Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 17

Second Chances

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 29, 2006 on CBS

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    well what a great show, the first three rockers, rock the house last night with lukas, magni, ryan...almost shows who will be in the final three, i thought that ethier one of these three or even two of them will get the encore, if there is one this week....

    storm, and tobys performance wasnt as strong i thought, and maybe showed why they wont be in the top four, as for Dilana she did alright,but not my best from her...

    lets hope there is an encore tonight, if not that would suck big time they need one after tonight show, i think magni will be singing with the band tonight...
  • Fan Selection Week and the contestants delivered!

    Well, it was "Fan Selection Week" and what that meant was that the fans would select, via online voting, which song each rocker would be performing. I have to first give praise to those viewers who did vote--each song choice was perfect for each rocker.

    I have to say that as the contestant pool gets smaller and smaller, everyone of them steps it up week after week. I would have to say that Ryan was again at the top of the list as far as best performances of the night. He started out his rendition of Coldplay's "Clocks" by sitting down at his grand piano. But, about thirty seconds in, he ripped the microphone off the stand, got up on the piano and delivered a powerful performance. My favorite move was where he slide across the piano and back to his seat.

    Also near the top of the list was Magni. He sang Live's "I Alone" with such emotion that you could feel his angst. It was like the song was made for him. Maybe his angst stemmed from his fight with Dilana (rather Dilana's fight with Magni) which led to her throwing a glass at him and his getting a cut on the top of his head.

    As for the rest, Storm was good, Lukas was good and Dilana was really excellent, just not as good as Ryan or Magni. Her rendition of "Mother Mother" was also very powerful. However, I'm a little turned off by Dilana due to her "off-stage" antics. Tonight, I think it's time for Toby to go.
  • WOW! An AMAZING performance show!

    It has to be THE BEST or one of the best performance show for this season. It was really amazing all the rockers were excellent and it's going to be very difficult to make a choice for the week. My 2 favorites: Toby and Dilana.

    Toby was by far my favorite not only because his performance also because he stand up for his partner and helped Storm. Dilana was great but I don't see the whole ´best performance of both seasons´ on it. I LOVE Dilana but I personally think that Dave was trying to help her after all the things that happened. And hey! it was nice to see them just pass through it and don't make this another drama week.

    The rest did also a great job, that was make this show amazing... everyone was spectacular... and I don't agree with the band saying that Storm was not good, I really enjoyed her song.

    As for Lukas, I think he did an amazing job giving Lithium a new live but I still like better Dilana's version.

    The weakest for me: Storm and Ryan.
  • Fans rule! Best week ever!

    Show starts off with a review of last week and it did look pretty sad and when they showed what happened in the house I just felt really bad for Dilana. Although I felt really bad for Magni since his head was bleeding. Lukas did well, but I liked Dilana's performance on Lithium better. Magni totally rocked it out! Ryan performed that before right? Well, Magni totally rocked! Ryan was so cool! OMG! It was so cool! I love Storm! Storm was so cool! TobY! Toby was so good with Storm, I loved it! So intense! Toby! Was so good! I can't decide if Lukas was better than TobY! But I enjoyed Toby's most! Dilana killed it man great week!