he is by insulting the other contestants.
  • The One I Don't Love
    reality show week two.
    13 new songs Deanna and Tara argue over “Paranoid” from Black Sabbath. Then Deanna lets Tara have the song and gets stuck with R.E.M.'s "The One I Love." Dave Navarro gives them a style clinic.
  • Wil Gets Cut
    Wil Gets Cut
    Episode 3
    Elimination show week one. The votes are tallied and INXS calls J.D. to the stage, much to his relief it's for an encore performance. The three with the fewest votes are Tara from Toronto, Wil from North Carolina, and Suzie for the second time. Tara sings "New Sensation." Wil sings "Need You Tonight." Suzie sings "Never Tear Us Apart." Wil goes home..moreless
  • Rock the Vote
    Rock the Vote
    Episode 2
    Performance show week one.
    14 remaining contestants perform the songs preselected by INXS. After nearly being eliminated Suzie and J.D. give much better performance. Suzie sings the Blondie song "Call Me", J.D. sings his prewritten arrangement of "California Dreaming" and the audience gets to vote for the first time.
  • Dana Dismissed
    Dana Dismissed
    Episode 1
    Reality Show Week 1 -
    The fifteen contestants perform their own choice of songs. The bottom three up for elimination were Dana from Reseda, California, J.D. (Jason Bennison) from Oaksville, Ontario, and Suzie from Toronto. After a brief consideration they sent 30-year-old Dana home.