Rock Star

Season 2 Episode 20

Storm Spins Out

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 06, 2006 on CBS

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  • The Storm has subsided.

    We all knew it had to happen, but I thought that it was one week too early for Storm Large to get the "Tommy Hawk." Not only was her original performance great, but her cover of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" was very chill as well. I especially loved the slow start that evolved into the rocking finish. In the end, it didn't matter that she went now as she was not going to win the competition anyway. However, I would have liked to see her perform at least one more time, rather than having to sit through another dreadful performance courtesy of Dilana.

    Yes, I felt as though it was Dilana's turn to go. Her poor attitude, as witnessed during press day, and her "me, me, me" attitude may be rock and roll, but it's not cool when you're part of a band.

    As for Supernova's original track, I thought it was rather too pop sounding. It's one thing for a song to be catchy, but it's another thing for it to be pop-ish. I want to like Supernova, but this new track didn't do it for me. I thought that they were trying to be more heavy, more loud and deeper? At least that's what they've been telling the rockers all along. Getting back to the rockers, Lukas finally landed in the bottom three for the first time all season. I am not a Lukas fan, but I thought that he should could just as well been given the pink slip. His whole look and voice just don't vibe with the look and sound of Supernova. He is more punk whereas they are more rock.

    Nevertheless, there is only one more show for the remaining rockers to show their stuff. I expect them all to blow the roof off the theater.
  • Toby wins a car and the encore, Magni wins the shot with SupahNovah and Luaks Dilana Storm are in the bottom three...

    Shows starts off with a review of last nights show... Magni performs a song with super nova and it was totally awesome! Loved it to death mahn! Anyway, they reveal that whoever gets teh encore gets a new Honda... but who is it? Uh oh uh oh uh oh! Toby Rand wins the Honda and we all win his great performance! Well, it turns out that all five have landed in the bottom 3 last night... but who managed to stay on top? Magni and Toby are safe which means the bottom 3 is Lukas Dilana and Storm. Dilana's performance rocked! Storm's wasn't that good. And Lukas did his original! It was ok... but I would have loved him rocking out some other song.
  • Dilana, storm and lukas bottom three..... they have sent the right person home.....

    it was a great show with everyone being in the bottom three, but Lukas who i thought should not have been there it should have been magni was the last one to be announced he was rocking to keep himself in this competetion, but did a great job and was first to be safe, dilana was second i thought she should have been up there, but glad to see she was safe, storm was first and was the person to be sent home, i am so glad she did to......

    top four are....Lukas, Toby, Magni and Dilana....

    lukas and toby will be the last two to battle it out for the lead singer of supernova and Yes people i think that lukas is going to take this competition out!!!!

    Good Luck LUKAS.... And to the other rockers.....
  • Bottom 3: Dilana, Storm & suprisingly Lukas. Magni got this week's performance with Supernova & Toby won the encore with his original song, this time including a car. Storm was eliminated.

    Great elimination episode. Magni was great with Supernova's latest preview of their upcoming album with the song, 'It's all love.'

    Toby was amazing with his original song encore performance, 'Throw It Away', dedicating to the sad loss of his fellow countryman, Steve Irwin. Turns out that everyone at one stage was in the bottom three.

    However, I was personally very surprised to see that Lukas was in the final bottom 3 and not Magni. Basing this purely on last night's performance, Lukas was clearly better. Not surprisingly Storm, as a fantasic singer as she is, said goodbye in this week's elimination. The final 4: Toby, Lukas, Magni & Dilana. Who will win? Man, EVS.
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